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Swanendele Inn is an elegant, family-owned country inn nestled on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay and St. Jerome’s Creek. Its quality is reflected in dozens of excellent reviews leading to its recent induction in the  "SELECT REGISTRY OF  DISTINQUISED INNS OF NORTH AMERICA" - the ONLY Inn thus honored in Southern Maryland! It is close to St. Mary’s City and College, the College of Southern Maryland, as well as Patuxent Naval Air Station and Webster Field. St. Mary’s County offers history, outdoor recreation, and water, water everywhere! St. Mary’s has some of the earliest and finest colonial sites in the nation, War of 1812, and Civil War sites, and a rich maritime history illuminated by four picturesque lighthouses. From Amish farms steeped in tradition to the latest in aviation – St. Mary’s has it all for you to enjoy!
Swanendele Inn was constructed in traditional Southern Maryland style, with wraparound porches, multiple decks, and waterfront views from every window. Notwithstanding the “times gone by” charm of the inn, Swanendele features the latest in water and energy-saving features, such as geo-thermal heating and AC, triple-pane windows, and energy-star appliances. The suites and every room afford natural stone, thermostat-controlled fireplaces, ceiling fans, white oak floors, and marble/granite baths. The suites offer jacuzzi tubs for two with a divine view of the water and sunset – each with built-in champagne coolers. The house is tastefully furnished with the owners eclectic collection of artwork and antiques gathered from all over the world.

Suites have private decks, wet bar double Jacuzzi, extra large bathroom with private toilet.  Spacious common areas for breakfast and lounging.  Three common decks and wrap around porches.  Complimentary hot breakfast. Complimentary ice, tea, coffee.
The Swanendele property of 2.7 acres features nearly 800 feet of wraparound waterfront and a 1-acre of state-owned “wetland.” The property has been landscaped to preserve the natural character of the land and vegetation but colorful gardens have been added, providing year-round greenery and seasonal flowers. Swanendele Inn is located in Ridge, MD on historic Southern Maryland’s Western Shore, some 70 miles from Washington, DC, Baltimore, Richmond, VA, and 12 miles South of PAX and 7 miles north of Point Lookout at the confluence of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. As St. Mary’s prepares for its’ 400th anniversary, the owners hope and trust that Swanendele Inn will become the flagship of St. Mary’s hospitality.

Property Name: Swanendele Inn

Address 1: 49946 Airedele Road

Address 2 : St. Mary's County

City : Ridge - Maryland

Postal Code : 20680

Contact Name: Gerald Meyerman

Phone: 1-3015769910 or 1-301-904-7500


  • Audio / Visual equipment rental
  • Baggage storage
  • Elevators
  • Lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Photo copying service
  • Printer

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Property and Cancellation Policies :

Full Charge - Full Stay - If cancelled within 3 days of arrival

Terms and Conditions

Swanendele Inn is appropriatefor adults due to the nature of the furnishings and artwork and our clientele’spreference for peaceful, quiet surroundings. However, well-supervised childrenare welcome. Children under 4 years of age may sleep with their parents.Children 4 years or over must have an additional bed at extra costs. Children16 and over are considered adults for booking purposes. Maximum room occupancylimits apply, regardless of the age of guests.

Room Rates
Swanendele Inn's room ratesare based on one or two persons staying in a guest room and are priced the samefor single and double occupancy. There is an additional charge of $100 pernight for a third or additional adult person staying in a room and $75 pernight for children 4 years and over to 15 years of age. Our rates include a full,multi-course hot breakfast cooked to-order each morning. Applicable lodgingtaxes and Maryland sales taxes are not included in the rates. Weekend andholiday rates may be higher than weekday rates. We also may require a minimumstay of two or more nights on some weekends and holidays. Our rates are subjectto change at any time. Please check the availability calendar on our websitefor the room rates on specific dates.

Specials, Promotions,Discounts, etc.
If Swanendele Inn offersguests a special, promotion, discount or other arrangement affecting our roomrates or any accompanying good or service provided by or through Swanendele Inn,the arrangement (a) is available only if the guest makes a reservation directlywith Swanendele Inn and is not available if the reservation is made through anindividual or online travel agent; (b) applies only to new (and not cancelledand remade) reservations made after Swanendele Inn's publication of thearrangement; (c) may not be combined with any other special, promotion,discount or arrangement offered by Swanendele Inn; (d) may be discontinued by SwanendeleInn at any time and for any reason, but without affecting any reservationalready made before the discontinuance of the arrangement; and (e) is subjectto any blackout dates and other restrictions and all other terms and conditionsestablished by Swanendele Inn.

Alcoholic Beverages
Swanendele Inn is Licensed bythe state of Maryland and St. Mary’s County to sell and provide alcoholicbeverages in strict compliance with all laws, regulations, and practices.Guests may consume alcoholic beverages brought in SOLELY inside the room orsuite rented. Guest may not bring such beverages to any area outside of their suiteor room. No alcohol maybe brought or consumed on the dock or in the parking areas. Swanendele offers alcoholic beverages for sale to properly verifiedadults only.  

Gift Certificates and Cards
Please let us know when youmake your reservation if you will be using a Swanendele Inn or Select Registry issuedor third-party gift certificate or gift card to pay for all or part of the costof your stay. Please also be sure to read and understand the restrictions, ifany, on your gift certificate or card (including any expiration date) to besure that it can be redeemed for your stay. Gift certificates and cards may notbe redeemed if they are not presented to us during your stay.

Deposit and Balance Payments
At the time of reservation, wewill charge a deposit equal to the cost of a one-night stay or 50 percent ofthe cost of a multiple-night stay, including in each case any applicable taxes.Any balance owed for room costs will be charged following check-in and anyother cost of the stay is to be paid at check-out.For payment of a deposit, weaccept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Forpayment of any balance owed on the cost of the stay, we accept Visa,MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, cash, and verifiedSwanendele Inn or Select Registry-issued and approved third-party giftcertificates and cards.

Modification of Reservation
If you wish to modify yourreservation, the modification will be handled in one of the following ways:
Shorten. Ifyou wish to shorten your stay at the Swanendele Inn, it will be treated as apartial cancellation of your reservation in accordance with our"Cancellation of Reservation" policy.
Lengthen. Ifyou want to lengthen your stay at the Swanendele Inn, the additional period ofyour stay will be subject to room availability, the then applicable room rates,and the discretion of Swanendele Inn.
Reschedule. Ifyou wish to reschedule your stay at Swanendele Inn, the following rules willapply: (a) the stay may be rescheduled, subject to room availability, the thenapplicable room rates, and the discretion of Swanendele Inn; (b) yourrescheduled stay must begin within one year after the start date of theoriginal stay; and (c) the deposit charged for the original stay will not berefunded to you, but instead will be held by us and applied to your rescheduledstay and must be supplemented if your rescheduled stay costs more than theoriginal stay.
Other. Ifyou want to modify your reservation in any other way, we will try toaccommodate your desired change. If you made your reservation directly with SwanendeleInn, please contact us to modify the reservation. If you made your reservationthrough an online travel agent, Swanendele Inn cannot assist, and you mustcontact the travel agent directly to modify the reservation.  

Cancellation of Non- Event Multi-RoomReservations

In view of the small size of SwanendeleInn, the cancellation of a reservation often has a profound effect on us. Atthe same time, we understand and appreciate the concern for human health and,by extension, the uncertainty of travel resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.Therefore, if you cancel a reservation made directly with Swanendele Inn, thecancellation will be dealt with in accordance with the following schedule: Three Days or More. Ifyou cancel your reservation by 3:00 PM (eastern time) three full days on theday immediately before your scheduled arrival, we will refund 100 percent ofyour deposit, will not charge you for the remaining balance of the reservation,and will not impose any cancellation fee.

Less than Three Days. Ifyou cancel your reservation after 3:00 PM (Eastern time) three full days or less before your scheduled arrival, we will not refund any of your deposit and willcharge you for the remaining balance of the reservation, i.e., you will beresponsible for paying the total cost of the reservation. If you made your reservationdirectly with Swanendele Inn, please contact us to cancel the reservation. Ifyou made your reservation through an online travel agent, Swanendele Inn cannotassist, and you must cancel reservation directly with such travel agent andtheir cancellation policy will apply.

Cancellation of Event Multi-RoomReservations
Due to the small size of SwanendeleInn, the cancellation of event reservations has a profound effect on us. Thecancellation of events and “block” reservations of three rooms or fewer wherethere is no “event contract” in place, the cancellation will be dealt with inaccordance with the following schedule:  
14 Days or more. If you cancelyourreservation by 3:00 PM (eastern time) 14 full days before your scheduled arrival,Swanendele Inn will refund 100 percent of your deposit, will not charge you forthe remaining balance of the reservation, and will not impose any additional cancellationfee.
Less than 14  Days. If you cancel yourreservation after 3:00 PM (eastern time) 14 full days or more before yourscheduled arrival, we will not refund any of your deposit and will charge youfor the remaining balance of the reservation, i.e., you will be responsible forpaying the total cost of the reservation.

All Other Events
Includingelopements, weddings, celebrations, seminars, retreats, and corporate eventsfor venue and/or suites or rooms shall be subject to the terms of the EventAgreement with Swanendele Inn. Any default of such signed agreement shall begoverned by the same terms and conditions as non-event reservations as providedherein.

Check-In and Check-Out
Check-in is between 3:00 PMand 6:00 PM on the day of arrival and check-out is by 11:00 AM on the day ofdeparture. You must make special arrangements with Swanendele Inn if yourdesired check-in or check-out time will be outside of these timeframes. Anyoverstaying beyond 11:30 without prior agreement will automatically result inan additional amount equal to half the applicable daily rate.

We do not allow pets of anykind. Only dogs recognized as service animals certified undertitles II and III of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) will be admitted.The guest will be responsible for an additional cleaning fee and any damagecaused by the occupant and or the service dog. We are happy to assist you withfinding a nearby boarding facility for your pet.

Smoking, Vaping, Flame Free, Etc.
We are committed to providingour guests with a smoke-free and flame-free environment. Smoking, vaping, orburning candles and incense are not allowed anywhere at the Swanendele Inn,except that smoking or vaping may occur in the area near the dock where avertical ashtray has been installed. If a guest or his or her invitee does notcomply with this policy, the guest will be charged a room-recovery fee of notless than $300 per room to restore each affected room to a smoke-freecondition.

Violence and Weapons
We are committed tomaintaining a safe, secure environment at Swanendele Inn. Violent acts andthreats of violence at Swanendele Inn are prohibited. Firearms and otherweapons are not allowed at Swanendele Inn except to the extent expresslyauthorized by applicable law.

If a guest or his or herinvitee damages any room or other property of Swanendele Inn (other than bysmoking or vaping, which will be handled according to our "smoking"policy), the guest will be charged a fee to repair, restore, or replace thedamaged room, furnishings, or property in an amount not less than $100 to bedetermined in good faith by Swanendele Inn in its sole and absolute discretion.Clients are alerted that wine - especially red wine - coffee, tea, make up and hair dies and oils,  food products, and other stains, are the most common causes of damage.  Accidents happen; minimize thedamage by informing the Innkeeper immediately.   

Beach, Sports and Waterfront –Enjoy at your risk
Using thewaterfront, beach, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and otheractivities come  with the  inherent risks of injuries to persons andproperty.  Although not provided,Swanendele Inn  recommends that all guests wear water shoes to protect againstshells and other sharp objects on the bottom.  Although not provided, guests understandthat the use of lifejackets and other safety equipment is essential but does not remove all riskof injury. The guest must determine the sufficiency of any safety gear or otherprecautions that the guests decide to take to minimize the risk of theactivity. No party related to Swanendele Inn, including or employees, has madeany representations regarding the safety, or risk of, the activity. Guestsexpressly assume the risk of the activity and release Swanendele Inn, LLC, itsowners and employees from any loss, expense, or cost, including attorney feesarising out of any damages or injuries, whether to persons or property, occurring as a result  of the use  of the waterfront, beach, sports or equipment.The guest  assumes responsibility andliability for all persons invited on to the property using the waterfront,beach and sports during the period of their stay. 

Acceptance of Policies;Exceptions to Policies
The making of a reservationconstitutes the acceptance of all our policies by each guest covered by thereservation, regardless of whether the guest made the reservation or isaccompanying the guest who made the reservation. We reserve the right, in our soleand absolute discretion, to explicitly make exceptions to our policies at any time and forany reason.

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