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It is the responsibility of the guest to include all transfer fees and charges to ensure that the hotel receives the full booking amount. Please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to complete the transfer.
To confirm your booking with payment by bank tranfer, we request the payment to be processed within 48 hours.
Deposit amount corresponds to 50% of the booking in case of standard rate and 100% for non-refundable rate bookings.
To ease up the process of confirming your reservation please send us proof of payment to booking@cliffsurfcamp.com

IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.45530414744.05

Someone Wants is the company that owns CLIFF surfcamp. Registration nr 513 657 533.

If we don't receive the deposit confirmation in 48h your booking will be considered void.

Contact Permission

We'll keep the communication strict to relevant information. We'll keep you updated on news and promotions.

* Please let us know if you would like us to contact you or not by selecting one of the options below.

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Property Information

To find our surf experience pack in the availability engine above, please select a minimum stay of 7 nights. You can book shorter stays however the surf experience pack is only valid for stays with a minimum of 7 nights. Shorter stays include accommodation, breakfast and a surf lesson per day. Other services can be booked on site according to our weekly plan.

 is not just another surf camp. Here, we invite you to experience a whole different lifestyle, which is about connecting to nature and other people, re-discovering yourself and living at a slower pace, yet intensively. 
We want to take you to well-known places and secret spots; open to you our Portuguese heart and soul; let you try new flavours and smell new odours. In other words, we simply want you to relax and have the time of your life.

The House
Settled just a 2 minute walk from the breathtaking coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, CLIFF SURF HOUSE is the place to be if you are searching for an offbeat destination, away from tourist crowds.
Our spacious 3-level house with open terraces and glimpses of the sea was created to become your secret holiday escape. It has its own on-site wellness studio and the Lounge & Bar with a shaded deck and chilled out tunes. It’s our mission to make sure that this place has everything you need for a smooth and pleasant stay.
Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, prefer privacy or constant company, opt for surf or not, we offer holiday packages for any wish and budget. 

Each of our 10 rooms has an original decor and a unique vibe. Some are shared, others are twin; some are blue, others are green; some with a balcony, others with a terrace, but always with its own shower and WC, which means… no morning and after-surf queues! In whichever room you stay, you will be sure to find yourself in a tasteful interior with maximum comfort.

Wellness Studio
We created our spacious and well-equipped studio not only to assure yoga classes regardless of weather conditions but also to bring more flavors to your stay menu. Besides yoga, try functional training, jiu-jitsu, and pilates, all of which can be viewed both as independent workouts or as complementary exercises to improve your surfing. 
We also organize thematic workshops dedicated to various aspects of well-being such as nutrition, sleep, mental health and exercise. At CLIFF, we believe that 360° approach is essential for growth and having fun, and our Wellness Studio is a proof. 

With surf, yoga and all the activities, we bet you'll be always in the mood for food! This is why CLIFF SURF HOUSE offers a variety of meal options throughout the entire day. 

Wake up to an energizing and nutritious breakfast, prepared with a traditional touch and a spoonful of love. Our breakfast buffet has everything to start a day right: an assortment of bread and pastries, cold cuts, muesli, yogurt, jams & jellies, hot & cold beverages, and fresh seasonal fruit.

Lunch can be ordered from our on-site Lounge & Bar or local restaurants. From sandwiches & salads to Portuguese traditional food to vegetarian plates and João’s famous toasties, the variety of options will not disappoint. 

Dinner time is probably the coziest part of the day revolving around delicious meals and cheerful conversations smoothly flowing into a vibrant night. Sushi, tapas, vegetarian, traditional Portuguese plates, BBQ...we have a special menu for every night!

Santa Cruz is a charming town, nestled quietly just an hour drive to the north from Lisbon. Unlike its famous neighbors, Peniche (35 km) and Ericeira (25 km), Santa Cruz still remains a rather undiscovered corner for tourists. This means cleaner and less crowded beaches, lower prices and a unique opportunity to experience Portuguese culture in its authenticity.  
Santa Cruz boasts a spectacular miles-long stretch of a sandy shore and encompasses as many as 20 enchanting beaches, several of which are carrying the Blue Flag certification. Here, surfers will enjoy uncrowded (and good!) waves, nature-lovers - pristine surroundings, and food-enthusiasts - delicious sea food, traveling to their plate straight from the ocean.  
Both in Santa Cruz and nearby village Povoa de Penafirme, there is everything you may need during your holiday : groceries, fruit & vegetable shop, butchery, bakery, fresh market, pharmacy, ATM, and clothes stores. Bigger shops and supermarkets are also within 15 - 30 min drive.

CLIFF SURF HOUSE is a dream project of two lifelong friends that opened its doors in May 2016. The idea of starting a surfcamp traveled in Stefan and Tiago's minds since their childhood but it's not until 2015 that they decided to bring it alive. 
Growing up in Santa Cruz meant not only falling in love with this land but also developing a profound knowledge about it. Culture, secret spots, surfing conditions, best eating venues and party hubs - all these personal experiences are now passionately shared with guests, making their own experiences genuine and truly local. 
The mission of CLIFF SURF HOUSE is to make this world a happier place through surf lifestyle and friendship. Surf, yoga, nature, wellness classes and workshops, delicious food and good vibes - that's CLIFF's answer to routine and common life. Here, everyone will find all the necessary ingredients to compose their own delicious holiday recipe!


Address 1: Rua Sol e Atlântico nº10 Praia da Vigia - Santa Cruz

City : Torres Vedras - Lisboa

Postal Code : 2560-051

Contact Name: Stefan Inácio

Phone: +351 261938618

Email: booking@cliffsurfhouse.com

  • Baggage storage
  • Fitness room
  • Gift shop
  • Lounge
  • Printer
  • Welcome Drink

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 16:00

Check-Out: 10:00

Late Check-Out Hour: 12:00

Late Check-out Fees: € 30.00

Late check out (after 10:00 and before 12:00) may result in a fee.

Property and Cancellation Policies :
Cancellation Policy
After your booking is confirmed, the deposit is non-refundable. However, if you have to cancel your booking, and booked our standard rate you will receive a voucher of paid deposit value that you can use for another trip with CSC. These vouchers are valid for one year counting from the day of issue. In case a booking was made with our non-refundable rate, then the deposit is not refundable and no voucher will be issued.
CLIFF surfcamp reserves a right to cancel any trip at any time without explanation. In this event, a client will receive full refund of deposit payment. In case CLIFF surfcamp is forced to cancel a client's trip due to circumstances beyond our control (adverse weather conditions, war, terrorism, epidemic etc.), no refund is foreseen.

Changes to Reservation
In case changes should be made to your reservation, contact us directly and depending on availability, we will find the best solution. Certain changes may incur extra fees.  
Terms and Conditions

The webpage www.cliffsurfcamp.com you are viewing is owned, operated and controlled by CLIFF surfcamp. In these terms and conditions CLIFF surfcamp is referred to as "we", "us", "our", "CLIFF",or “CSC”. By booking your stay, surf lessons or any other services with CLIFF you agree to all of our terms and conditions and will be further on referred to as Client, Customer, Guest or You.

Booking Process & Payment
Bookings shall be requested through our bookings system or per e-mail.
In order to confirm bookings, CLIFF surfcamp requires the payment of a deposit. In the standard rate this equals 50% of the total reservation amount. If the client books the non-refundable rate then payment of the total amount of reservation is required. You will receive an invoice with the total amount of the products and services booked and the amount due for the deposit. We accept three payment methods. You can pay directly via Credit Card or Paypal. If you opt for bank tranfer, the deposit shall be paid within 2 days. Once we acknowledge the payment, we will send you a confirmation voucher per email with the details of your stay. The resting amount is to be paid at check-in in cash or by debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard).
Upon client's arrival, we require additional 100 euros security deposit in cash per person for surf equipment and CLIFF surfcamp property. The deposit is returned on departure day if no damage occurs during the client's stay.
When one person (Lead Person) makes a reservation on behalf of a group of people, he/she confirms holding the authority to make the contract on behalf of everyone who is to receive the services in the group, including children. The Lead Person must ensure that all members of the group are aware of and accept these Terms and Conditions. In any case, the Lead Person stays responsible for the full cost of the services for himself/herself and the group including any related charges under these Terms and Conditions.
A client is responsible for reviewing thoroughly all booking and/or confirmation details and notifying CSC immediately should any errors or discrepancies arise. In case a client fails to promptly notify CLIFF surfcamp of any such errors or discrepancies, we assume that a client considers booking and/or confirmation details correct and accepts them.

All prices are quoted in Euros (EUR). Prices may be subjected to change if the circumstances necessitate.
Price changes do not affect already confirmed bookings, and a client has the right to receive services at the rates stated in the booking confirmation.
For late check-ins (after 20:00) a fee of 30 euros is charged.
For late check-outs (after 10:00 noon) a fee of 30 euros is charged.

Promotions and discounts
Promotions are valid for direct bookings only.
Promotions and campaigns are not valid in conjuction with other discounts. 
Early bird discount is not valid in conjunction with other promotions. Early bird discount is applicable to weekly packs (minimum stay 7 nights).
Black Friday promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other discount and the rate is non-refundable.

Extra nights
Extra nights are considered nights after the packs stay (so from 7 nights).  Extra nights includes accommodation and breakfast. Depending on the pack the client booked it can have a surf lesson included on weekdays.

Cancellation Policy
After your booking is confirmed, the deposit is non-refundable. However,  if you have to cancel your booking, and booked our standard rate you will receive a voucher of paid deposit value that you can use for another trip with CSC. These vouchers are valid for one year counting from the day of issue. In case a booking was made with our non-refundable rate, then the deposit is not refundable and no voucher will be issued.
Cliff Surf Camp reserves a right to cancel any trip at any time without explanation. In this event, a client will receive full refund of deposit payment. In case Cliff SC is forced to cancel a client's trip due to circumstances beyond our control (adverse weather conditions, war, terrorism, epidemic etc.), no refund is foreseen.

Reservation Changes
In case changes should be made to your reservation, contact us directly and depending on availability, we will find the best solution. Certain changes may incur extra fees.

Cancellation of services and no-show
The cancellation of any service booked shall be done the latest with 24 hours notice.In case of cancellation of a booked service outside the period of grace or in case of no-show, CSC reserves the right to charge the full amount as if the service was held/given.Services already paid are non-refundable. In the event of unpredictable circumstances that lead to cancellation or postponement of a service by the entity CSC, a voucher will be issued for the service in question or exchanged for a service of the same value or less.

Exchange of services
The services included in the pack cannot be exchanged by others. In the case that a client does not wish to use a certain service included in the pack that she/he purchased, she/he loses the right to it. It is not our policy to exchange services or to refund the corresponding amount.
The packs and their content are personal and non-transferable. It is not allowed to exchange services between packs or to transfer the service to another party/client.

You as the customer recognize inherent risks both apparent and hidden deriving from surfing and associated to surf camps as well as participating in any sport/leisure activities and commuting in a foreign country. All of these factors may threaten your well being and cause injuries to you and other customers.
To the full extent permitted by law, CLIFF surfcamp does not hold any liability for any loss, damage or injury which may arise from exercising our or third-parties services no matter how that loss, damage, or injury occurred. A client participates in surf lessons and other activities at his/her own risk.
CLIFF surfcamp does not hold any responsibility for customer’s property despite providing personal safety lockers and striving to create utmost security. A customer is solely and fully responsible for safekeeping his/her property from theft, loss, or damage.
By booking a stay at CLIFF, a client confirms that he/she is physically fit and is able to swim well enough to undertake surf lessons and participate in other activities. Moreover, by buying services from CSC, a client confirms not knowing of any health conditions that can prevent him/her from participation in surf classes and other activities or make this participation dangerous. We require our guests to report any relevant medical aspects such as allergies, disabilities, medical incapacities etc. for the sake of their own safety.
CSC is not liable for cancellations of or changes to its services and subsequent refunds if they appear due to circumstances beyond our control (severe weather conditions. natural disasters, war, terrorism etc.) We reserve an exclusive right to decide whether beach conditions, weather or other factors make certain activity unsafe or unfavourable and terminate its delivery at any time for any reason without a refund. However, should we be forced to cancel activity, we will do our best to reschedule or compensate it.
If any complaints arise during your stay, they must be reported immediately. We will not hold responsibility for a compensation for a problem which could have been solved during client's stay.

CLIFF surfcamp provides its guests with insurance for any lessons provided by us (surf, yoga). However, due to the nature of our services as well as travelling involved, we highly recommend that our client takes care of an adequate, complete insurance covering each stage of his/her vacation. For clients own safety and comfort, we advise not to proceed with the booking before obtaining a personal insurance.

It is client's sole responsibility to prepare all necessary valid documents (passport, Visa, ID, driving licence, insurance etc.) prior to the trip.
In case of injuryIn case a student/guest gets injured during a lesson to point that she/he cannot continue the practice, CLIFF will issue a voucher referring to the lessons still to be benefited from. No refund is applied.
Drugs, Alcohol and General Rules

Drugs are strictly forbidden throughout client's stay in CLIFF surfcamp. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate termination of our services without any refund. Alcohol consumption is allowed, however, its abuse may also result in termination of client's stay in CLIFF.

Guests are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards other guests as well as show cautiousness towards CSC property and equipment. If client’s behaviour does not correspond to these criteria, CSC reserves the right to terminate client's stay without any refund.


CSC provides necessary transportation to/from surf spots and during other activities (tours & trips) throughout entire client's stay. However, a client uses transportation service at his/her own risk . We do not hold any responsibility for deaths or injuries which may occur as a result of using this service.

Airport transfer

CLIFF provides airport transfers to its guests. 
Rates vary according to the number of occupants in the vehicle. The total amount of the service is divided by the number of occupants.The following rates apply:

From/To Lisbon Airport:
Day transfers (from 8 am to  8 pm) - 60 euros basis plus 10 euros for each extra person;
Night Transfers (from 8 pm to midnight) - 90 euros  basis plus 10 euros for each extra person;

From/To Torres Vedras:
Day Transfers (from 8 am to  8 pm) - 25 euros basis and 5 euros for extra person;
Night Transfers (from 8 pm to midnight) - 55 euros basis and 5 euros for extra person;
If a client wants to cancel her/his transfer, it should be done not later than 24 hours prior to the ride. Otherwise, CSC reserves the right to charge for the service as if delivered. If a client is traveling with a bulky luggage or surf equipment, she/he should inform us in advance. CSC should also be informed in case of flight cancellation/delays or any relevant changes.

We strive for punctuality when delivering our services, however, we cannot always guarantee it due to conditions beyond our control which may arise (intensive traffic, weather or any other). Should it happen we will keep you informed immediately.

Client uses transportation service at his/her own risk. We do not hold any responsibility for deaths or injuries which may occur as a result of using this service.

Photos, Videos and Text materials

By booking services with CSC, the client agrees to being photographed and recorded during activities of the camp, such as surf lessons. The client is also granting the use of image rights. She/he gives permission to the use of such materials for promotional and advertising purposes of CLIFF, in its own media (website, social media) as well as those of partners (online booking platforms) without further notice and agreement.

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