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Imersed in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, SALEMA ECOCAMP is located in Salema, a fishing village in the parish of Budens, Vila do Bispo municipality, Algarve, which surrounds the beach with the same name, Praia da Salema. Here you will find nature in its purest state and will be able to enjoy it with friends and family. This is the place of choice for lovers of "slow living" and surfing. Choosing us is not just choosing a place to sleep. It is choosing a way of life. The area that surrounds us is rich in wild beaches, photogenic sunsets and many other secrets! For our part, we will do everything to ensure that our mission is accomplished and we count on you to help us! Come visit us! We promise to provide you with unforgettable moments.

Property Name: Salema Eco Camp

Street Address: Quinta dos Carriços, Praia da Salema

City : Budens - Faro

Postal Code : 8650-196

Phone: +351 282 695 201


  • ATM on site
  • Gift shop
  • Laundry service
  • Meeting rooms
  • Photocopying services
  • Printer
  • Safe deposit boxes at front desk
  • 24-hour check-in
  • Bar
  • BBQ facilities
  • Bicycle rental
  • Doorman
  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Garden
  • Guest parking
  • Live music / performance
  • Massage
  • Minimarket / Convenience store
  • Refillable water stations
  • Restaurant
  • Self-service laundry
  • Shops (on site)
  • Smoke alarms
  • Yoga

Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 16:00

Check-Out: 11:00

Property and Cancelation Policies :
In accordance with our Internal Regulation Article 3 Amendments / Cancellation, the guests should be aware that:
  1. Salema Eco Camp can cancel the reservation. Such situation can only occur for reasons of majeur force, when duly justified and communicated to the client as soon as possible; 
  2. In case the customer changes the reservation, he / she can do it up to 7 days before the check-in date;
  3. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the customer up to 30 days before the date and check-in, Salema Eco Camp will refund the amount already paid in full;
  4. In case of cancellation of the reservation with less than 30 days, Salema Eco Camp does not refund the amount already paid. A voucher valid for 1 year will be issued;
  5. The cancellation of the reservation up to 48h before the check-in date, without prior notice, implies the non-refund of the amount already paid and invalidates the right to enjoy it in a new stay.
  6. Failure to show, without prior notice, requires payment of the entire amount of the reservation.
  7. In case of withdrawal, or cancellation, during the stay by the customer, the amount already paid will not be refunded, nor allowed to enjoy the stay at any other time.
Terms and Conditions


Internal Regulations - Salema EcoCamp  The following text contain the rules regarding the use and operation of Salema Eco Camp, as well as the legal provisions specifically applicable. 


ARTICLE 1 - General Rules

The operator of Salema Eco Camp, Around The Eden, Lda, has the objective in the present Regulation, to establish the rights and obligations of the customers of the Camping Park regarding its use. The Camping Park is intended for the practice of Camping and Caravanning, as well as other related events, in order to better serve its customers on holidays, weekends or itinerants. Admission to Salema Eco Camp implies, on the part of the customers, the immediate acceptance and compliance with these Regulations. 

 ARTICLE 2 - Operating Period

1 - The Camping Park is open every day of the year;
2 - The Reception is open during normal business hours, the same being posted and visible from outside the Park;
3 - In the high season months the schedule can be extended if so decided by the administration;
4 - The registration and admission period for customers will only take place within the established schedule.

ARTICLE 3 - Silence Period

The Camping Park, during the entire period of operations, requires the following period of silence:
1 - 00.00 to 08.00 in the morning;
2 - If necessary, the gate can be opened during the closing period;
3 - The circulation of vehicles in the Park is not allowed during the period of silence

ARTICLE 4 - Rates

1 - The daily rates for the use of the Camping Park are shown in the table posted at the Reception of the Park;
2 - The tariffs will be updated annually or whenever justified by Salema EcoCamp;
3 - Rates do not include toilet paper, hygiene / cleaning products or hand towels.

ARTICLE 5 - Access to the Camping Site 

The entrance to the Park for visitors, for purposes other than camping is subject to prior authorization from the person in charge of the Park. The entry and exit of customers is done exclusively through the main entrance.

ARTICLE 6 - Interdictions

1- Whenever justified, it is determined:
a) The conditioning of the use and the period of stay in certain areas of the park;
b) The specific location of the areas determined for parking vehicles, setting up tents or placing caravans;
c) The prohibition on entering the park to individuals of recognized lack of moral integrity;

2 - It is forbidden to display commercial, political and religious advertising in the changing rooms or any other part of the Campground. Therefore, it is forbidden to make subscriptions or any request without prior authorization from those responsible;
3 - It is not allowed to leave unoccupied tents;
4 - Caravans and Motorhomes that are in the Camping Park unoccupied will have to pay the amount referring to the vehicle / item in duplicate, that is 2x the value indicated for Caravans and Motorhomes in the Price List in force.
5 - It is forbidden the entry of individuals not registered in the Camping Park, even accompanied by Park customers, without the knowledge and authorization of the Reception.

 ARTICLE 7 - Reservations

1 - The occupation of the Camping Park is not subject to reservation, unless prior intention to rent material belonging to Salema EcoCamp;
2 - Entrance to the Camping Park is subject to prior check-in, carried out at the reception. In this procedure the following data will be requested: - Personal data of the holder of the reservation (full name, address, Citizen Card / ID number, taxpayer number and contacts) - Presentation of an identification document of all elements aged or over 12 years, to attach to the respective reserve; - Indication of the rates inherent to the stay.

 ARTICLE 8 - Payment Methods

Weekly payments The customer will be asked to leave at the reception one of the following documents from any member of the registration:
- Driving license;
- Updated Camper Card; 
- Membership card;
- Other.

After 7 days you must pay for your stay, then start a new registration, bringing the vehicle / tent identification cards for your stay with you. In the winter period, ACSI / ADAC cardholders are allowed to pay monthly for their stay. Check-out must be done by 5 pm. If the client intends to do a late check-out (until 8 pm), he must pay 50% of the daily rate.Prepayment In addition to the payment for the stay, the customer will be asked to leave a deposit of € 5 per person which will be returned when checking out. If the client wishes to extend his stay, he must go to the Reception until 12 noon on the day of departure to renew the registration, under the risk of being booked one more night.

ARTICLE 9 - Admission Requirements 

1 - The Camping Park may be used by national and foreign citizens, provided that they have any of the following documents, duly valid:a) Identity Card / Citizen Cardb) Passport
2 - The reception of visits and the entry of vehicles / material in the Camping Park can only be done during the period of operations of the reception.
3 - Only the admission of customers with camping equipment is allowed;
4 - Admission is not allowed only to enjoy health services;
5 - The admission of clients outside reception hours is done with the night security guard at the Ordinance in accordance with the following rules
:a) It is necessary to leave a document with the security, a valid identification document, which will be collected at the reception the next day until 6 pm;
b) It is not possible to make any payment in the Ordinance;

ARTICLE 10 - Admission of Minors

The admission of minors under 18 years of age will only be authorized when accompanied by their parents or other adults who are responsible for them, by signing the term of responsibility.

ARTICLE 11 - Visitors

1- For the purposes of this regulations, visitors are those who are not accompanied by camping equipment and intend to visit a Camper who is already in the Park;
2 - The visitor can only enter the Park during the reception opening hours and, also, when the following conditions are met:
a) A full-fledged camper is at the time of registration;
b) Pay the respective tariff;c) Circul accompanied by visitor card / bracelet, visitor;

3 - If the visitor wishes to spend the night at the visited camper's home, he must inform the reception and proceed with the payment of the corresponding tariff;
4 - A visitor who stays overnight and wishes to leave the Park, must do so by 5:00 pm on the following day; if you wish to stay, you will have to pay a new daily rate;
5 - The visitor will deliver one of the following documents to the reception: updated camper card or updated membership card or other identification document;
6 - All visitors are subject to the provisions of this regulation;7- Any disturbance or damage caused by the visitors will be the responsibility of the visiting Camper.

ARTICLE 12 - Registration

1 - Registration is carried out in an appropriate form containing the date of arrival, the probable date of departure (if prepayment is made), as well as all the elements of identification of the customer;
2 - All customers of Salema camping site have to provide identification (children included);
3 - When registering, you must inform us of all the material that will constitute your camp and vehicles that you intend to introduce into the Park, such as cars, motorcycles, motorcycles and trailers, pets;
4 - All changes made during the stay must be communicated to the Reception. In case of non-compliance, fees may apply even if you are not taking advantage of equipment / services (withdrawal of electricity, withdrawal of customers from registration, placing the car outside the park);
5 - Registrations are not accepted with material only - tents, caravans or motorhomes - without being occupied by people.

ARTICLE 13 - Groups of Guests

Whenever the Campers form a group it will be necessary to register all the elements, and there will be a responsible holder..

ARTICLE 14 - Admission of Animals 

1 - The admission of animals requires prior authorization from the person responsible for the Camping Park, who must take into account hygiene and safety rules.
2 - Dogs of a dangerous breed may be admitted to the campsite: Brazilian dog, Argentine Great Dane, pit bull terrier, rottweiler, American staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier and tosa inu. In this list, the descendants of these breeds are also included, when there is a cross with another breed or with an animal of undetermined breed, as long as they comply with the law (imprisoned by leash and muzzle).
3 - The dogs will have to be tied to the leash.
4 - Any damage or damage caused by the animals admitted will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Client.
5 - Pets, namely dogs, must be strolled outside the campsite area. It is against the park's sanitary rules to let dogs make their waste within the campsite. Violators may be penalized under municipal law.

ARTICLE 15 - Cards or Wristbands

1 - Customers will be given wristbands and control cards that they should use as indicated below:a) The bracelet will always be worn on the wrist by its holder, being personal and non-transferable;b) The vehicle's card is placed inside it, next to the windshield, in order to be visible from the outside;c) The camping equipment installation card is placed in a visible place on the installed material.
2 - The cards referred to in the previous number will be returned upon departure from the Park.
3 - The loss of any bracelet or card implies the payment of a fine of € 20.

ARTICLE 16 - Amendments

The customer must immediately inform the Reception when there are changes in the following elements:
a) Camping equipment;
b) Number of people registered;
c) Number of vehicles that entered the Camping Park and their license plates.
d) Alterations in the use of electricity or alteration of any registered camping element.

ARTICLE 17 - Access to the Camping Site

1. Access to the Camping Park is prohibited by:
a) People who in any way could harm the park's sanitary order;
b) People intoxicated or under the effects of drugs;
c) People who, by behavior, may harm other customers or the good harmony and public order of the Park;
d) People who are accompanied by animals that do not have prior authorization from the person in charge of the park or who, having such authorization, cause any inconvenience to the other customers;
e) To persons who are carriers or make use of any firearm, or even air pressure;
f) People who appear to have psychological disorders and who jeopardize their own physical integrity.

ARTICLE 18 - Customers Rights

1 - The users of the Camping Park have the following rights:
a) Use the facilities and services in accordance with the provisions of this regulation;
b) Know in advance the prices charged;
c) Demand the issuance of a document regarding the expenses incurred;
d) Demand the presentation of the Camping Park regulations;
e) Maintaining the respective accommodation in good condition, namely preventing its entry and opening of its windows and doors;
f) Demand the presentation of the complaints book, even in the case of expulsion from the campsite;
g) Make suggestions in order to provide a better service delivery.

ARTICLE 19 - Customers Duties

1 - Customers must:
a) Comply, within or in the vicinity of the Camping Park, with the authority of those responsible for its operation;
b) Comply with the hygiene conditions implemented in the Camping Park, especially those related to the destinations of garbage and dirty water, washing and drying of clothes, and prevention of contagious diseases;
c) Install your equipment so as not to harm other Campers;
d) Not to make any acts likely to disturb other customers, namely making noise within the silence period and using radio broadcasting or similar receivers during the same period, so that they may jeopardize the rest of the Park's other customers;
e) Do not light a fire, except in the places for this purpose, and comply with the other fire-fighting measures in force at the Camping Site;
f) Comply with the Camping Park signage and the instructions of the person responsible for its operation with regard to the circulation and parking of vehicles and the installation of camping equipment;
g) Treat staff members and other users with correction and education;
h) Identify yourself whenever asked by the park manager or auxiliary person.

2 - Clients are not allowed to:
a) During the period of silence, wash dishes or clothes;
b) Wash dishes or clothes inside showers or in sinks inside showers, as they are only intended for personal hygiene only. There are specific and appropriate places to do this outside the showers;
c) Destroying or harassing cultural heritage;
d) Tie ropes, wires or other material to the trees, without being covered with rubber;
e) Use wires, wires, ropes or other material at a height less than 2.5 meters from the ground;
f) Transpose the existing fence in the Park;
g) Play with balls outside the designated places for that purpose;
h) Use existing natural resources for unforeseen purposes;
i) Plant or sow without authorization;
j) Make use of firearms, air pressure or others;
k) Make fire outside the places for this purpose;
l) Leave the dirty place where they were installed;
m) Open pits;
n) Raising flags of any kind;
o) Sell any type of property within the campsite;
p) Bring objects or documents belonging to the park;

3 - Customers should also refrain from:
a) ostensibly make commercial, political or religious propaganda;
b) Make subscriptions or any request without authorization from the person in charge of the Park;
c) Post any writing or drawing without authorization from the person in charge of the Park;
d) Make use of unreasonable improvisations of furniture such as crates, etc., as well as any other outside the camper's ethics;
e) Keep sleeping bags, blankets, etc., extended outside tents or caravans after 11 am.

ARTICLE 20 - Responsibility of the Tutors

It is the responsibility of the parents of minor customers to instruct their endorsements on the rules contained in the present Regulation, namely with regard to the rules of hygiene, safety of use of the changing rooms, bicycle circulation and protection of the physical and natural heritage of the Park Camping.

ARTICLE 21 - Vehicles

1 - The vehicle that is not registered at the reception cannot under any circumstances enter the Camping Park except for loading and unloading with prior authorization from the reception / concierge;
2 - The circulation of vehicles is not allowed inside the Camping Park, except to enter or leave it;
3 - The circulation of vehicles without an engine is restricted and may be prohibited whenever circumstances require;
4 - All vehicles that are not registered and that are found inside the Camping Park, after the unloading period of 30 minutes, will pay for the stay since the admission of its owner;
5 - The parking of vehicles must be done in such a way as to allow circulation within the Camping Park to the other customers and in particular to emergency vehicles;
6 - Whenever the number of vehicles exceeds the capacity of the campsite, entry may be prohibited for security reasons;
7 - The camper is not assured parking next to his equipment camping spot;
8 - During the period of silence, vehicles are not allowed to leave and circulate at the campsite, except - if the cars are considered to be in urgent need and urgency;
9 - No vehicle may circulate within the Camping Park at a speed greater than 10 km per hour;
10 - Tuning, vehicle repairs and engine washing are not allowed;
11 - It is not allowed to wash vehicles of any kind, as well as camping material (caravans, trailers, tents, etc.);
12 - It is not allowed to park boats or trailers outside the place for such purpose;
13 - The use of audible signals is not allowed.

ARTICLE 22 - Accident Liability

All accidents caused by customers are their sole and exclusive responsibility or, if they are minors, those responsible.

ARTICLE 23 - Electrical Conection

1 - The energy received by a unit from the power supply box cannot be granted for the enjoyment of other units;
2 - The supply of electricity is subject to the payment of the corresponding fee that appears in the table posted at the Reception of the Camping Site;
3 - Only one connector cable per place (caravan or tent) will be allowed;
4 - The campsite does not provide electrical cables as it is the customer's responsibility.
5 - All boxes are numbered and closed, so the customer must ask the reception to open it identifying the respective number.

ARTICLE 24 - Responsibilities

1 - Customers are responsible for the damage caused at the campsite and the consequence of the misuse and poor condition of their equipment;
2 - Any accident of a personal or material nature is the responsibility of the user of the electrical installation;
3 - Salema EcoCamp is not responsible for any kind of values ​​left at the Camping Site.

ARTICLE 25 - Reception and Concierge

1 - The reception of the Camping Park works according to the schedule posted at its entrance;
2 - The reception is intended solely and exclusively to provide services related to the admission and stay of clients;
3 - The entry and / or stay of individuals outside the services is not allowed, except for the normal occurrence of the activity of the previous number.

ARTICLE 26 - Phones

1 - The reception phone can be used with the authorization of the person in charge, in case of urgency, duly proven.
2 - Except when urgent communications occur, the reception is not obliged to call customers on the phone.

ARTICLE 27 - Bar & Restaurant

1 - The Bar and Restaurant will operate at the time established by Salema EcoCamp and posted in the respective facilities, being entities apart from the management of Salema EcoCamp; 
2 - The facilities referred to have their own complaints book.

ARTICLE 28 - First Aid

1 - The Park is supplied with first aid material and aims only to provide first aid to customers who are injured in it;
2 - The Medical Post does not have medicines for sale to customers;
3 - The use of the Medical Post will be carried out whenever justified, within the reception hours.

 ARTICLE 29 - Sinks and Laundry Tanks

1 - Sinks and laundry tanks can only be used by Campers and for the purpose for which they are intended;
2 - Sinks, laundry tanks and washing machines are located in the same building.
3 - The Park is not responsible for any changes or lack of items of clothing that may eventually occur.
4 - The stands and the respective sinks after use must be left clean and free of debris.

ARTICLE 30 - Laundry

1 - It is intended to guarantee greater support and convenience to the client;
2 - In the case of the use of washing machines and even a dryer, the user must directly enter the indicated value in each machine;
3 - The customer is responsible for introducing the correct values ​​in the respective intended machines, and the park is not responsible for any mistake in the introduction of the value or even in the introduction of the value in the wrong machine.

ARTICLE 31 - Barbecues

1 - The barbecue grills in the park are intended to guarantee support to customers in the preparation of grilled foods.
2 - In order to guarantee its proper functioning, campers must observe the following:
a) Respect the order of arrival;
b) Leave the place clean after use.
c) Do not leave food scraps on the grills;
d) The park does not provide the materials for the use of barbecue grills, these are the sole responsibility of its

ARTICLE 32 - Sanitary Facilities

1 - The sanitary blocks are divided in such a way that there is separation by sex;
2 - The power sockets there are intended only for the use of shavers and hair dryers;
3 - Containers with organic debris from Auto-caravans and Caravans / Mobile homes must be dumped in a specific place in the Park, duly signposted;
4 - Machines cannot be connected to the water outlets;
5 - Containers and buckets for solid waste are intended to serve as garbage deposits organized by the users of the Camping Park Facilities;
6 - It is forbidden to deposit solid waste outside the existing containers and buckets for this purpose.
7- Any electronic equipment connected to the plugs of the sanitary blocks, are only the responsibility of the customers.

ARTICLE 33 - Fire Prevention Systems and Security Plant

1 - The Park is equipped with a fire protection system and the personnel are properly instructed in the management of the means of combat and the measures to be taken in case of fire;
2 - The Park will have, in very visible places, emergency and security plans exposed.

ARTICLE 34 - Places of Leisure

Leisure facilities may only be used by park users within the stated opening hours

ARTICLE 35 - Found Objects

1 - All objects found must be delivered to the reception;
2 - For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the name of the person who found them and the name of the owner of the objects will be noted in a specific book when they are returned.

ARTICLE 36 - Abandoned Material 

1 - Abandoned material is considered when one of the following situations occurs:
a) Is not properly identified;
b) The owner of the material does not make the respective payment for a period equal to more than 2 months;

2 - The material considered abandoned will be collected by the campsite services.

ARTICLE 37 - Payment of Expenses

When the proprietary identity of the abandoned material is known, it will be the one notified, by telephone or registered letter, to proceed with the payment of the expenses inherent to the procedures resulting from the abandonment of the material (removal and storage).

ARTICLE 38 - Lost Material 

1 - The removed material is kept for a maximum period of 30 days, counted from the date of receipt of the letter referred to in the previous article;
2 - After the period mentioned in the previous number, the abandoned material will be available to Salema EcoCamp;
3 - Salema EcoCamp will also be available, all abandoned material, collected more than 3 months ago, and whose owner is unknown.

ARTICLE 39 - Losses caused by users 

1 - The Camping Site is not responsible for the occurrence of damages, thefts or fires in the vehicles, material or any other objects belonging to the customers of the Camping Park;
2 - The Camping site is not responsible for any intrusion into the tents, they must be closed and protected by the user;
3 - The Camping Park is not yet responsible for damage caused by bad weather or by falling trees. 

ARTICLE 40 - Road Accidents

Any road traffic accident occurring inside the Camping Park will, eventually, be the subject of a report prepared by the competent authorities, in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Code.

ARTICLE 41 - Illicit of mere social order 

1 - Anyone who, after being warned, does not comply with the provisions of this Regulation, without prejudice to the application of any administrative offenses that may apply to the case, will be prevented from staying in the park; 2 - Infringements to this regulation, or to the rules prescribed in the legislation in force, will be assessed by the Park Management, who will decide on the measures to be taken; 3 - Regardless of any legal action and without prejudice to the obligation of immediate satisfaction of compensation for damages caused, failure to comply with the rules that make up this regulation may give rise to the application of warnings, temporary suspensions or permanent expulsion from the Camping Park

ARTICLE 42 - Miscellaneous Provisions

1 - The omitted cases will be considered by the Direction of the Camping Park, taking into account the principles expressed in the present Regulation and in the legislation in force;
2 - As soon as it is verified that the maximum number of campsites is reached, a waiting list will be drawn up, in which campers interested in using the Park will be registered;
3 - All customers will have to submit to the Park Director's instructions for the installation of the facilities in order to seek a better use of the available spaces;
4 - Suggestions and or, complaints, will normally be written in appropriate documents existing at the Reception and will have due analysis by the Park Management, who will eventually hear the respective subscribers;
5 - In urgent cases, which require immediate action, participation may be oral, with the Park Directorate, subject to availability and prior authorization;
6 - Covers that are not part of the regulations and the camper spirit, namely cloths, oilcloths and plastics, will not be allowed;
7 - It will not be allowed to start or plant trees or plants. The gardens will be the entire responsibility of the Park;
8 - The gas cylinders to be used will be those approved for camping. The entry or use of gas cylinders for domestic use will not be allowed;
9 - The Direction of the Camping Park will be able to inspect the campers' facilities in their absence, whenever necessary, namely when dealing with hygiene and / or safety situations.


Complementary Accommodation Regulation
The complementary accommodations at the Camping Park require special regulations, namely in the processing of reservations, their occupation and use. Accommodation customers, in addition to the Camping Park Regulation (can be consulted at the reception), are subject to this regulation.

ARTICLE 1 - Bookings

1 - Accommodation reservations are only validated by paying 100% of the total amount (by bank transfer), directly to the counter, Cloudbeds, booking or other partner tour operators;
2 - Minimum reservation: during the months of June, July, August and September reservations require a minimum of 4 nights. During the remaining months of the year, the minimum number of nights is 2 (except for some previously announced exceptions);

ARTICLE 2 - Taxes & Fees

1 - The daily fees for the use of the Camping Park are available at the Reception of the Park and on the website;
2 - The estimated tariffs will be updated annually or whenever justified by Salema EcoCamp;
3 - The rates associated with the accommodation units include:
a) Bed linen, soap, toilet paper and shower gel for the beginning of the stay;
b) Water, electricity and Internet access
c) In case of stays longer than 7 nights, the bed linen will be changed weekly;
d) Towels are not included in the price. If the customer requests this service, he will have to make the respective payment

4 - Toilet paper is provided at the beginning of the stay, after the end of the stay it is the customer's responsibility to purchase;

ARTICLE 3 Changes/Cancelations 

1 - The reserved period, even if it is not fully used, is due as effectively occupied, that is, subject to payment;
2 - Camping can cancel the reservation. Such situation will only occur for reasons of force majeure, duly justified and communicated to the client, as soon as possible;
3 - Any changes made during the stay must be reported at the reception (in case of entry of person in accommodation, change of vehicle);
4 - The cancellation or cancellation of the reservation up to 15 days in advance does not guarantee the return of 100% of the amount, but allows the customer to enjoy the amount already paid for the maximum period of 1 year;
5 - The modification or cancellation of the reservation up to 48 hours before the booking will result in losing the payment in 100% of its total value, without the possibility of enjoying the value later;

ARTICLE 4 - Damages and Liabilities

1 - The customer is responsible for the cleanliness and good condition of the furniture, dishes, clothes, appliances and other equipment, as well as the building assigned to him;
2 - If the accommodation and its filling are not in proper condition, Salema Eco Camp is entitled to request payment corresponding to the damage caused;
3 - Salema Eco Camp has in every accommodation a list of materials that compose them and with the respective prices. Upon check-in, the customer is given a term of responsibility in which the customer undertakes to ensure that all equipment is in the accommodation and to leave it in good condition. The same ones you found on it.Upon arrival, the customer must confirm and verify that all utensils are in the accommodation. If you find any missing or inappropriate utensil to use, you must inform the reception so as not to be sanctioned;
4 - Any damage to furniture or others, made during the stay, will be the responsibility of the customer;
5 - Upon check-out, the customer must hand over the accommodation key at the reception, the camper cards and bracelets. Together with the customer, it will be checked whether the accommodation has been left in the same condition in which it was found;
6 - The company, depending on their severity, will take the necessary legal measures;
7- Verbal or physical aggression between clients inside the accommodation that comprises the physical and psychological integrity of the clients of the campsite, will not be tolerated.

ARTICLE 5 - Schedules

1- Check-in must be carried out between 4 pm and 10 pm; 
2 - Check-out must be carried out by 11 am; 
3 - Any change to the stipulated time must be justified and requested, and is therefore subject to the availability of the Reception staff.

ARTICLE 6 - Interdictions

1- It is forbidden to overcrowd the accommodation;
2 - From 22:00 onwards activities that import noise that may disturb other customers are not allowed;
3 - It is not allowed to smoke or smoke inside the premises;
4- It is not allowed to change or alter the decoration;
5 - It is not allowed to leave garbage in common and private spaces.
6 - Pets are not allowed in the accommodation.

ARTICLE 7 - Cleaning

1- Cleaning of the accommodation is the responsibility of the customer, and for stays of 7 nights or more, weekly change of laundry is made. For stays of 30 days or more, that is, long-term rentals, a weekly cleaning of the accommodation is carried out, as well as a check of its current conditions. If in this same check the accommodation is not in conditions due to lack of hygiene, misconduct, damage and or negligence, the management may interrupt the stay.

ARTICLE 8 - Security

1- Under Decree-Law nº 228/2009 of 14/07, this company will not be responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables that may disappear inside its facilities. Nor is it responsible for stolen or damaged objects among customers of the Camping Park.
2- We recommend that you always close the doors of the accommodation when you are not there;

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