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Property Information

Mångata Villas is a modern, new, beach vacation accommodation with a laidback luxury kind of vibe.   

Property Name: Mångata Villas

Address 1: 6.5 Miles North Rd

City : San Pedro, Belize

Contact Name: Serena Musil

Phone: +5016108921


  • Swimming pool
  • Welcome Drink
  • Private Beach
  • Beach Cabana
  • Firepit
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards
  • Bicycles

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Property and Cancellation Policies :
1. Cancellations more than 60 DAYS (90 DAYS in Peak SeasonDec 22 - Jan 5) prior to arrival shall result in an administrative fee of $100USD per room.
2. Cancellations less than 60 DAYS (90 DAYS in Peak SeasonDec 22 - Jan 5) prior to arrival shall result in a charge equal to the fullamount (100%) of the Guest’s Hotel stay at the booked rate as liquidateddamages.
3. Arrival date changes made within 60 DAYS prior to arrivalmay be allowed over non-peak periods (between July 1 and October 31), subjectto availability. If availability is confirmed, a change fee of $50 USD per roomshall be charged to Guest. 
4. Mangata Villas shall NOT be liable for any refunds,rescheduling, or other compensation due to travel delays, cancellations, any Guest’sinability to travel FOR ANY REASON and any related losses or expenses including, but not limited to, any losses or expenses resulting from “acts of God” or "forcemajeure" type events.  

Terms and Conditions

1.    Bookings made with MangataVillas require payment in full upon making a Hotel booking. Payment terms mayvary for bookings made through third parties. If a third party fails to sendpayment to the Hotel for a Guest’s booking, the Guest agrees that the Hotel maycharge the Guest’s credit card for the full amount of the booking and the Guestagrees not to dispute any such charges. If the Guest’s credit card hasinsufficient credit, then the Guest agrees to send payment in full by otherreasonable means within 7 days after the Hotel’s payment request.
2.    All room rates are in USDollars per room, per night, and are subject to an additional 9% governmenttax.
3.    Rates are based on single ordouble occupancy, per night.
4.    3rd and 4th guests arepermitted in Villas only (not Casitas) for an extra $25 USD per person, pernight, plus 9% tax. ($35 USD per person, per night, plus 9% tax during peakseason).
5.    Mangata Villas is an adultonly property (16 years old and up).
6.    The Hotel accepts Visa,MasterCard, and American Express only.
7.    Travel Delays andCancellations: Mangata Villas shall NOT be liable for any refunds or othercompensation due to travel delays, cancellations, any Guest’s inability totravel for any reason and any related losses or expenses including withoutlimitation any losses or expenses resulting from “acts of God” or force majeuretype events. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  Please refer to Cancellation Policy forfurther details.
8.    Check-in / Check-out.Check-in time is 3:00 p.m., and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. Subject toavailability, early check-in or late check-out may be available for anadditional fee payable locally at the Hotel.
9.    Passport and Credit CardRequired for Check-In. Upon check-in at the Hotel, the lead Guest whose namethe booking is under MUST PRESENT A VALID PASSPORT and a VALID MAJOR CREDITCARD. The names on the booking confirmation, passport, and credit card mustmatch. This is part of the Hotel’s ongoing efforts to prevent fraud and protectGuests’ identities.
10.  Required Signing and Agreement at Hotel Check-In. Notwithstandinganything to the contrary, upon check-in at the Hotel, each adult Guest shall berequired to sign the Hotel’s Guest Registration form confirming the Guest’sagreement with the Terms and Conditions and the Hotels Release & Waiver ofResponsibility. A copy of the Release & Waiver of Responsibility includedin the Hotel’s Guest Registration form is attached to this Contract as ExhibitA. The Hotel’s Guest Registration form specifies, among other things, that anyclaims or controversies arising out of or in connection with any Guest’s stayat or presence upon Hotel property—including the use of any related services,facilities, and amenities—shall be governed by and subject to the exclusivejurisdiction of the laws, courts, and authorities of BELIZE. IF THE GUESTREFUSES TO SIGN THE HOTEL’S RELEASE & WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY, THE GUESTSHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHECK-IN AND SHALL BE DENIED ACCESS TO THE HOTEL, ITSSERVICES AND AMENITIES. THEREFORE, NOTICE OF THIS REQUIREMENT IS HEREBY PROVIDEDAND THE GUEST SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS REQUIREMENT ATTHE TIME OF SAID HOTEL BOOKING. THE CANCELLATION CHARGES SET FORTH IN THECANCELLATION POLICY SHALL APPLY IF THE GUEST CHOOSES TO CANCEL OR CHANGE THEIRHOTEL BOOKING DUE TO AN UNWILLINGNESS TO SIGN AND AGREE TO THE HOTEL’S GUESTREGISTRATION FORM. THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS CONTRACT SHALL APPLY TO ALL HOTELBOOKINGS WHETHER MADE DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTEL, OR THROUGH ANY THIRD PARTY ORTRAVEL AGENT.
11.  Smoking (of any substance) is NOT permitted in rooms or onthe public pool deck. Please be respectful of other guests who may notsmoke.  A minimum room cleaning fee of $500USD will be charged to the booking credit card on file if a guest or one oftheir visitors smokes in the room.
12.  Quiet Hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Please berespectful of other guests.
13.  You are liable for any damage however caused to the allocatedroom(s), to the Hotel premises, or property caused by you or any persons inyour party (whether or not staying at the Hotel) during your stay. MangataVillas reserves the right to retain your credit card details and charge ordebit such amounts at its sole discretion to compensate or make good the loss,damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by the Hotel.
14.  Lost/stolen or damaged Kayaks or Paddle Boards will resultin a charge of $500 USD each.  Lost/stolenor damaged life jackets or paddles will result in a charge of $75 USDeach.  Lost/stolen or damaged bicycleswill result in a charge of $250 USD each. Lost/stolen or damaged keycards or key fobs will result in a charge $25USD each.  Lost/stolen or damaged cellphone provided by the property will result in a charge of $100 USD. Normal wearand tear is excluded from these terms.  Guestagrees these items shall be paid in cash prior to checkout.  Failure by Guest to pay will result in thecost being charged to the credit card on file.
15.  Ground Transportation. Ground transfers and taxis are NOTINCLUDED. Taxis are typically readily available outside the airport’s baggageclaim area. Golf Cart rentals are cost effective and the suggested mode oftransportation. Complimentary, prearranged ground transfers may be availabledepending on availability of the Hotel staff.
16.  Force Majeure. The Hotel shall NOT be liable for any lossesor damages due to events beyond their reasonable control including withoutlimitation: acts or orders of governmental authorities; weather (hurricane,etc); fire; flood; earthquake; volcanic activity; lightning; epidemics, pandemicsor other illnesses; airline delays or cancellations for any reason; utilityoutages; strike, lockout, or work stoppage; terrorism; or any event typicallydescribed as “force majeure” or an “act of God.” REFUNDS SHALL NOT BE OFFEREDin the event of a late or delayed arrival to the Hotel. In the event of adelayed departure from the Hotel, Guests shall be required to pay locally forany additional nights at a rate not to exceed the Hotel’s published (“rack”)rates per night. Again, TRAVEL INSURANCE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
17.  Insect-Borne Illness. The Hotel is located in a tropicalenvironment. Although the Hotel maintains a year round pest control program,the Hotel, its owners, employees, agents, insurers, and suppliers SHALL NOT beliable for, and all Guests shall HOLD HARMLESS the Hotel, its owners,employees, agents, insurers, and suppliers from any injury, illness, or lossresulting from exposure to Zika virus, any other insect-borne disease, any similartropical illness, or injury, illness, or loss, of any nature whatsoever.Potential Guests who are pregnant or may become pregnant should seek the adviceof a qualified physician prior to travel.
18.  Guests with Disabilities. Due to the unique nature of theHotel, its buildings, grounds, amenities, and services, the Hotel may not besuitable for Guests with certain disabilities and mobility issues. Somebuildings, rooms, grounds, beaches, amenities, events, and services may not beaccessible. Likewise, Guests with certain disabilities and mobility issues mayencounter difficulties at local airports/ferries and with public or privatetransportation, walkways, buildings, facilities, services and events.
19.  Forum Selection; Governing Law: As a condition of making anyHotel booking, all Guests hereby AGREE that the courts and authorities ofBELIZE shall have EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION over any claims or actions of anynature whatsoever arising out of any claims, act, omission, illness, injury,loss or other occurrence at the Hotel or anywhere in the country where theHotel is physically located. All other jurisdictions that any Guest may haveaccess to by reason of domicile or otherwise, including without limitation, theUnited States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are hereby irrevocably WAIVED.Any such claims or actions shall be governed EXCLUSIVELY by the laws andregulations of BELIZE. Guests agree that any claim brought in a jurisdictionother than Belize shall be DISMISSED with prejudice, and all costs of suchdismissal, including but not limited to attorney’s fees,  shall be borne by the Guest. The provisionscontained in this Contract are LEGALLY BINDING on all Hotel Guests. In theevent of a conflict between the provisions of this Contract and any otherinformation or advertising relating to any Guest’s travel to, or stay at theHotel, the provisions contained in this contract SHALL CONTROL.
20.  Limitations of Liability: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shallMangata Villas, its owners, officers, employees, agents or insurers be liablefor any claim or action of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in relationto any act, omission, illness, injury, loss or occurrence at the Hotel or in Belize.Each Guest shall HOLD HARMLESS Mangata Villas and its owners, officers,employees, agents and insurers from any such Hotel-related claims and actions,and from any claims or actions based on the acts or omissions of any thirdparty, including but not limited to, airline, transportation provider, and tourand excursion providers. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall the Hotel, or any of its respectiveowners, officers, employees, agents or insurers be liable for anyconsequential, incidental, punitive, or exemplary damages or any damages basedon emotional distress, mental suffering, psychological injury, or any injury orillness of any kind.
21.  Legally Binding. This Contract is LEGALLY BINDING. EachGuest is responsible for reading, understanding, and agreeing with the termsand conditions set forth in this Contract as a condition of securing a Hotelbooking or staying at the Hotel. The provisions of this Contract have been madeavailable to the Guest IN ADVANCE of making a Hotel booking or at the time ofcheck-in. The provisions of this Contract are meaningful and enforceable andare NOT “BOILER PLATE” PROVISIONS. This Contract has been made available to GuestPRIOR TO making a Hotel booking and PRIOR TO travel, thus ADVANCE NOTICE hasbeen provided.
22.  Upon or before check-in, Guests age 18 and over MUST signour RELEASE & WAIVER OF LIABILITY form and children under 18 must be namedand listed properly below or on the other side if additional room is required.Please be aware that Mangata Villas Ltd. has taken reasonable steps andprecautions to ensure Guest's safety while staying with us. In using ourproperty, however, Guests do so at their own risk. To stay with Mangata Villas,our Release & Waiver of Liability must be signed upon arrival or broughtwith the Guest, already signed. If not already signed, upon Check in, the Hotelwill require Guests to sign the Release & Waiver of Liability. Guest(s)agree to release and hold harmless Mangata Villas Ltd., its owners, agents, andinsureds from any liability.    



I, the undersigned (hereinafterthe Guest) hereby irrevocably & unconditionally waive and release and holdharmless from liability Mangata Villas Ltd. (hereinafter known as MangataVillas), its owners, agents, and insureds (all four hereinafter known asReleasees) from any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, orexpenses of any nature whatsoever whether in law or equity, known or unknown,occurring during, caused by, relating to, or arising in any way from stayingat, or participating in any activity at Mangata Villas.

Guest also understands thatattending this facility in the jungle, near the sea, may involve voluntaryparticipation in physical activities both indoors and outdoors, and certainexposure to wildlife and walks, steps, paths, and roads that are uneven as wellas water activities both in the pool and the sea. With these, and all relatedactivities, there is a certain element of risk. By signing this waiver, Guesthereby acknowledge that participation and use of facilities and grounds are atGuest’s own risk, and that Guest assumes all responsibilities for any and allaspects of participation by both Guest and any children who might accompany theGuest, or visitors of guests invited on the property by the guest. Guestunderstands that the pool, kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles provided as someof the available activities and the proper use is required. This waiver appliesto any and all activities, named and unnamed herein, which are voluntarilyparticipated in by guests and family members & visitors of guests atMangata Villas. Guests agree, release and waive liability at Mangata Villasrelated to their use of the pool, kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, or golfcarts used by guests on or off the property.

Guest also understands that thisRelease & Waiver of Liability irrevocably and unconditionally releases andholds harmless all Releasees from any financial or other liability for anyinjury, bodily harm, sickness, illness, or loss of life that I as a Guest, ormy family member or friend may suffer and from any economic harm or loss ofproperty occurring during, caused by, relating to, or arising in any way out ofstaying at Mangata Villas.

I, the undersigned, have readthis Release & Waiver of Liability and understand all of its terms; I haveexecuted it voluntarily, with full knowledge of its significance, and intend tobe legally bound by it. I understand that each child here with me who is under18 years of age is to be named below and is my responsibility while here atMangata Villas. My signature includes them in coverage of this release form. Mychildren who are here who are 18 and older will sign the release themselves andassume personal responsibility.

1.    Cancellations more than 60 DAYS (90 DAYS in Peak SeasonDec 22 - Jan 5) prior to arrival shall result in an administrative fee of $100USD per room.
2.    Cancellations less than 60 DAYS (90 DAYS in Peak SeasonDec 22 - Jan 5) prior to arrival shall result in a charge equal to the fullamount (100%) of the Guest’s Hotel stay at the booked rate as liquidateddamages.
3.    Arrival date changes made within 60 DAYS prior to arrivalmay be allowed over non-peak periods (between July 1 and October 31), subjectto availability. If availability is confirmed, a change fee of $50 USD per roomshall be charged to Guest. 
4.    Mangata Villas shall NOT be liable for any refunds,rescheduling or other compensation due to travel delays, cancellations, any Guest’sinability to travel for any reason and any related losses or expenses includingwithout limitation any losses or expenses resulting from “acts of God” or forcemajeure type events.  


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