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Property Information

Glampsite in Puerto Rico located in the West Coast, in the town of Cabo Rojo. Surrounded by birds, beaches, hiking, biking trails and natural reserves with dark starry skies.

Property Name: Pitahaya Glamping Puerto Rico

Address 1: Carr 303 km 11.3

Address 2 : Lot 7 Bo. Pitahaya Llanos Costa

City : Cabo Rojo - Cabo Rojo

Postal Code : 00622

Phone: 787-565-9895 Solo emergencias


  • Swimming pool
  • Telescope
  • Firepit

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 12:00 PM

Property and Cancellation Policies :

Full Charge - Full Deposit - If cancelled within 5 days of arrival

Partial Charge - 50% of Deposit - If cancelled within 14 days of arrival

Terms and Conditions

Pitahaya Glamping | Our Concept
We are a Glamping Eco-Lodge or camping with "glamor" where our guests will find a space to reconnect with nature. Here we promote conservation, recycling and sustainability to minimize physical and light pollution. Pitahaya Glamping is certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company as an Eco Tourism Facility and we are a Private Nature Reserve / Bird Sanctuary. In our eco-lodge, meditation, yoga, bird watching and stargazing are practiced. You can relax in our pool and share with other guests at the campfire. From here you have access to the best beaches in Puerto Rico and to numerous “trails” for hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. We ask you to read these Coexistence Guides to find out if our hostel is the place you are looking for. These guides are designed to guarantee you and all of our guests a calm and safe environment. It is very important that you know about them and that both adults and minors understand where they are going. Help us so that we can all have a good time in communion with nature.

Basic Principles - Please read carefully.
1. The appropriate behavior of your family or group is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or group leader as well as ensuring that our Basic Principles are adhered to. Minors cannot be left unattended.
2. We are “Zero Waste” - “bottles” of water, disposable dishes of any material are not allowed1 (The dishes are included and there is a water filter in the sink).
3. We promote peace and quiet2. Avoid unnecessary noise at all times. 10 pm-8am quiet hours, turn off sound players and lower tone of voice.
4. Divide your waste into the appropriate containers1. (There are signs and stickers on the bins and or platform that indicate what is recycled and composted)
5. The common spaces and interior of the booths are not spaces for noisy or physical games (running, jumping). We do not allow balls, frisbees, or bike riding.
6. Conserve water3, electricity3 and gas - keep lights and fans off if you leave the space provided. The exterior lights go out at 10 pm.
7. Respect all forms of life that you find on our grounds.
8. Take care of the house and its contents. Always open at least 2 zippers and leave your shoes outside. Do not eat sharp objects or eat or drink inside it.
9. For the peace of mind and safety of all, we do not allow visitors or pets5 and we do not allow people in a state of intoxication.
10. Smoking is not allowed - LAW 140. Potential for REAL fire and property damage.

Additional Information
1. Failure will retain a $ 50 deposit for trash handling.
2. We are in an agricultural area and we have neighbors. There is the possibility of noise from machinery, vehicles, music, private activities or animals (dogs, cows or others) outside our land at any time of the day or night.
3. Power outages or water outages are a possibility and are beyond our control.
4. Failure to withhold $ 25 of the deposit for additional cleaning. Damage to the booth, utensils and common amenities, leads to the partial or total retention of the deposit depending on the damage or the total cost of the affected.
5. The owner has dogs. There is the possibility of the presence of stray dogs.
6. We are open to looking for alternatives.

Bring flashlights and thick blankets (local guests).
Towels will be included upon request. Please read the following.

Terms and Conditions
To book a stay at Pitahaya Glamping is to accept all the terms and conditions.

Group Reservation Policy:
1. The Pitahaya Glamping facilities are NOT reserved for private activities, family or group meetings. This ensures a calm environment.
 •Exception: Only private activities are allowed to groups, organizations and recognized entities of nature conservation and / or spiritual retreats or personal improvement that promote contemplation, introspection, silence and that comply with the Coexistence Guidelines. 
•Application: We ask you to submit a proposal with credentials, certifications of the organization, and an agenda of activities which must be approved by the owner. The activity has to comply with the rules of unnecessary noise, respect for the environment, peace and quiet and take part from 9 am to 10 pm. If a musical part is included, it can only be performed in adequate volumes with or without loudspeakers but it will not include percussion of any kind (drums, drums, etc.) or other musical instruments that may disturb the peace. Acoustic guitars could be used if handled properly. Canticles cannot disturb neighbors or the peace of the place. 
• The maximum reservation amount for families or friends is two (2) booths, which is equivalent to a maximum of 8 people in those two booths. The reservation of 3, 4 or 5 booths individually for the same group is not allowed. Such reservations will be canceled, entry will not be allowed (we reserve the right of admission) or will be evicted (“Right to Evict”) and they will not have the right to claim a refund for non-compliance with the Coexistence Guides and reservation rules. If detected during the stay and if you refuse to vacate, an additional charge will be imposed for hiring 24-hour private security, additional housekeeping and group control expenses.

Culture and general rules:
1. If you are going to listen to music, it should only be for your personal enjoyment at an adequate volume and cannot disturb the peace of other guests. Quiet Hours “Quiet Hours” - 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM - We don't mean you can't talk! but the music is turned off at this time and the tone of voice as low as possible - relax, look at the stars and listen to the sounds of the night. Total darkness or “Lights Out” at 10 pm - outside lights.
2. Unfortunately we do not allow playing with "frisbees", balls or balls of any kind in any part of the field. Children must be supervised at all times. Parents or guardians are responsible for the orderly behavior of their children and / or their friends. Pitahaya Glamping is not responsible for accidents.

Preserving our ecosystem:
We are an Eco Lodging dedicated to the conservation and awareness of our environment.
1. DO NOT TRAP, HUNT, DISTURB or take any animal, plant, flower, rock or mineral. As a private nature reserve, this rule is extremely important and we ask that if you catch any living thing, you release it voluntarily. Your best reminders will be your photos, and memories.
2. Each guest will take care of their trash, compost and recyclable material such as paper, glass, cardboard and plastic. Deposit them in the designated containers of: compost, recycling and / or regular garbage on the platform as appropriate. Once full, the bags will be emptied or deposited in the designated garbage collection containers near the site exit. (We appreciate taking them when you check out). IMPORTANT: If you do not comply with the separation of recycling and compost from regular garbage, $ 50 will be withheld from the deposit for garbage management and recycling.
3. Keep the lights and fans off if you are not present in that space. Also turn off the bathroom light when leaving it if you are not using it. Being a space that promotes darkness at night, only what is necessary is illuminated and for this we recommend that you bring a flashlight.
4. Each sink has a drinking water filter so you can fill any container you bring. If you are going to bring water, it is only allowed to bring it in gallons since we do not allow "bottles" of water due to the amount of garbage they generate and how harmful they are to the environment. Failure to do so leads to a $ 50 withholding of the additional trash handling deposit.
5. Your shelf space includes all the crockery, glasses, cups, silverware, and kitchen utensils such as a coffee pot, fret, 2 pits, and a frying pan. The use of disposable utensils made of any material or foam coolers is NOT allowed. If you are bringing your own, they are only allowed to be reusable like those used in camping. Failure to comply with this important rule leads to the withholding of $ 50 from the deposit for trash handling.

Not allowed:
1. Smoking is NOT allowed in any booth, platform, common places, or in any part of the property - LAW 40 - $ 250.00 fine for fire hazard and property damage.
2. The use of alcoholic beverages is allowed in a responsible manner. People in a state of intoxication and disturbing the peace of the hostel will be exposed to being expelled from the premises. The owner or employees of PitahayaGlamping reserve the right to limit the amount or prohibit the consumption of alcohol at their discretion.
3. Pyrotechnics, knives and firearms are strictly prohibited, including air or gas rifles, paintball guns (“gotcha”), rock throwing slings and blades. 11. Although we are "animal lovers" at the moment the hostel does NOT allow pets. We do not rule out accepting them in the future.
4. Each booth has the right to 2 parking spaces in a designated area where they must remain during their stay. Maximum speed of 5 miles per hour. Cars are NOT allowed to enter the booth area to leave people, children, food, luggage, personal effects, etc. For security reasons.
5. We do not allow visitors or people who are not staying. Any intention to remain on the premises will incur an additional charge to the guest of $ 100 per unregistered guest.
6. The entry of boats or "dinguis", motorboats, jet skis, "Sea-Doo's" tricycles, fourtracks, go-karts, buggies, mtx motorcycles is not allowed nor bring them in trailers, trailers or "pick ups" or in Any of the ways or forms of transporting them. Cycling is not allowed in the area of the booths or green areas. It is allowed to go through the main road that goes from the gate to the parking lot in a responsible manner and at a slow speed only to go out of the facilities or when you return. Bicycles will be kept OUTSIDE the tents.

The Tents:
1. Our guests are responsible for any damage suffered by the house during their stay. To avoid misunderstandings, please report any damage immediately. It is not allowed to enter the booth with shoes. Please do not clean the house with any chemical, or enter sharp objects, spray insecticide, light matches, lighters, incense, candles, mosquito repellants. It is not allowed to eat or drink liquids inside the house. Entering with shoes, eating or ingesting liquids leads to a $ 25 withholding of the deposit for additional cleaning. The platform includes a hammock which is for use by 1 person and has a maximum of 250 pounds of load.
2. Pitahaya Glamping provides bedding and pillows. Local Guests: We recommend bringing your own thick fringes as the temperature can drop overnight. Towels will be included if requested. The towels are for the exclusive use of the bathroom and are only to dry the water from your body after bathing. Towels that are used to clean mud, dirt, food, spilled liquids (wine, juices etc), fluids or body waste will be charged ($ 25 each). • The base price includes the Queen bed prepared for 2 people and additional people (children under 3 years have no cost unless you want an additional bed) are $ 20 per night up to 4 people on mattress. The maximum capacity per booth is 5 people where the 5th person gets an inflatable mattress. 
• In a reservation of 2 or 3 people, if one of the guests wishes to sleep in the Queen bed alone, a Queen bed can be added for $ 10 per night.

Shared spaces
Pool Rules
1. Pool hours are from 9 - 7 pm. There are no lifeguards working. It is 4 feet deep, so no running, diving, or jumping off the edge is allowed. Its maximum capacity is 10 people. Speakers, stereos, or alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Please do not urinate (dirty) the pool. Cleaning costs will be charged to the guest responsible for dirtying it. Children under 15 must always be accompanied by an adult. Do not start the engine, throw chemicals or clean the pool without authorization. If you turn on the lights, please turn them off when finished.

Campfire Rules 
* Remember to turn off the lights outside your shed and bathroom (and fans to conserve energy) so that the experience is more complete by achieving a darker space.
1. It is forbidden to use flammable liquids to light the fire. Don't run around it. Turn off flashlights, cell phone lights and lanterns once you sit in the spaces provided for it. Never leave the burning campfire. Leaving a lit campfire creates a fire hazard on the ground and it will be your responsibility. Keep our common area clean, take your trash with you. The sand and fire extinguisher are for emergencies only, not for putting out the campfire.

Rules of the Astronomical Observatory and Observation Platform: "Pitahaya Astronomical Observatory" 
* Such service is optional, it will be according to the availability of the owner or authorized personnel and could have an additional cost depending on what is offered and / or chosen for your stay.
If you want the service, please communicate it with a reasonable time to the owner or authorized personnel.
1. The platform has a fixed telescope which can only be used by the owner or authorized personnel who have the required knowledge, credentials and experience. The telescope is an expensive and sensitive device, if you wish you can bring your own telescope and use the platform. Remember to inform the owner.
2. Darkness is required for astronomical observations. Once you get on the observation deck, please turn off any type of lighting, flashlight, lantern, screen or cell phone light. You can use it again to leave the platform. Only photos without “flash” are allowed.
3. Do not touch or hold the telescope when observing. (Put your hands behind you to prevent this from happening.) Respect the experience of other guests, refrain from unnecessary noise and ensure the good behavior of your children, family, friends or group. As it is a dark space, please use caution when walking on the platform and do not run. Make sure not to leave trash and take what you have brought into this space.

Ground and Security
1. At the moment we do not have customer service 24 hours a day. We understand that glamping or glamor camping maintains the same independence as conventional camping and does not require the presence of a full-time employee or security on the grounds. We work so that the facilities are kept in an optimal state for your enjoyment.
2. The administrator and / or owner has his residence on the premises, reserves his presence, availability as a private citizen and may not be present during his stay. If you need assistance with any problem during your stay, you can contact him by phone. After 10:00 PM, only emergency situations will be dealt with, whether by phone or in person.
3.Understand that the “glamping” experience is still “camping” and the possible presence of any animal or insects is part of the natural environment. We do our best to secure the perimeter, but we cannot guarantee the non-presence of any of these even inside the booth, under the platform or around it. We always recommend checking the beds, pillows, sheets, seats, bath, shower, toilet and your own shoes for the possible presence of these.
4. We cannot be held responsible for noises caused outside our facilities, such as noises from motorcycles, cars and others. This is something that is out of our control.

Damage and Injury Waiver / (Release of Liability)
1.Pitahaya Glamping, its owner and employees are not responsible for insect bites, animal or bird bites, allergies or poisonings caused by plants, food or others.
2. Pitahaya Glamping items that are stolen, damaged or broken, including damage to the hut in any of its aspects will be billed to the guest. You will be charged the deposit plus the cost of the same and shipments, postage or packaging costs (shipping and handling) that require to be replaced. Likewise, the time of working hours dedicated to fixing them will be charged, as well as the number of nights of stay lost from the booth in which it is fixed for the damage caused. ◦ Do not leave valuables or money unattended in the booth or in your car. We recommend that you come as simple as possible. Pitahaya Glamping is NOT responsible for damage or theft to your property.
3. Pitahaya Glamping has hammocks, swings, hammock chair and other common facilities (pool and campfire) which will be used at your own risk, common sense and following the safety rules, maximum weight and number of people. Minors must not be left unattended in any common facility, booths, or platforms. We cannot be held responsible for negligent use of our facilities.
4. Pitahaya Glamping reserves the right of admission "Right to evict".
5. A deposit of $ 75 is required for possible damages caused or breach of our regulations.


The money will be refunded 100% to reservations 30 days or more before the check-in date.
Cancellations less than 30 days up to 15 days before the check in date will be a date change.
Cancellations less than 15 days will be reimbursed 50% up to 7 days before check in. Less than 7 days there will be no refund and you lose the reservation.
Cancellations made within 48 hours or less of the reservation may be fully refunded or at least 14 days before check in.
Date change will be at the owner's discretion. If you reserve 7 days or less from the check in date and decide to cancel in that period, there will be no refund. Date change will be at the owner's discretion.

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