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Property Information

The Residence Hub Inn & Suites, Marianna is a newly branded Hotel that aims to target a “price and quality” conscious customer looking for a stay. Our vision is “to be the preferred hotel of choice in Marianna through an environment that promotes a pleasant experience and a comfortable stay for all.” 

​In order to deliver against this vision, we have remodeled the hotel with a unique design and layout that attracts customers to this hotel. The experience will provide a home away from home at affordable prices with the added facilities to meet every need during their stay. The property will host facilities such as a communal kitchen, guest laundry,business center, a gymnasium, and a conference room.

Residence Hub is 10 minutes away from Marianna Downtown , Florida Caverns State Park, Chipola College, Arrowhead Campsites and I-10 highway. It will host a complimentary hot breakfast and is located near activities for guests like fishing, canoeing, kayaking , picnicking, golfing and camping.

Property Name: Residence Hub Inn & Suites

Address 1: 4655 US-90

City : Marianna - Florida

Postal Code : 32446

Contact Name: Prathima Satish Kumar

Phone: (850) 372-4955


  • Concierge desk
  • Fax services
  • Fitness room
  • Laundry service
  • Lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Photo copying service
  • Printer
  • Safe deposit boxes at front desk
  • Swimming pool

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 4:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Late Check-Out Hour: 12:00 PM

Late Check-out Fees: 50%

Late check out (after 11:00 AM and before 12:00 PM) may result in a fee.

Property and Cancellation Policies :
Guests will be required to cancel their reservation 24 hours prior to check in data in order to cancel without a fee of first night rate. There will not be any refunds for early check out.  
Terms and Conditions

We are happy to have you as our Guest.Compliance with the rules below enable us to ensure that you have a peacefuland safe stay. Hotel rules are agreements between theguest and the hotel. In Order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, theManagement requests your cooperation in observing the following as an agreementbetween the guest and the " Residence Hub Inn & Suites"(hereinafter called 'Management') under which rooms are permitted to be used bythe guest(s):-

 1.     Commencement ofstay in the Hotel is equivalent to acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.
2.     Upon check-in,hotel Guest is obligated to present to the Reception staff a document with aphotograph confirming his/her identity. If the Guest refuses to produce adocument making it Impossible to determine his/her identity, the Receptionistwill have to refuse to issue the key to the room and will not be issued arefund.
3.     The Receptionisthas the right to refuse to register the Guest without giving a reason for theRefusal.
4.     Allguest need to fill & sign in check-in registration form.
5.     Thetariff is for the room only and is exclusive of any government taxes applicableMeals and other services are available at extra cost. To know your room tariff,please contact the front desk.  Please show your ID to the cashier when yousign bills at restaurants and bars in the Hotel. Payment should be settled atthe Front Desk upon check-in or as requested by the Front Desk. The Hotelcannot cash any personal checks or coupons other than traveler’s checks issuedby banks or other recognized financial institutions. Airline, train and bustickets, taxi coupons or other facilities cannot be added to your hotel bill.
6.     Rooms in the Hotelare rented by the hotel night. The hotel night lasts from 16:00 till 11:00 theFollowing day.
7.     If a Guest has notspecified the duration of his/her stay, it is assumed that the room was rented forone night. The Guest should notify the Reception of his/her wish to prolonghis/her stay by 9:00 am of the day on which the rental period expires. TheHotel shall grant the Guest’s wish to prolong the stay subject to availability or the management shall have the right toremove the guest and his/her belongings from the room occupied by the Guest.
8.     Leaving belongingsor remaining in the room after 11:00 is treated as automatic prolonging of thestay. If the Guest leaves the room after 11:00 the Hotel will charge a fee forthe next night at the price prevailing on the given day.
9.     Guests may nothand the room over to other persons, even if the night for which they paid the dueamount has not elapsed.
10. Quiet time at theHotel lasts from 22:00 to 6:00 of the next day. During quiet time, Guests and personsusing the Hotel services have an obligation to behave properly and not todisturb the peace of stay of other persons. Any complaints issued by guest willincur a warning at first and then a penalty/early cancellation of stay withoutrefund.
11. Persons who arenot checked in at the Hotel may remain in the hotel room if front desk isnotified. Stay in the hotel room of persons who are not checked in isequivalent to the Guest’s consent to add such persons to his/her room for afee. Addition of each person shall take place at the current price at the timeof stay, based on the currently prevailing pricelist.
12. Children must beunder constant care and supervision of adults always. Please make sure thatyour child does not pick up any metal, glass or other article from the property and put in their mouth. Management is not responsible for any accidents orinjuries happened at the property. Damages or losses caused by children are theresponsibility of their legal guardians.
13. Smokingis not permitted in rooms, except in the designated smoking areas. Pleaserefrain from any other acts that could cause a fire in your room or anywhere in the Hotel. Smoking in a non-smoking guest room will result in charges to the occupying Guest for cleaning or replacement of bedding, curtains and so on, aswell as the cost of repairing any damage. Breach of smoking prohibition in the hotel room is equivalent to the Guest’s consent to a charge of $250. Please make sure to keep your room doors closed so that smoke does not enter the room while smoking outside.
14. Guest bears full legalresponsibility for any loss, damages or destruction of hotel furnishings and appliances resulting from his/her fault or from the fault of his/her visitors.
15. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use water heaters, irons and other electricalappliancesin hotel rooms and other areas that are not part of such rooms’ or areas’ equipment.The above provision does not apply to chargers and computer equipment.
16. Each time the Guest leaves his/her room he/she should make sure the door is locked.
17. The Hotel is notliable for losses or damages of items brought into the Hotel by the Guest. TheGuest has an obligation to keep money, securities, valuable items, includingjewelry in a free hotel deposit at the Reception. The Hotel has the right torefuse to accept for safekeeping money, securities and valuables, jewelry anditems of scientific or artistic value, if they threaten the safety or have highvalue in relations to the size and standard of the Hotel or if they take up toomuch space or if deposit boxes is currently occupied.
18. The Guest shouldimmediately notify the Reception of any loss, damage or destruction of any itemas soon as possible after it is identified.
19. The Guest shouldkeep luggage in the room or in designated places.
20. Any items leftbehind by the Guest in the Hotel, shall be returned on request at his/her expense.If such an instruction is not received, the Hotel shall store the items for theperiod of 3 months, and then to give the items away to charity of its choice ordispose of them. The Hotel does not store food or perishable items.
21. In the event ofbreach of these Rules and Regulations the Hotel may refuse to provide further servicesto the person who breaches them. Such a person is obligated to immediatelycomply with the demands of the hotel Staff, pay the amounts due for theservices provided so far, pay for damages, if any, and leave the hotelpremises.
22.  The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest whogrossly breached the Hotel Rules and Regulations during previous stay, afflictinga damage to hotel property or to other Guests, hotel Staff or who in any otherway disturbed the peace in the Hotel.
23. Car is parked atyour own risk. The Hotel shall not be liable for stolen or any damages to yourcar or loss of items left in it.
24. The Hotel providesservices according to its standard. In case the Guest has any complaints regardingthe quality of the services, he/she is requested to report them at theReception desk immediately and not to wait till checkout to complain, as itwill be too late to help you and there will not be any refunds. 15 minutes pastcheck in time is the maximum time allowed to get a refund
25. Subject to availability of the storage space, the guest canstore luggage in the luggage room, at the guest's sole risk as to loss ordamage from any cause, Luggage may not be stored for period of over 1 day.
26. Guests are particularly requested to lock their belongingsand the door of their rooms at all times. The Management will not in any waywhatsoever be responsible for any loss / or damage to the Guest's belongings orany other property from either the hotel room or the locker or any other partof the hotel for any cause whatsoever including theft of pilferage.
27. Pleaseremember to carry your key with you any time you leave your room. All roomdoors lock automatically and cannot be opened without the key. Please be sureto hang the door hook and use the door latch whenever you stay in the guestroom, particularly at night. Please identify any visitor through theobservation port or by partially opening the door while keeping the door latchengaged. Should you notice any suspicious persons, please contact the FrontDesk immediately.
28. Pleaserefrain from holding meetings with visitors in your room. We reject the use of our hotel by members of any gang or extremists. Even aftera reservation has been made or during a Guest’s stay, if the Guest is found tobe a member of a gang or an extremist, the Guest will be asked to leave theHotel immediately.
29. Bringing prohibited goods and / or storing any other articleof a combustible or hazardous nature is prohibited.
30. Gambling, prostitution, weapons, explosives, flammableobjects, poisons, smoking drugs in guest rooms or selling drugs are strictlyprohibited on hotel premises
31. It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/ herself in arespectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within thehotel premise. The Management has the right to request any guest to vacatehis/her room or other areas of the hotel forthwith , Without previous noticeand without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound tovacate when requested to do so. In case of the default the Management has theright to remove the Guest luggage and belongings from the room occupied by him/ her. 32. Relation between Management and Guest Nothing herein aboveshall continue or be deemed to constitute, or create any tenancy or sub-tenancy,or any other right to interact in the hotel premises or any part of portionthereof, in favour of any Guest or resident or visitor, and the Managementshall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession of the whole ofthe hotel premises.
33. Guest are requested to observe, abide by confirm to and bebound by all applicable acts and laws and Government rules and regulations inforce from time to time.
34.  Using photographs andvideo's taken in hotel for commercial or public purposes is illegal. Those whodo so will be subject to prosecution.
35.  Pleasedo not hang any items or objects whatsoever from the windows of your guestroom.
36.  The distribution or display of advertisements and the sale of goods on the premises of the Hotel are prohibited without prior written authorization.
37.  Please refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended.
38.  Do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures of the Hotel. You will be charged for any missing or damaged hotel property caused by you or by your guests.
39.  Do not place any personal or Hotel belongings in the lobby or passage ways of the Hotel.
40.  Do not enter areas where there is machinery, areas where Hotel property is stored or other areas where guests and visitors are not permitted.   

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and make full use of our facilities.