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Step into an idyllic setting in Deltaville, Virginia where your early morning walk will be welcomed with a wisp of salt air coming from the Chesapeake Bay. Take in the beauty of small marinas where boats set ready for a day of sailing or fishing in the rich waters of the Bay or the rivers feeding it.  Our motel offers 24 rooms that have all been updated from floor to ceiling.  Our rooms are inviting and calming.  We look forward to hosting your stay in Deltaville.

Property Name: Dockside Inn LLC

Address 1: 70 Dockside Drive

City : Deltaville - Virginia

Postal Code : 23043

Contact Name: Office Manager

Phone: 804-776-1021


Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 16:00

Check-Out: 11:00

Late Check-Out Hour: 13:00

Late Check-out Fees: $ 35.00

Late check out (after 11:00 and before 13:00) may result in a fee.

Property and Cancellation Policies :
CANCELLATION: Dockside Inn is not responsiblefor weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes. There is a$25.00 fee assessed for cancellations prior to seven (7) days of your arrivaldate on non-holiday weeks and weekends. If reservation(s) is/are cancelled withinseven (7) days or less of your arrival date(s), you forfeit 100% of thereservation payment. NO REFUNDS for holiday/special event weeks and weekends. Norefunds on rental units.  If you cancelany reservation, you must obtain and save the cancellation number for yourrecords.

 Failure to check in on the scheduled arrival date for a reservation guaranteed with a credit card will result in a No-Show fee being charged to your credit card. You will only be charged the first night, one (1) night’s full room rate plus taxes and the balance of the reservation will be cancelled.
Terms and Conditions

DOCKSIDE INN HOTEL POLICY We strive to provide our guestswith an exceptionally clean, safe, and friendly hotel experience. The followingHotel Policy/House Rules have been established based on industry standards,management and operational procedures. These Hotel Policy/House Rules areconsidered a part of our reservation agreement with you. As our hotel guest, byreading and signing your hotel registration you are agreeing to abide by all ofour Hotel Policy/House Rules, terms and conditions, and procedures. These HotelPolicy/House Rules are presented here to help promote our guests’ safety andenjoyment and to ensure that each guest is aware of the understandings betweenthe Dockside Inn and the guest. Our Hotel Policy/House Rules may change fromtime to time, so please check back often. 100% SMOKE-FREE Forsafety and to assure that our facility is not exposed to items or actions thatcreate an odor which is unhealthy and objectionable to our guests and staff,and that is difficult to remove from the air, carpet, walls, and furniture wedo not permit smoking tobacco, marijuana, illegal drugs, e-cigarettes, vapepens, vaping, cartridges containing the liquid of nicotine, hookahs, incense,cooking, cigars, candle burning, the use or diffusing of patchouli oil or otherstrong-smelling plant-based essential oils or synthetic products in ourfacility. Guests are encouraged to notifyFront Desk staff immediately if they smell cigarette, marijuana, or otherobjectionable odors. This policy is not intended to stop people from smoking,but to regulate where they smoke and how it affects others. Marijuana isprohibited at all times. 

 Candle, incense, essential oils (diffusing,vaporizing, etc.) are prohibited. These items and activities will betreated as smoking, a fine accessed, and the guest may be evicted with norefunds. 

The safety of our guests, staff, and this facility is extremelyimportant to us. Except for the microwave and refrigerator units that the hotelprovides, preparation of food in guest rooms by any type of cooking appliancesis prohibited. A minimum fee of $300.00 will be charged for cooking in a room,including, but not limited to hot plates, toaster ovens, water heaters, ricecookers, combustible, open flame, barbecue grill, burners, heating appliance,or any other item intended for cooking. Open fires, flames or cooking grills,either charcoal or gas, and fireworks are not allowed anywhere on hotelproperty.

GUARANTEEDRESERVATIONS: All reservations must beguaranteed with a valid major credit card. Guests must be 18 years and older.We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card. We may or maynot charge your credit card at the time you make your reservations, it willdepend on the booking engine you use. Your credit card guarantees yourreservations. Please make sure to receive a reservation confirmation numberwhen you make a reservation. Reservations must be cancelled Forty-eight (48hours), hotel time, prior to your arrival date, in order to avoid a one (1)room night, plus tax cancellation fee. Reservations will be held until11:00 a.m. the morning following your scheduled arrival date. If you have notchecked in by that time, a NO-SHOW charge of one room night, plus tax will becharged to your credit card and the balance of your reservations will becancelled. Dockside Inn is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies,or schedule changes. 

           4:00 p.m.

 Early check-in is offered based onavailability. If you require a guaranteed check-in for arrival prior to 4 p.m.then Pre-Registration and payment may be required. Please contact Front Deskstaff directly to make reservations and complete a credit card authorizationform prior to your arrival (804) 776-1021. 

 Guests must be at least 18 yearsof age to check in at Dockside Inn. In the interests of security and to preventfraud, guests are required to confirm their identity by providing their validgovernment issued photo identification (State driver’s license, passport,etc.) at check-in. A valid, signed, and pre-approved credit card in thename of the guest registration is also required. It is your responsibility tofully understand the manner in which your bank processes pre-authorizations andcharges to your credit/debit card. Some banks hold pending authorizations forup to 30 business days. 

 A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific amount ofyour available credit limit balance placed on your credit/debit card for thefull amount of your intended stay, plus tax. All credit/debit cards are processedat check-in. Pre-authorization is not a charge to your account, it is a hold onthose funds. Once your actual charge is posted at check-in it can take anywherefrom 24 hours to 30 days for the original pre-authorization to be removed byyour bank. Generally, most banks release the hold within 3-5 days. It is yourresponsibility to be aware of how your bank handles all of your transactions,including pre-authorizations. We are unable to remove pre-authorizationsdirectly through our hotel. 

 We require valid contactinformation from the guest making the reservations including first and lastname, address, phone number, and signature. The names of all guests occupyingthe room must be registered. Information regarding your license plate/cardescription is also gathered at check-in for security.

CHECK-OUT TIME: Room rental period expires at11:00 a.m. Additional day charge, plus tax may apply for late checkout. 

 Check-out time is 11 a.m. Pleasecheck-out with Front Desk so that housekeeping may begin cleaning your room assoon as possible. If you require a later check-out, please contact Front Deskprior to the day of your departure and we will do our best to accommodate yourrequest. A charge may apply for late check-out.

 EARLY DEPARTURE: Guests who check out of the hotelafter 11:00 a.m. and prior to their scheduled departure date are subject to anearly departure fee of one night, plus tax. 

 We will make every effort to honorspecial requests such as a specific floor or room number, adjoining rooms, etc.upon your arrival. All special requests are noted on reservations and we willdo our best to accommodate. However, the availability of these items cannot beguaranteed in advance. 

 Except for the refrigerator units that the hotelprovides, preparation of food in guest rooms by any type of cooking appliancesis prohibited. Microwave is provided in lobby while the lobby is open. We askthat you refrain from microwaving any pungent food as the odor is difficult toremove from fabric, a cleaning fee may be assessed. Most commercially preparedfood intended for the microwave has not previously caused a problem, so wesuggest that option. Microwaving your fresh caught fish will be an issue. 

 One ADA compliant guest room is available andshould be reserved in advanced; please contact the hotel directly (804)776-1021. 

All reservations and registrationmust be guaranteed with a valid major credit card. We accept Visa,Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card. Pursuant to credit cardagreements, credit cards are not valid unless signed by the cardholder. Creditcards must be signed. Cash (USD) payment is welcomed with a signed andpre-authorized credit card. All guests are required to present a valid majorcredit card and government issued photo identification even if guests areplanning on paying in cash upon check-out. Checks and foreign currency notaccepted.

 We do not accept checks. We do notprovide check cashing services. 

 Your credit card is not validunless signed. We will refuse an unsigned card. Your Debit or Credit Card willbe processed at check-in for the full amount of your stay. If you change your method ofpayment at check-in or change the length of your stay, your bank may not postthe changes to your account immediately. Dockside Inn has no control over thepolicies of your bank and will not be held liable for any “insufficient funds”penalties or any other resulting fees or charges. It is your responsibility tofully understand the manner in which your bank processes pre-authorizations andcharges to your debit or credit card. Some banks hold pending authorizationsfor up to 30 days. 

 There is no deposit required tomake an individual room reservation. However, a major credit card is requiredat the time of booking to guarantee the room and secure the reservation period. 

Generally, third party payment is not permitted. In the case ofpaying for a family member if you will not be physically present at the hotel,we require prior completion and approval of a Credit Card Authorization formincluding a copy of your driver’s license and the front and back of your signedcredit card. You will be responsible for any and all damages and loss. Wereserve the right to refuse reservation at any time for any reason.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION BYCORPORATE THIRD-PARTIES: Pleasecontact Dockside Inn reservations department at least 24 hours prior to guest’sarrival to request a Credit Card Authorization form. We must receive the information byfax (804) 884-3854 and process the approvalfor your reservations prior to the guest’s arrival.    

 All rates are quoted in UnitedStates currency, plus tax. Rates may increase without notice. Rates asadvertised on the Dockside Inn website or any other website or promotionalmaterial are subject to change at any time and may increase or decrease at thehotel’s discretion. Rates are based on double room (1-4 occupancy), king (1-2occupancy) and are subject to availability. 

: Dockside Inn is privately ownedand operated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for anyreason(s) that does not violate Federal or State laws. Dockside Inn has a zerotolerance policy in which we will refuse to admit or refuse service oraccommodation in our hotel or may remove a person, without refund, who refusesto abide by the reasonable standards and policies established by the State ofVirginia and the owners for the operation and management of the hotel. DocksideInn will refuse service or evict a guest: for refusal or failure to pay foraccommodations, is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any otherintoxicating substance and acts in a disorderly fashion as to disturb the peaceof other guests or is not in compliance with state liquor laws; acts in adisorderly fashion as to disturb the peace of other guests; is unable toproperly supervise their children at all times, seeks to use the hotel for anunlawful purpose; seeks to bring into the hotel: an unlawfully possessedfirearm; or something, including an explosive or hazardous or toxic substance, thatis unlawful to possess and that may be dangerous to other persons; destroys,damages, defaces, or threatens harm to hotel property or guests; causes orpermits persons to exceed the maximum allowable occupancy of room, refuses toabide by the reasonable standards or policies established by Dockside Inn forthe operation and management of our hotel. MCA 70-6-511, 70-5-512,70-6-513,70-6-514

10:00 p.m. to 9 a.m. If you becomeaware of a disruptive guest, please contact Front Desk staff immediatelyby room phone or in person. Televisions, voices, or other devices must be keptat a respectful low level at all times. Doors should be opened and closedquietly. No congregating or running on decks.

Novisitors after 10:00 p.m. Visitors must notify Front Desk upon their arrival.Visitors must be accompanied by the registered guest at all times. Visitorsare not allowed to use guest amenities including the Wi-Fi. As a registeredguest, you are responsible for your visitor at all times.

 Connectingrooms are subject to availability and can only be booked directly through thehotel. Please call the hotel directly to discuss available configurations.Guests with a pet requesting a connecting room will be assessed a pet fee forboth rooms. 

 We do not offer discounted roomrates for participation or employment in organizations such as AAA, AARP,government employees, etc.  We offerdiscounts to active military police, fire, and ems (you must providecredentials at check in). 

 Dockside Inn is not responsiblefor weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes. Reservationsmust be cancelled forty-eight (48 hours) hotel time, prior to your arrivaldate, in order to avoid a one (1) night full room cancellation fee. Ifreservations are cancelled less than 48 hours before the arrival date, yourcredit card may be charged the full room charge plus taxes. If you are stayingmore than one (1) night, only the first night and taxes will be charged. If youcancel any reservation, you must obtain and save the cancellation number foryour records. 

 Failure to check in on thescheduled arrival date for a reservation guaranteed with a credit card willresult in a No-Show fee being charged to your credit card. You will only becharged the first night, one (1) night’s full room rate plus taxes and thebalance of the reservation will be cancelled. 

 Large group/Block reservationsmust be cancelled eight (8) weeks prior to arrival date. Reservations cancelledafter that date may be charged one (1) full room charge plus tax for each roomreserved and the balance of their reservations cancelled.

DO-NOTDISTURB AND ACCESS TO ROOMS: Toprovide all of our guests with an exceptionally clean and safe hotelexperience, we provide daily housekeeping. Our Housekeeping Staff will honorthe “IN” door hanger once during a twelve hour period indicatingthat the room is occupied. The Housekeeping Staff is required to enter the roomat subsequent times to clean the room, check for safety, and verify thecondition of the room. Management reserves the right to enter a room with aknown status of “IN” for reasonable purposes, such as an emergency,housekeeping, maintenance, verify that the room, its furnishings, andmechanical equipment are intact, or to address or prevent a violation of ourHotel Policy/House Rules. In the event of suspected illegal activity,management reserves the right to summon law enforcement to aid in eviction. Theright to privacy ends when a Hotel Policy/House Rule is broken. Law enforcementwill be granted immediate access to hotel property and rooms of evicted guests. 

Well behaved children of all ages are welcomed. Childrenaged 12 and under stay for free when sharing a room with one or morepaying adult(s), using existing bedding. As the parents, guardians, or chaperonesof children you are personally and legally responsible for and must supervisethem at all times. For safety reasons, please do not leave childrenunattended in guest rooms or allow them to roam the hotel propertyunsupervised.

 A limitednumber pack-n-plays are available upon request. Availability is on afirst-come, first-served basis for a King room. The charge is $5.00 each, plustax per night. Maximum capacity of pack-n-play is one (1) per room. For safety,pillows are not provided for cribs. 

 Room occupancy requirements are based on fire code/fire safetyrestrictions. Standard Room maximum occupancy is 4, King or King Handicappedmaximum occupancy is 2, If you exceed the maximum number of guests allowed, youwill be asked to rent another guest-room for proper accommodations or vacatethe hotel. 

 Room keys are issued to theregistered guest(s). No room keys will be issued to youth under 18 at any time.I.D. is required if you have lost your key and require a duplicate. Pleasereturn room keys to Front Desk at Check-out. A lost key fee of $20 each, plustax. 

 Housekeeping is provided dailybetween the hours of 8 a.m.-2 p.m.  Thisis a 100 % NON-SMOKING hotel, including medical marijuana. Rooms are cleanedand inspected daily and a detailed log is maintained on each room and linen.Rooms are rented to guests in appropriate condition without any prohibitedodor. Housekeeping and Front Desk staff are trained and skilled in identifyingthe odors from prohibited items. If our investigation concludes that you havesmoked in your room, cooked, or brought a prohibited item into our facility,you will be fined, and evicted without any refund.

LINENCHANGING: Your comfort is very important tous. For guests staying multiples nights, bed linen is changed on a rotationschedule. Used towels are exchanged for fresh towels daily. If Housekeeping isunable to change a bed due to personal items left on a bed, a note will beleft. Housekeeping will be happy to change your bed linens and make your bedseach day if all personal items are removed. Please contact our Front Desk staffif you have any additional questions or concerns.  

 Dockside Inn assumes no liabilityfor lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings. If youdiscover that you have left behind something of value to you, please call usimmediately (804) 776-1021 and we will try to assist you in locating your lostitem. 

 Dockside Inn is not responsiblefor any item left behind by a guest. However, any item, with the exception ofperishable items, left behind by our guests and found after departure byHousekeeping will be collected, logged in, and kept in a secure location forcollection by the owner for up to fourteen (14) days. Records of Lost &Found items are retained for one year. Reasonable effort will be made to notifythe guest that an item has found. Perishable items, underwear, and miscellaneoustoiletries are discarded. 

 Wewould be happy to return your lost item(s) to you by United States PostalService. Sorry, no UPS or FED EX deliveries. Your credit card will be chargedpackaging and postage, plus a $10.00 handling fee. A separate receipt will bemailed to you. Dockside Inn is not responsible for any item lost or misdirectedduring shipment by the United States Postal Service. Please contact the USPSCustomer Service Department at 1-800-275-8777. 

: Lost & Found items are heldfor fourteen (14) days while we attempt to contact the guest. If guestcontact information is incorrect or cell phone mailbox is full and we areunable to contact the guest during the fourteen (14) day holding period, theunclaimed item(s) are thrown away, given to local organizations, or disposed ofaccordingly by Dockside Inn.

 Registered guests of legal age who choose to bring their ownalcoholic beverages must consume those in their room. Alcohol is not allowed inpublic areas such as the lobby, porches, etc. Alcohol consumed during specialevents served by a licensed caterer with permit to serve/sale alcohol isrestricted to those 21 years old or older (valid photo identification required)and can only be consumed at that event venue. 

 Thesafety and security of our guests and staff is extremely important to us. OurFirearms and Weapons Policy is designed for the protection of our guests,vendors, staff, and owners, and pertains to the presence of firearms andweapons on hotel premises. Dockside Inn recognizes that guests and vendors maylegally possess firearms or weapons for a variety of legitimate purposes. Thispolicy has been developed to create a safe environment by providing appropriate guidanceover the custody of firearms and weapons on our premises. Dockside Inn isprivate property. Guests, who are lawfully permitted to possess a firearm orweapon, may bring such onto our hotel premises for storage purposes only, withthe understanding that they are personally responsible for following: 
•        Guests must abide by all Federal,State, and local laws. •        Firearm and weapons must beappropriately registered. •        Firearms must be unloaded •        No cleaning of firearms is permittedon hotel premises. •        Firearmsand weapons must be safeguarded and secured in either a locked, hard sidedfirearm container or a soft gun case provided by the guest at all times andclearly labeled with their name and contact information. •        No firearms or weapons in thebreakfast area. Guests and vendors who fail toabide by our policy may be asked to leave the hotel premises, are subject totrespass and may be subject to further legal action. Exempted from this policyare law enforcement officers and designated military personnel who are on-dutyand required to carry firearms in the performance of their duties. No exemptionto this policy is allowed for private persons, even those licensed andpermitted to carry a firearm openly or concealed under local, state, or federallaw, are exempt from this policy. It is our policy to promptly turn over anyfirearms left on the property to the local police department if we are unableto contact the owner. 

 Bicycles,Hover boards, and roller blades are not permitted in guest rooms. Depending onavailable space, Front Desk staff will be happy to secure these items in ourmechanical room. We assume no liability for theft, loss, and/or damage, and youwaive any and all such liability. 

Fish Cleaning and Storing:
Under no circumstances are fish allowed to becleaned in rooms or on the property. No fish carcasses are to bedisposed of in rooms. Fish are not to be stored in mini fridges in rooms. Notfollowing this policy will result in an additional fee charged to your creditcard on file. 

 Pleasenotify Front Desk in the event of a fire or other emergency. A map that showsemergency exit route can be found on the back of your room doorin each guest room. 

 The hotel is fully equipped withsmoke detectors and emergency evacuationplans on the door ofeach guest room. Please review this important information. 

 Dockside Inn enforces a No In-RoomParty Policy to ensure we can protect the hotel and our guests at all times. Noparties, loud disturbances and/or noise-nuisance are allowed or tolerated onthese premises. In the event of a disturbance, one polite request (warning)will be given to reduce the noise. If our request is not followed, the guestwill be asked to leave the hotel without refund. Registered guest(s) isresponsible for all persons visiting. Non-Registered visitors are onlypermitted until 10:00 P.M. If found with more “people” not listed on the GuestRegistration Form after 10:00 P.M. your stay will be considered a party. Youwill be ordered to vacate the premises without refund and may be accessed aGuest Compensation Disturbance Fee. 

 Accessto our WiFi is free for our registered guests. The hotel WiFi access code issubject to change without notice. WiFi signals are subject to change withoutnotice depending on the room’s location, the status of our WiFi-equipment, andinterference from other local wireless signals. Dockside Inn assumes noliability for guest use. 

 All staff is trained and requiredto respond to potential violations of our Hotel Policy/House Rules. Guests whorefuse to abide by the reasonable standards and policies established byDockside Inn for safety of all guests, staff, owners, property, and theoperation and management of the hotel will be evicted, with no refund (§ 8.01-42.2.). In addition to the room charge, aminimum $300.00 cleaning fee per room will be charged for infraction(s) of ourHotel Policy/House Rules. 

: Dockside Inn makes its bestefforts to ensure that all the information that appears on its website isaccurate. However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that theinformation provided on this website is error free. Dockside Inn does notaccept liability for any errors and/or omissions, and reserves the right tochange the information published at any time and without notice. 

 Thelinks provided on the Dockside Inn website are for the convenience of sitevisitors and are provided in good faith. Dockside Inn does not accept liabilityfor the contents or links provided on such websites, nor does it acceptliability for any indirect or consequential loss arising out of the use orconnected with its website. 

 Dockside Inn reserves the right to refuse accommodations to aguest arriving with a contagious disease. In cases where sickness occurs duringthe stay, please notify the Front Desk staff. In the case of serious sickness,you may be requested to receive appropriate health care from a nearbyhealthcare facility. During epidemics we are entitled to employ precautionarymeasures within our judgment or as required by local authorities. We may chargeyou a room cleaning fee as we deem appropriate under the circumstances. 

 The cleanliness of our rooms isextremely important to our guests. If you bring any infestation into your roomor onto our hotel premises, we may charge you for any and all costs andexpenses, including immediate or urgent response requirements and loss of roomrevenue, that we deem necessary to address the infestation.

PARKINGAT OWN RISK: Allvehicle(s) must be listed on the registration at check-in. Parking forregistered guest(s) is free. All vehicles are parked at the risk of the owner.Dockside Inn shall not assume liability or responsibility for any vehicle,occupants, or contents while operated or parked on the hotel property. If avehicle is left in the hotel parking lot after the guest has departed withoutthe written consent of the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to have thevehicle towed at the owner’s expense. No vehicle repairs on hotel premises. 

 You are liable for any damagehowsoever caused (whether by the deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to theroom (s), hotel’s premises or property caused by you or any person in yourparty whether or not staying at the hotel during your stay. Dockside Innreserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details as presentedat registration and charge or debit the credit /debit card such amounts as itshall in its sole discretion deem necessary to compensate or make good the costor expenses incurred or suffered by Dockside Inn as a result of the aforesaid.Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve theright and you hereby authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for anydamage incurred to your room or the Hotel property during your stay, includingand without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items,smoking fee, cleaning fee, guest compensation, etc. We will make every effortto rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialist to make therepairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guestwould incur to a minimum. 

 Guest Rooms found with wastestrewn around, in complete disorder, and/or “trashed” will be subject tomaintenance deep cleaning fee, administration fee and/or third party fees. 

 Damage to rooms, fixtures,furnishing and equipment including the removal of electronic equipment, towels,art work, etc. will be charge at 120% of full and new replacement value plusany shipping and handling charges. Any damage to hotel property, whetheraccidental or willful, is the responsibility of the registered guest for eachparticular room. Any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement will becharged to the credit card of the registered guest. In extreme cases, criminal chargeswill be pursued. 

 Damage to mattresses and linenincluding; towels, mattress pads, sheets, bedspreads, blankets resulting fromthe use of body oils, make-up, shoe-polish, etc. will result in a charge forthe special cleaning, repair or replacement of the damaged article. 

FIGHTING EQUIPMENT: DocksideInn reserve the right to take action against any guest or visitor found to havetampered or interfered with any detection equipment throughout the hotel,including detector heads in public areas, guest rooms, and fire extinguishers.Guests or visitors found to have tampered with any fire detection orfire-fighting equipment will be charged with any costs incurredby the hotel due to their actions and will be evicted from the hotel. Dependingon the severity of the guest actions, law enforcement may become involved atthe hotel’s discretion. Should the fact that fire-fighting or detectionequipment had been tampered with come to light after the guest has departed, wereserve the right and you hereby authorize us to charge expenses to the creditcard/debit card on file.                                             

 Pet Policy and Agreement
  Welcome to our PetFriendly Motel.  By pet, we mean dog, a domesticateddog that weighs no more than 55 lbs. Sorry, no cats, birds, or exotics.  Forthe health, safety, and enjoyment of all of our guests, staff, and owners thefollowing Pet Policy has been established: 
1.       There is a $25.00 PET FEE per dog, excluding an ADA compliant Service Dog, perstay which will appear as a separate charge on your room receipt. TWO DOGLIMIT. 
2.       At check-in, the guest must declare/register each dog and/or ADAcompliant Service Dog by providing full information and signature required on aPet Policy and Agreement and the Guest is responsible to strictly abide by allpolicies. 
3.       Dogs must NEVER be left unattended in the room at any time, whether ornot the dog is in a kennel crate. 
4.       $100.00 fee for unattended dog(s) in hotel room or hotel parking lot.Unattended dog(s) may be removed from the room or hotel property by Hotel staffand/or animal control without liability on the part of the hotel and the guestwill assume any/all cost for such removal. 
5.       Dogs must beleashed and under direct restraint at all times outside your room and/or on hotel property. 
6.       We require each dog and/or ADA compliant Service Dog to wear a collar orharness with current tags attached: identification and contact information,current license, and proof of current rabies vaccination. 
7.       We adhere to the ADA definition of Service Dog.  When it is not obvious what service a ServiceDog provides, Staff may ask two clarifying questions to determine eligibility 28CFR 36.302 (c) (6).    
8.       There is a $100.00 fee for each undeclared/non-approved dog/pet broughtinto the hotel. 
9.       There is a $300.00 cleaning fee, determined solely by management, for aroom left in an unsatisfactory condition. 
10.    Daily Housekeeping is required.  Thedog and/or ADA compliant Service Dog must be removed from the room forhousekeeping.  Guests may not request an IN or “Do Not Disturb” status if they have a dog. 
11.    The Guest is liable for the health, safety, and welfare of their dogs atall times. 
12.    Connecting rooms requested by a Guest with a dog, excluding ADAcompliant Service Dog, will be assessed a pet fee, per dog, for both rooms. 
13.    Guest agrees and authorizes Dockside Inn to assess charges to the creditcard on file at registration for any and all damages discovered prior to orafter departure, including, but not limited to: pet odor and stains, repair orreplacement of hotel property, excessive and/or exceptional cleaning orextermination charges, loss of hotel revenue caused by the dog, including anADA compliant Service Dog 28 CFR 36.302 (c) (8). 
14.    Dogs must be clean, fully house-trained, parasite free and disease free(i.e. ticks, fleas, Parvo, etc.) 
15.    Dogs are expected to be quiet, well behaved, and non-destructive. 
16.    Guests will be given an opportunity to eliminate any noise complaints.In the event you are unable to satisfy this clause, you may be asked to leavethe hotel without a refund and will be financially responsible for any and allcosts associated with any compensation that may be given to appease a disturbedguest(s). There is no limit to these rate adjustments or lost revenue.  The payment and/or reimbursement for suchdamage is payable on demand. 
17.    Subject to availability, Guests with dogs will be located on the firstfloor for easy access to outdoor areas. 
18.    Dogs are not allowed in rooms other than that which they are registered. 
19.    You are required to clean up after your pets on hotel property. 
20.    We understand that accidents are sometimes unavoidable.  If an accident should occur, please callFront Desk immediately so that we may try to prevent any permanent damage. 
21.    Dogs are not allowed directly on hotel furniture, including beds.  Please ask the Front Desk for petsheets/covers. 
22.    Please do not bathe your dog in the bathtub or sink.  Failure to abide will result in an additionalcleaning fee. 
23.    Dockside Inn is not responsible for dogs that may exit guest rooms or hotelexit doors, including but not limited to any escape as a result of hotel staffentry or exit of the premises or access to the guest room.   
24.    Please ask Front Desk to inspect your room upon departure to determineany damage. 
25.    We reserve the right to require room changes, removal of dog(s) from thepremises, refuse or discontinue service without refund if in the hotel’s solediscretion, the dog is considered dangerous, unhealthy, or likely to frighten,harm, disrupt hotel guests, has damaged hotel property, or for failure to abideby these policies. 
26.    The undersigned guest has read, fully understands and hereby agrees tocomply with this entire PET POLICY AND AGREEMENT of which a copy has beenreceived and accepts full financial responsibility of any and all charges asoutlined above and agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the AllSeasons Inn and Suites, its owners, agents, and employees from any and allliability, damage, fines, claims, losses, or cost of any type includingreasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to any claim forpersonal injury or property damage caused by the dog(s) or Service Dog, andagrees to make reimbursement for such damages on demand.  The undersignedfurther agrees to release, waive, and forever discharge, and covenant not tosue Dockside Inn LLC.

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