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The Hideout is located directly across the street (about 1,000 feet) from the Lake Hawkins Wood County Beach and offers short-term vacation rental cabins at Lake Hawkins. Lake Hawkins is fed by several springs which make it one of the clearest lakes in Texas. It is 633 acres, has largemouth bass, chain pickerel, crappie, and sunfish, AND is surrounded by the breathtaking East Texas Piney Woods. The cabins are 364, 420, 588 or 704 square feet with a full kitchen and bath; accommodations offered are 1 studio, two 1-bedroom, and two 2-bedroom cabins. Each cabin sits on about a third of an acre--all 5 cabins are spread out over approximately 3 acres. We can accommodate small groups, fishermen, corporate events/retreats, singles, couples and families looking for a weekend away, and families or groups who want to vacation together--but in their own space.  There are countless events and activities nearby or a short (traffic-free) drive through the beautiful woods of East Texas.  We are also open to hosting events on site - inquire directly for special event ideas!

Property Name: The Hideout at Lake Hawkins

Street Address: 939 County Road 3440

City : Hawkins - Texas

Postal Code : 75765

Phone: 430-443-3688


Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Late Check-out Hour: 1:00 PM

Late Check-out Fees: $50.00

Late check-out (after 11:00 AM and before 1:00 PM) may result in a fee.

Property and Cancellation Policies :

Full Charge - Full Deposit - If canceled within 0 days of arrival

Partial Charge - 50% of Deposit - If canceled within 3 days of arrival

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use andAgreement with The Hideout at Lake Hawkins, LLCWhich Govern your Stay 

Rate Terms and Conditions Rates are valid for all occupancy.Please enter exact dates and number of occupants for specific pricing andavailability.  We have a TWO NIGHT minimumyear-round, except the weekend of the Lake’s July 4th Fireworks Show—whichis a THREE NIGHT minimum.  We do notcharge extra for additional guests, but please note(!) we will notadequately stock the cabin if we do not know the correct number of guests. Any currency conversions displayed onadvertising are for comparison only. Reservations will be booked in the local currency displayed. Currency ratesutilized in each conversion rely upon several different public sources fromother parties without independent investigation or verification and should beused only as examples. The Hideout does not, and cannot, verify the accuracy ofany rate conversion examples. Rates will vary based on selected cabinand may include higher or lower rates than advertised based on specific traveldates selected (e.g., holidays). Please make yourself familiar with ourcancellation policy.  Unless otherwisestated, quoted rates are per cabin per night and are for the cabin only, basedon full occupancy and do not include taxes, gratuities, incidental charges,upgrade fees or other associated costs (where applicable). The Best AvailableRate is a specific rate type that varies depending on time of purchase, isunrestricted, non-qualified and excludes discount or negotiated rates.  

Cancellation Policy No charge if cancelled within 7 days ofarrival*50% deposit returned if cancelled within3 days of arrival* 
*If booking through a third-partybooking engine (e.g., AirBNB or VRBO), we will honor the limitations providedin their system – please defer to the unique cancellation policy on that site. 

 Additional Guests
The Hideout assumes full occupancy with all reservations. This means the maximum number of guests allowed at the time of booking (the range is 4-6, depending on the cabin). If you bring additional guests above and beyond the occupancy stated in the booking, with the intention of having them stay overnight in the cabin with you, without consulting with the property owner first to establish an arrangement that works for both parties, The Hideout reserves the right to cancel your reservation without refund and have you escorted off-property. Our cabins are not designed to accommodate more than what is stated and we are unable to adequately clean a cabin by only charging the current cleaning fee if there is a higher occupancy than what is allowed. In other words, we lose money on bookings that violate our policy in this regard.  We allow up to 4 additional (non-overnight) guests per cabin per day--more than this will require advance approval from management.

We have multiple exterior cameras on site for security, and monitor guest occupancy at all times.

If you bring any guests or visitors on site to visit during your stay, who are not part of your reservation, you accept full responsibility for their actions and both you and your guests fully indemnify The Hideout pursuant to the below indemnification. You commit to reviewing the Guest Information Book in your cabin, as well as these terms, and making all guests aware of the rules and policies that govern your stay (and their presence) at The Hideout.

If our policies are violated, your reservation may be cancelled without a refund.

Events From time to time, The Hideout will host small and large gatherings.  We also welcome special events on our property. We have a commercial size bounce house and a 26' blow up outdoor movie theater setup - both can be rented for your event.  We have a gathering space inside our shop that is approximately 650sqft, with a TV, multiple tables and chairs, and several games and toys and we also own a 2,700sqft building at the road.  Both can be rented by guests.   Please inquire directly with the property owner for special events, costs, and availability.  430-443-3688 – call or text. You will be made aware of any events on the Hideout grounds before or at the time of check-in that occur during the term of your stay on our property grounds. You have 24 hours from notice of an event on our grounds to cancel for a full refund.  We cannot control any events or noise on adjacent properties. Fortunately, at this time, there is only one adjacent property that has occupants/vendors and they are a few hundred feet away from the closest cabin.  You expressly indemnify The Hideout from any issues arising from anything related to adjacent property owners and also any issues arising from events on our grounds. 

Free Wi-Fi Terms & Conditions Guests who book direct enjoy free standard Wi-Fi at any cabin on site.   

 Accessibility We have one cabin that has a ramp access to the entry door (our Deluxe King (704 sqft) Wheelchair Accessible), which will accommodate most wheelchair users. The bathrooms in ALL of the cabins are walk-in shower stalls - we do not have grab bars or shower seats, and the doorway into the restrooms maybe too narrow for a wheelchair (which may require transfer).  Two of our cabins have standard 32”x32”shower stalls and three of our cabins have an oversized “tub size” shower stall with a built-in seat (both of the 1-bedrooms and the Deluxe King (704 sqft)).  If you would like to purchase a shower seat or special accommodation for your trip, please contact the property owner directly at 430-443-3688 via telephone or text and we are happy to help purchase one at your expense.  The light switches and counter heights are all standard (non-ADA) height.  

Parking As long as our guests are not blocking our main driveway/road that leads from the gated entrance back to the pond, you may park anywhere* you are comfortable parking. We have driveways for each cabin and allow temporary parking for guests,boats, etc., however, be mindful that if you park anything "off" the main road or drive paths, there is always a chance it could get stuck.  Any vehicles that get stuck in the mud on Hideout property are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. *Guests may NOT park to the east of the pond & south of the last cabin on the east side of the property.  This is our septic spray area.   

 Pets Although we love our furry friends and have two dogs of our own, we are not accepting pets at this time.  Our grounds are still being landscaped and developed at the time of this writing, and we have a lot of sand and red clay that gets “everywhere” – especially if there has been recent rain.  The cabins get messy enough with human feet,therefore, pets are not allowed inside the cabins, nor are they allowed onsite.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We are on the grounds daily and will cancel your stay if we notice a guest bringing a pet inside a cabin or violating this policy.  Please let us know if you see anyone violating this policy. No refund will be offered if pets are brought on the grounds and your reservation is cancelled due to this violation.* 
*Due to Federal ADA laws, Service Animals are exempt from this policy; however, Emotional Support Animals are not.  Please refer to this website for additional information: .

Playground & Pond Our property is fully fenced and gated; however, critters and unwanted furry guests may still make their way onto the Hideout grounds.  We also have a pond and playground on site that require responsible use and adult supervision at all timesThe Hideout is not responsible for unsupervised children.   Pursuant to the below, you and your guests shall fully indemnify The Hideout from any and all claims. 

County Park
Beach /county park access is $5.00 per person for daily access and must be obtained at the main county park entrance. Hideout guests are prohibited from jumping the county park fence or trespassing on county park camp sites in an effort to avoid paying the access fees. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation without a refund if the county park operator notifies us of any abuse of the rules in place at the county park by any of our guests. (Please note that both The Hideout and the county park have exterior security cameras.)

There are also 3 additional boat ramp access points around the lake that do not charge an access fee, as well as "The Point" over near the Taste of Italy restaurant that is free of charge if you wish to access the lake for free.

Full Waiver & Indemnification Guest shall expressly indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Hideout at Lake  Hawkins, LLC and its affiliates and their respective  officers, directors,employees, advisors, agents and representatives (hereafter “Hideout Indemnified Parties”), from any and all claims,  causes of action, losses, costs, injuries,liabilities, damages, taxes,  penalties,interest and any and all other expenses, including without  limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by, arising from, or  caused by Guest or the guests or companions of Guest (Guest’s “Affiliates”). Guest shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the  Hideout Indemnified Parties from any and all(1) liabilities arising out  of actions or omissions of Guest or its Affiliates, or other  liabilities of Guest, and (2)loss, damage or expense, including  reasonable attorney’s fees, caused by or arising from the negligence, gross negligence, recklessness, misconduct, willful misconduct, or  breach of this agreement by Guest or any of its Affiliates or failure to  comply with federal or state laws, rules or regulations.  This indemnification includes, but is not limited to, any lawsuit or action against the Hideout Indemnified Parties that traces back to Guest in anyway, regardless of fault (e.g., a lawsuit brought by another guest or an Affiliate of Guest regarding something that occurred on the Hideout property etc.), or from the failure of Guest to comply with any federal  or state laws, rules or regulations.  These Indemnification provisions shall survive termination of this agreement.  

Force Majeure The Hideout shall not be held liable for any delay or failure in performance of any part of this agreement to the extent such delay or failure is caused by fire, flood, explosion, war, terrorist act, strike,embargo, government requirement, civil or military authority, act of God,pandemic, or other similar causes beyond its control and without the fault or negligence of The Hideout ("Force Majeure Conditions").  If any Force Majeure Condition occurs, The Hideout shall give immediate notice to the guest, stating the nature of the Force Majeure Condition and any action being taken to avoid or minimize its effect and its estimate of how long such delay or failure will continue.  If the Force Majeure Condition continues fora period of at least thirty (30) days, The Hideout may terminate this Agreement by delivery of written notice to the guest. 

Governing Law/ Venue  This Agreement and all agreements made in connection with your reservation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. 

Dispute Resolution / Binding Arbitration Any dispute, controversy, or claim among or between the parties relating to or arising from this agreement shall be submitted to and settled by binding arbitration ("Arbitration"),administered by the Dallas, Texas office of the American Arbitration Association("AAA") and conducted pursuant to the current rules of the AAA governing commercial disputes.   The Arbitration hearing shall take place in Dallas, Texas, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.  Such Arbitration shall be before one neutral arbitrator (the "Panel") licensed to practice law and familiar with commercial disputes.  Any award rendered in any Arbitration shall be final and conclusive upon the parties, and the judgment thereon may be entered in the highest court of the forum (state or federal) having jurisdiction over the issues addressed in the Arbitration. The administration fees and expenses of the Arbitration shall  be borne equally by both parties, provided that each party shall pay for and bear the cost of its own experts, evidence, and attorney's  fees, except that, in the discretion of the Panel, any award may include the cost of a party's counsel and/or its share of the expense of  Arbitration if the Panel expressly determines that an award of such  costs is appropriate to the party whose position substantially prevails  in such Arbitration.  To submit a matter to Arbitration, the party seeking redress shall notify in writing the party against whom such redress is sought,describe the nature of such claim, the provision of this agreement that has allegedly been violated and the material facts surrounding such claim.  The Panel shall render a single written decision. The decision of the Panel shall be binding upon the parties, and after the completion of such Arbitration, the parties may only institute litigation regarding the agreement for the sole purpose of enforcing the determination of the Arbitration hearing or seeking injunctive or equitable relief.

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