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The Sea Vista Motel is a Favorite of Topsail Island...a simple, drama free no-frills way to enjoy the beach. We provide everything you need, A Comfy Bed, Warm Blankets, Towels and Linens, also including free high-Speed Wi-Fi and 160 channels of nonsense that you can watch on the TV....we also provide a 180-degree view of the Atlantic Ocean, with stunning Sunrises and Sunsets every day included "On the House."

The Sea vista Motel is DOG Friendly and one of the few remaining places on the East Coast where you can bring your best friend along with you. (no dogs under 6 months old, 2 dogs max, no breed or size restrictions, must be leashed at all times, ($50 per dog per stay)

To learn more about us visit our totally sarcastic and foolproof FAQ page at EITHER:


Property Name: Sea Vista Motel

Street Address: 1521 Ocean Blvd

City : Topsail Beach - North Carolina

Postal Code : 28445

Phone: 910-328-2171


  • 24-hour check-in
  • Air conditioning
  • BBQ facilities
  • Beach
  • Beachfront
  • Cashless payment accepted
  • CCTV in common areas
  • CCTV outside property
  • Contactless check-in / check-out
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Designated smoking area
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fishing
  • Guest accommodations sealed after cleaning
  • Heating
  • Internet
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Picnic area
  • Smoke alarms

Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 3:30 PM

Check-Out: 10:00 AM

Property and Cancelation Policies :
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: See below CANCELLATION POLICY:  The Cancellation policy if on here Twice on Purpose:
When reservations are made,you are responsible for ALL room charges unless you cancel at least 7 days prior to your arrival date. Please call our front desk team at: 
(910)-328-2171.  7 Days prior means if you are arriving on a Monday…. you MUST cancel by the Monday prior. = 7 days 
We have an extensive weather policy on our website. Visit and use the 10-day forecast for your trip planning the "Manager" will never override Front Desk Team Decisions regarding the cancellation policy. We NO LONGER TAKECANCELLATIONS VIA EMAIL OR VOICE MAIL. Cancellations made by email or voicemail WILL not be processed however voice mails will be returned promptly. Please simply contact us via telephone to cancel a reservation by calling 910-328-2171.
This includes Force Majeure, acts of God, Divine Interventions, Global warming, cooling, meteor strikes, Zombies, Cattle Stampedes and any Dinosaur or Hello Kitty related stuff.

We are super cool and chill, but we have held the room for you in good faith and just have a simple approach to cancellations.
All reservations must be cancelled or changed at least 7 calendar days prior to arrival.
Shortening your stay, even by one night within 7 days or arrival results in a $50 fee per night shortened.

PLEASE READ our terms and conditions WITH a sense of humor before booking and by booking you understand and agree to abide by this policy: The "Manager" will not override Front Desk Decisions (plus they don't even ask me anymore) in regard to, ever.

We are located on a three-hundred-yard-wide barrier island on the Carolina Coast. We are 72 feet from the Atlantic Ocean and from there, nothing between us and Europe. Sometimes it is sunny here, beautiful, exotic, tropical almost, or it rains, floods, dogs and cats living together, it might snow, hail, hurricane, mild breeze, drought, dust storm, locusts, meteors, forest fires, pirates, rains of Biblical proportions, mass hysteria, alien invasions, red tides, mutant fish...we even once had an episode of "Turtles gone wild on the beach" filmed here....etc. etc...
We do NOT close. Ever. UNLESS.... we are under an EVACUATION ORDER issued by the TOWN OF TOPSAIL BEACH ONLY! If the weather is inclement and you CHOOSE not to come, then that is your decision. You will lose your first night's stay deposit and any applicable fees that you were charged at booking following our 7-day cancellation policy. A "rainy day at the beach is always better than... (whatever the saying is I really cannot remember")

Everyone knows about possible storms at least 10 days prior and any risks to travel plans associated with them.

Please use the 10-day weather forecast available to the entire planet at,com for your vacation 
Terms and Conditions


Please read this with a sense of humor and realize, it was only a page long, three years ago. These rules are not all inclusive. As the first question might indicate:

Q: Do your rules change?
     A: All the time, they do not change...rather they "expand" as people continue to amaze us. :-). By booking you agree to everything here. It is common sense stuff and some stuff you will be amazed that it is even covered here. 

Q: Do you provide towels?
A: Yes of course we do, our pricing is based on two adults per room. YOUR ROOM is only set up for the amount of people you tell us are coming. HOWEVER, if you put down only 1 person on your reservation, and 825 people, 9 dogs and a Giraffe show up and you cram them all in the room.... that's going to cost more money. And we ask you are honest about how many people are coming, we are honest about how many beds are in the room after all. We understand everyone wants to get the cheapest rate, but this is becoming such an issue that it is time for us to add this question to our policies even though it is common sense. We have to send every piece of Linen to Wilmington to get laundered since our water supply on the island cannot handle commercial laundry. HOARDING towels is just not cool unless it is for a UN Aid station, and we are not quite sure why folks have started doing it. It wastes resources, kills turtles, causes famines and fires, mass hysteria and takes service away from others as well as unnecessarily increasing prices. Hoarding towels CAUSES GLBAL WARMING, acid rain and solar flares!!! If there are more than two people in a room, the prices for the rooms are different and there is an added charge per night. (it really isn't very much at all, just enough to offset linen laundering which costs us about $1.25 per # of linen weight) adds up. Almost every day, upon checkout we discover at least one room hoarded towels, the guests have never even used them but tossed them in a pile with dirty towels (we can tell because they are still folded up.... sigh). Please just hang your towel up and use it more than once. It saves Turtles and Hamsters.
Q: Your website does not say you do not have a pool!!!!!?????!!!! What the Heck?!!
     A: Our website also doesn't mention elephants either.... we don't have Elephants or a pool. No Giraffes either. Assuming we have something leads to disappointment. We do have a hamster. 
Q: Do you accept cash?
     A: We have not accepted cash since 2019 We accept all major credit and debit cards
Q: How old must I be to book?
     A: YOU MUST BE 21 TO BOOK A ROOM. ALL RESERVATIONS REQUIREAT LEAST THE RESERVATION HOLDER (over 21 years of age) to STAY at the MOTEL during the entire reservation. Only RESERVATION HOLDERS/PAYERS over the age of 21 can check their party into a room. We reserve the right to ask for a valid ID upon check-in. Reservation holders are responsible for the behavior of all guests staying in that room during the entire reservation. A valid Government ID may be requested upon arrival when the keys are given out.
Q: Do you allow dogs?
     A: Yes, but please remember it is your dog, as is everything that goes into, and comes out of your dog. It isn’t ours. This includes Service Dog Owners who do not pick up after their dog can leave. We would say it nicely, but it’s getting worse every year. So, at this point we don’t know how to say it anymore. Do NOT leave your service dog unattended in your room. It is a violation of ADA guidelines regarding Service Dogs to leave your dog unattended. Service dogs are required to be with their handlers at all times. Dogs that bark and cause a disturbance will require immediate action on the part of the owners. (this does include service dogs). Disruptive Dogs and guests will be asked to leave the property immediately. No refund will begiven. This includes Service animals that are disruptive as required by law (but this one rarely happens)
Q: Can the office look after my Dog or Service Dog when I go for a walk?
     A: This actually happened, and the answer is......REALLY?????? Erm, "Negative Ghost rider the pattern is full". The following statement applies in Law to ALL dogs, including Service animals:
Q: What happens if a service dog becomes aggressive?
     A service animal's good behavior is necessary for it to be protected under the ADA. A handler may be asked to remove their service animal if it causes an actual disruption to business, or if its behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
Q: What is your smoking policy?
     A: We are a NON-SMOKING Facility and smoking is not permitted ANYWHERE, they are all made of wood. This includes vaping and anything else that can be smoked. We have a very nice area where smoking tobacco ONLY is permitted with picnic tables for your enjoyment. We do not make exceptions of any kind and actively enforce this policy as being our only real “deal breaker”. You will be charged a flat fee of $250 for smoking ANYTHING in a room (we do not call before charging). Be respectful.   
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
     A: See below CANCELLATION POLICY: When reservations are made, you are responsible for ALL room charges unless you cancel at least 7 days prior to your arrival date. Please call our front desk team at:(910)-328-2171.  7 Days prior means if you are arriving on a Monday…. you MUST cancel by the Monday prior. = 7 days We have an extensive weather policy on our website. Visit and use the10-day forecast for your trip planning. The "Manager" will never override Front Desk Team Decisions regarding the cancellation policy. We NO LONGER TAKE CANCELLATIONSVIA EMAIL OR VOICE MAIL. Cancellations made by email or voicemail WILL not be processed however voice mails will be returned promptly. Please simply contact us via telephone to cancel a reservation by calling 910-328-2171. 
Q: What are check in and check out times? For 2024
     A: Check-in is after 3:30PM and check-out is AT 10:00 AM. We do not allow late check-outs and will charge if needed. 
Q: Is the Motel Gated? Do I need a code to get in?
     A: Yes. We have a parking gate now that is down during the day only. You will be given the access code when we call you on your arrival day morning. This gate protects parking for our guests. The gate is UP at night. It is NOT a security gate (I mean, you can walk around it or limbo under it to Jimmy Buffet if you wanted is only down during the day to protect day parking and goes up at night to not be an inconvenience to our in-house guests at nighttime  
Q: Do you still practice any active Covid Precautions?
     A: Our staff and some guests may choose to wear masks. Please allow them to do so. You are solely responsible for your own personal safety and well-being always when on property. Including travel to and from. We are not responsible for your travel or in-house decisions in any way.  
Q: Weather and personal accountability
     A: If there is inclement weather, our cancellation policy (please see below) still applies. It is up to you to make the decision on whether it is safe to drive or not. Use the weather forecast to stay in control of your reservation and safety. Everyone on the planet knows about a hurricane or storm at least a week before it’s arrival so they are rarely a surprise. We do not control the weather or change business because of it. Unless we are ordered to by local government. If that occurs, the information would be shared immediately via local media, government websites and our Facebook Page…. which only posts accurate and up to date information (BY US) on whether we are open for business or have changed our plans in any way?  
Q: Can I bring a Boat or trailer?
     A: Yes…. but…. When you arrive and BEFORE it is parked you must check in and be directed where to park it by an office team member, you must detach your vehicle and hook back up when you want to use it again. Boats cannot be left attached to vehicles when not in use due to space and turns. We can only have TWO boats parked in the parking lot at any given time. If we already have two, the responsibility for your boat to find a parking space during your stay is solely your responsibility. Boat Trailers/Boats/Jet Skis are only allowed on Motel Property WITH permission from Management PRIOR to your arrival... We have limited parking. PLEASE CALL THE MOTEL BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL or BEFORE BOOKING to arrange parking for ANY trailers or watercraft of ANY kind. A Parking Pass will be given to you for your trailer/additional craft upon arrival. BOATS CAN ONLY BE PARKED IN A SPOT DESIGNATED BY OUR TEAM WHEN YOU CHECK IN
Q: Do you allow late check-ins?
     A: Yes. If you are arriving after 7:00 PM, please call the office before 12 noon (910-328-2171) on the date of your arrival so we can make arrangements for a late check-in 
Q: When will my credit card get charged?
     A: When you make your reservation, (and depending on which site you make it) you may or may NOT be charged a deposit for your stay. This is DEDUCTED from your final balance. You are charged the remainder of your stays' bill the morning of arrival or the day before (depending on how busy we are) This deposit is Fully refundable AS LONG as you cancel following our 7-daycancellation policy. Exceptions to this are not made.  If you cancel WITHIN the 7-day window (late cancel) your deposit (if any) will not be returned, and you will be charged a cancellation fee (usually 1- or 2-night's stay) 
Q: Will you call me the morning of arrival to confirm everything, give me my gate code etc.?
     A: Yes You will be called the morning of check-in to confirm your stay and arrival time. Your credit card will be charged prior to our calling you. Day of Arrival: We will call you sometime between 9am and 1pm on the day of your arrival (please make sure we have your correct cell phone number) and please make sure your credit card is the correct one you want to have charged. You will not be able to access the parking lot gate until we have successfully charged the card. We do not accept cash upon arrival. When we call you, we will give you specific check-in instructions as well as the gate code during that phone call. If you are driving, we will ALWAYS leave you a message if your phone accepts voicemail. You will have to return our call to get the code otherwise you will sit out there until we see you and sometimes and it can get awkward. 😊Please make sure the phone number on your reservation is a current one and is working. You CAN arrive early and park to go out on the beach. You will still need the gate code to get in and come to the office to get your parking pass and keys.
Q: Do you allow late checkouts or early check ins?
     A: NO. Check in is at 330pm and there are NO EARLY/LATECHECKINS/OUTS DUE TO ROOM CLEANING regardless of room availability. We do not make exceptions. Office is open only for phone calls and is closed to foot traffic. (If we all get sick at the same time, we are older, there is no-one to check you in :-) Office is staffed for phone calls 8.30am-730pm daily. We do have VOICEMAIL so you can always leave us a message. Voicemail picks up after10 rings.  
Q: Is the office door locked: There is a big sign on the office door that says it is “locked”?
     A: It really is locked, and it is not a joke sign. Although it is amusing to us to see everyone try it.  
Q: Do you have Wi-Fi and Cable:
     A: Yes, we do, both….it is important to note that these are free services. There is no refund of any kind if these services are interrupted due to an issue with the provider (currently Spectrum) Same goes for the power supply. Despite the rumors, we do not have a flux capacitor in the back-office area, nor do we own a nuclear power plant. If the power is out, there is nothing we can do about it. We do not issue refunds for power going out (it literally rarely ever does even a blink)  
Q: What about other stuff?
     A: Friendly guides and instructions are on the office door and in rooms for a variety of things you might need. Please read them carefully. If something is not in your room.... dish soap...pillow...blanket...goat...please just call or knock on the office door. It is usually an EASY FIX! We can replace most items immediately...please don't stay here for a week with a broken toaster...just let us know and we will happily give you a new one!  Q: If there is a storm, what do we do? Is it usually mass hysteria and panic like on the news and stuff?
     A: No. BUT....if you see Jonathan running away from the storm, screaming and singing that song about pixies. It is generally a good idea to get the heck the island as soon as possible. For NAMED STORMS only there's usually a staff member onsite. Not for service, mainly just for comfort. We hand out safety fliers with "experienced safety in storms common sense tips and tricks”. We also have a battery storm lantern for every room if requested. Storms by the beach are awesome…but they are very different to being at home or in the city. They area so incredibly loud and awesome. If you ever have questions, just come to the office, we will assure you of everything you need to know.  
Q: Do you often lose power during a storm?
     A: Surprisingly, it is quite rare for us to lose power (at all) or for an extended period (very rare), guests would be asked to leave the motel with a full refund for the remaining nights if the power outage goes past 1pm the following day. Incoming guests would also be contacted and rescheduled with refunds issued as needed. Remember, this only applies to the days AFTER a named storm which impacts the motel AND we lose power during that storm. Both events are very rare. Otherwise, it has no affect or negates in any way, our seven-day cancellation policy.  
Q: What do I do if you lose power?
     A: Wait. Do not call the office. We do not have a Nuclear Power plant in our fridge. 
Q: Why can we not stay if there is no power?
     A:…..erm….No, whatever..
Q: Do you have AC?
     A. Yes. BUT Please DO NOT run your AC unit AND have the DOORS to your room open at the same time, it will not work efficiently and will freeze up the AC unit. They are very expensive to replace. Keep your curtains closed when you are not in the room, it will help keep the heat out some. All beach front rooms FACE the OCEAN AND THE SUN! There is NO AC UNIT in the motel, or on the planet, if set to 60, that will EVER get your room to 60 degrees. Ever. The summer sun is brutally hot. Your dog's paws will burn at 135 degrees on the sand. You can cook an egg at 140.Setting your AC unit to 68, works just fine.  
Q: Do you ever come into our rooms when we are staying with you?
     A: No, only if you invite us (which would be weird) in or if there is a legitimate maintenance or medical emergency. Otherwise, we will never enter your room without you present.  
Q: Do you provide linens. Beach Towels?
     A: Yes, to linens….NO to beach towels. We also DO NOT PROVIDE BEACH CHAIRS. Do not use our white bath towels as beach towels. Go buy the kids one with a dolphin or a unicorn on it for five bucks at Wal Mart. It will ruin ours if you use them on the beach and we will charge you for a replacement. Instructions for linens are on the back of your room door. They're easy to follow and simple. Besides, kids like Unicorns, Turtles and stuff.

LINENS AND GETTING FRESH TOWELS (Please ask if you need them...or hang a towel to dry and save a Turtle). For linen service during your stay please leave your dirty linens in the linen bag (provided inside your room) and place it outside your door each morning, you must also, give us a call at the office number between 9am and 1pm and TELL US WHAT YOU SET OUTSIDE so we can run fresh linens to you in a fresh bag and place outside your door. You MUST call the office to let us know what you need. If we do not hear from you, we will NOT service your room. We do not go through your dirty linen bags anymore. It was nasty 10 years ago and even worse now which is why you just need to call us to let us know what you set outside. If no-one picks up the phone (we are on the other line)....PLEASE DONT KEEP CALLING....just simply leave us a message. We will take care of you! We promise! Each morning place your trash outside your door. We will tie fresh bag around the door handle. You do NOT need to call regarding trash. There is a microwave, toaster, refrigerator, and coffee pot in each room for your convenience.  All rooms have a toaster, coffee maker (5 cup), a mini fridge and a microwave. Mini efficiencies have a small fridge and 2 burners. Large efficiencies have a full-size stove, fridge and sink set up in the room.  We do NOT provide coffee or filters. You may want to bring your preferred coffee and round basket style coffee filters. There are NO RETAIL/Supply STORES on the South end of the Island where we are. So, Plan ahead. All linens are provided. If you need additional blankets please just ask, we DO have them!

Quiet time - 10:00pm. We maintain a family atmosphere. We will insist that rooms disturbing other guests after hours leave the property immediately. No refund is given to troublemakers even though we rarely have them...most people that come here are chill and awesome and super friendly and that is the truth! We have no problem asking troublemakers to leave and no refund will be provided. This is not a young club Hotel. We are older and are proud that we have made it this far. Like adult Salmon making it upstream. We also have more insurance and Legal contacts.

To make changes to your reservation, please contact our front desk staff at 910-328-2171. We no longer take cancellations via email since we just get too much spam and for your own privacy, we cannot make reservation changes without verifying who you are on the phone.

 IMPORTANT: We do NOT have 24-hour office coverage or an overnight "concierge". Please call 911 for personal overnight emergencies. Losing your keys is not a phone call to 911. DO NOT lose both your keys, it makes for a long awkward night, especially if you are the one that lost them!  This is also why people come down to stay with is quiet, private and peaceful at night however we are not a full service "Big Chain" Hotel...we are a small old-fashioned, simple Beach Motel with an amazing view right on the ocean! There is a lot to be said about being a small quiet place at night.

 UPDATED Pet Policy2020/2024:  We allow Dogs only. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Most mature dogs are welcome-no puppies (under 1 year of age); no aggressive dogs are allowed. We have NO BREED RESTRICTIONS. The town actively enforces the leash ordinance. Dogs must be always on a leash when on motel property regardless of local ordinance. This IS Private Property and dogs must be on a leash at all times or you will be asked to leave (the dog can stay).

      $50 per dog per room stay reserved, 2 dogs per room stay maximum regardless of weight. No exceptions will be made. Sneaking dogs in has been increasing. If we see a dog in your room and it is not on your reservation, then you will be charged for the maximum Pet Fee of $100. Damage fees may also apply even if the dog is not on your reservation. Please do no sneak your dog in Thank you for helping us remain Dog Friendly at a competitive price.           

     See also additional fees ref: Pet Damage (this includes scratches, urine staining, damage to comforters etc.) 

Emotional Support Animals ARE NOT covered under the ADA and pay the $50 fee like everyone else. EVERY Dog is an Emotional Support dog.             

 POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL RULES/FEES: SMOKERS: For 2024, Motel Rooms and Balconies are NOW 100% smoke free. Smoking is only allowed anywhere AWAY from the main building. We have a picnic area now set aside with a couple of tables for smokers to sit, or you can smoke away from the main building. Smoking on balconies affects nonsmoking rooms and can ruin people's vacations. No smoking OF ANY SUBSTANCE is allowed on balconies of ANY rooms, and this includes VAPING. A few feet away from smokers on balconies are other guests and children. We are also an OLD WOODEN building...made of Wood...both the apartment building, main building and all balconies and walkways and rooms are now nonsmoking. We have a nice picnic area for smoking and relaxation available for anyone to use on our SOUTH lawn.

$75 fee for leaving the room in disarrayed condition, these are privately owned homes, we just ask everyone to be respectful. (Please wash all dishes and pans--thank you!). If you do not have all dishwashing supplies at check in, ask the office and we will resupply you. 

We do not accommodate cats. We love cats BUT, these are individually owned units and cats are not allowed. You will be asked to leave if you bring a cat with you. A $250 cleaning fee will be charged to any room for any pet damage incurred.

ABSOLUTELY NO grilling or open flame in the rooms OR on the balconies

You MUST report any damage in your room at check in

THE BIGONE: INCLEMENT WEATHER/THINGSHAPPEN POLICY: Read before booking and by booking you understand and agree to abide by this policy: We have a 7-day minimum cancellation policy otherwise we still charge you. We are located on a three-hundred-yard-wide barrier island on the Carolina Coast. We are 72 feet from the Atlantic Ocean and from there, nothing between us and Europe. Sometimes it is sunny here, beautiful, exotic, tropical almost, or it rains, floods, dogs and cats living together, it might snow, hail, hurricane, mild breeze, drought, dust storm, locusts, meteors, forest fires, pirates, rains of Biblical proportions, mass hysteria, alien invasions, red tides, mutant fish...we even once had an episode of "Turtles gone wild on the beach" filmed here....etc. etc...The policy even applies to election years, times of feast and famine, excessive radiation and planetary disturbance (like Nicholas Cage in that movie "Knowing" or in the "Walking Dead", regardless of Republican or Democratic House or Senate Leadership and will continue to apply until the cows come home. If there is inclement weather, our cancellation policy (please see above) still applies. It is up to you to make the decision on whether it is safe to drive or not. Use the weather forecast to stay in control of your reservation and safety. Everyone on the planet knows about a hurricane or storm at least a week before its arrival so they are rarely a surprise. We do not control the weather or change business because of it. Unless we are ordered to by local government. We are NOT close. Ever. UNLESS.... We are under an EVACUATION ORDER issued by the TOWN OFTOPSAILBEACH ONLY! If the weather is inclement and you CHOOSE not to come, then the7-day cancellation policy still applies. Please use the long-range forecasts to help with your booking decisions. Unfortunately, due to repeated abuse and a changing world, we will no longer be able to make exceptions to our cancellation policy. If you must cancel (and stuff just happens we know that), please do so at least 7 days prior to the date of your arrival. If you do not cancel in time, you will still be charged for your stay regardless of whether you come as we will have lost the opportunity to rent your room because of your circumstances.  If you have made it all the way to the end of this, remember, 5 years ago it was only 1 page long (sad)….you should also go get a hobby fast, as you could have learned pottery or French in the time it took you to read this nonsense. . We cannot wait to see you at the Sea Vista Motel...we are just old-fashioned common-sense people in a crazy world :-)

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