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Property Information

Elmley is an independent nature reserve and working family farm where sensitive farming and conservation go hand in hand.

Each of our places to stay has its own individual character but they are all designed to create a perfect hideaway. 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. The farm is off-grid and is powered by a very efficient solar array and generator with big batteries. The huts are handcrafted using natural materials and eco-friendly insulation. Food is locally sourced.  Wildlife conservation is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that the best way to safeguard to natural environment is to ensure that people understand and appreciate their local wildlife. We are passionate about sharing Elmey and its wildlife to new people and ensuring our guests have the best possible experience of the peace and nature at Elmley. We are proud of Elmley’s heritage and are committed to enhancing it and restoring its historical buildings for future generations.

Property Name: Elmley Nature Reserve

Address 1: Elmley Nature Reserve

Address 2 : Kingshill Farm

City : Isle of Sheppey - Kent

Postal Code : ME12 3RW

Contact Name: Gareth and Georgina Fulton

Phone : 07930 847520

Email :

  • Baggage storage
  • Lounge
  • Meeting rooms

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Property and Cancellation Policies :
Cancellations or Amendments
You must contact Elmley on the details provided in your booking confirmation to cancel or amend your booking. 

Our cancellation policy for any booking is 42 days (six weeks) prior to your scheduled day of arrival. Please note that any deposit payments taken are non-refundable. Cancellations within 42 days of your first day of booking will incur a cancellation charge up to the value of your stay. Please refer to your travel insurance in the case of any cancellations.

 Should you wish to amend the date of your booking we require at least 42 days’ notice prior to your arrival date. We will try to accommodate your first date change free of charge, but we may have to charge a £25 admin fee in some circumstances. Within 42 days (six weeks) of your stay we are not able to offer any amendments.

Cancellations and changes made by Elmley   
In the unlikely event that we are unable to accommodate a confirmed reservation it may be necessary to offer an alternative of an equal or a superior standard. If at any time we need to make changes that will significantly affect your stay or we need to cancel your stay, we will tell you as soon as possible, offering a suitable alternative or a refund. This does not apply to minor changes or events during your stay, resulting from unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. We cannot be held responsible for cancelling your booking as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of our Booking Terms & Conditions, and we cannot beheld liable for any expenses, costs or losses incurred by you as a result of any change or cancellation. If a guest or a member of your party behaves in a way that causes or is likely to cause danger, upset or distress to a third party or to Elmley, the wildlife or guest property, we are entitled, without prior notice, to curtail the stay and request that the person(s) concerned leave Elmley. No refunds or return travel arrangements will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of such a curtailment.
Terms and Conditions

The site, ElmleyNational Nature Reserve (NNR), is an internationally important site forwildlife, particularly breeding birds in spring and winter, and as such guestsmust be aware of the need to be considerate of the site and potential impactsupon it when staying. The following termsand conditions include a simple code of conduct, terms of usage of the site andfacilities provided, departure information, booking terms and a complaintsprocedure.By booking you haveagreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Any queries or clarificationsmust be referred to our team, prior to arrivalat the site.  

Full terms andconditions are below however please see a summary of the main points here:

  • No dogs are permitted onsite, this includes the reserve in general
  • All deposit payments taken are non-refundable 
  • We recommend taking out travel insurance to cover the event of a cancellation. Please refer to our cancellation policy below for full details.
  • Check-in to the accommodation is from 3pm and check out 11am
  • In reference to any massage treatments, there is a 50% charge for any cancelations within 48hours of the confirmed booking
  • Bookings are for personal stays only – if you wish to hire a space for commercial reasons please contact us before making a booking
 Codeof Conduct for overnight guests  

1.General terms of use

The followingconditions of use are agreed upon booking. Contravention of these conditionsmay result in a damage fee or immediate cancellation of the guests' stay.
•    No dogsare permitted on site.
•    Accessto huts is only permitted by the marked routes – you will be shown these onarrival.
•   Visitors must remain on marked footpaths and nature trails, and must not accessother areas, stray off these routes or cross closed gateways.
•   Visitors must remain in the marked area around huts and on the path and mustnot proceed further towards the water bodies.  
•    Anyactivity near the water bodies is strictly forbidden, this includes music,lights, BBQ and other general presence. 
•    Onlythose facilities provided may be used. Specifically, guests may not provide ormake their own BBQs, fires, table and chairs, picnic areas or play gamesoutside of the permitted area.
•    Onlythe lighting and torches provided may be used at the site of the shepherdhuts. 
•    Noaudio players are permitted outside of the accommodations. 

2.Usage of the site
The site, Elmley NNR,has a range of potential hazards including deep water, uneven surfaces and farmmachinery operating in the area. By staying on site you are acknowledging theseTerms and Conditions and you are aware, and accept, the risks, hazards, anddangers of personal injury in entering Elmley NNR.  Elmley NNR may also containnaturally occurring flora and fauna which are harmful or poisonous.  
Parents must not allowchildren play unattended at any time. 
Guests and visitorsagree to be considerate tenants and to take good care of the huts, tents (whichaccompany the huts for families), or houses and facilities during their stay.
Guests and visitors agree not to act in any way which would cause disturbanceto other guests or the residents.  
Should any facilities,equipment, or items in the inventory, be damaged wilfully, as a result ofinappropriate usage or behaviour, or as a direct result of failing to respondto instructions from Gareth, Georgina or other Elmley staff you will be heldresponsible for the cost of repair or replacement of that item. 
By booking and usingthe site you agree to be responsible for your children and any children you arein charge of, and your own welfare and to take all reasonable precautionsagainst personal injury, injury to others and damage to the site andfacilities. The site has numerous water bodies which are deep and contain softmud.  
Anything you bring tothe site or wider site, Elmley NNR, and any damage or loss to your possessionsis at your own risk. You use the facilities and amenities at Kingshill Farm andwider site at your own risk, e.g. the BBQ.  
You must follow allinstructions provided (either by Elmley Enterprises or the productmanufacturer) at all times.
Elmley Enterprises accepts no responsibility fromany loss or injury arising from use of the shepherd’s huts, barn or widerReserve.  
The shepherd’s hutsare insulated and have heating but British weather can mean dramatic variancein weather in a short period of time (“4 seasons in one day”). Whilst we supplycertain facilities and equipment, there remains a requirement to perform someactivities (e.g. washing up) outdoors. You are responsible for your ownwell-being and comfort regarding appropriate clothing and footwear etc. Inextreme weather conditions at the site, such as exceptional cold and snow,where existing and / or forecast we do our best to warn guests and give gueststhe option to move dates (subject to availability) without being subject to thecancellation policy administration handling charge, or loss of any monies. Beaware the bell tents are cotton canvas and in prolonged and heavy rain thetents may leak. 
Please be aware thesite is open to the public daily (except on Tuesdays). Overnight guests areresponsible for securing any valuables in their possession. A safe, or similarfacility, is not provided.   

Elmley Enterprisescannot accept responsibility from any loss, damage, or expense arising fromindustrial action, terrorist activity, adverse weather conditions or any otherevent outside the control of the company. 

If you have anyquestions about your stay and require more information prior to arrival than ispublished on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on07930847520 between 9am and 5pm, or send us an e-mail (as above). 

3.Arrival & Departure

Arrivals – From 3pm onthe first day of the booking, although you are welcome to arrive and enjoy theReserve from 9am.
Departure – Guests arerequested to check out of the shepherd’s huts by 11am.
If you wish to spend theremainder of the day on the Reserve please leave all baggage and personal itemsin your vehicle, or ask Elmley staff about storage for the day, before settingoff from the farm.  Late check-outs and early check-ins can be arrangeddepending on availabilty.  There will be a charge for late check-outs thathave not been pre-arranged.On departure your hutand the site are to be left clean and tidy. Keys must be handed back into theoffice or left as arranged on your arrival. All rubbish/recycling is to be tidiedresponsibly. Please check you haven’t left anything. Thanks! 

4.Customer Complaints

In the first instanceof a complaint, please speak to us directly either in person or call (Gareth)07786 333331 so we can resolve your problem.
If you are unable to do so or wishto do so once you leave please address any correspondence regarding complaintsto; Georgina FultonElmley,Sheerness,Kent, ME12 3RWOr Please note,complaints received after 14 days from the end of your holiday cannot bereliably investigated. 


Any refusals to abideor follow this document may result in a cancellation of your booking and lossof your deposit and/or total fee. Reckless or intentional disturbance ofprotective wildlife is also against the law.Elmley Enterprisesreserves the right to change its website, including prices, and terms andconditions, without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse entry to thesite, cancel bookings, or instruct people to leave the Reserve, for any reason(for example due to inappropriate behaviour, dangerous weather or siteconditions). These Terms &Conditions are separate to any others pertaining to use of the site i.e. barnhire. 


The booking processasks for your address details and phone numbers which are required to accountfor all people on site. It also allows us to contact you should the internetfail. We will not pass on or sell your details to any third parties. During the booking process you will be asked whether you would like to opt-into receive marketing emails from us.  For full information on our privacypolicy please request our Privacy Policy. 

7.Booking Contract 
By using this websiteand the Elmley online booking service you are agreeing to be bound by the Termsand Conditions detailed below which form the basis of your contract with ElmleyEnterprises Ltd. In the Terms & Conditions set out below, "you"and "your" refers to all persons named on the booking, which includesany individual(s) subsequently added or substituted at a later date."We", "us" and "our" all refer to ElmleyEnterprises Ltd, known as ‘Elmley’ in this document. Please print andretain a copy of this Agreement for your records as it may occasionally beupdated. 

GeneralTerms and Conditions
Thank you for choosingto book a stay at Elmley Nature Reserve. We look forward to welcoming you tothe Reserve.  Please read our terms and conditions of booking below.  
1.Making a bookingBy making a bookingyou are confirming that you are authorised to do so on behalf of all personsnamed in the booking and you are acknowledging that all members of your partyagree to be bound by these Booking Terms & Conditions. When your booking hasbeen made a confirmation will be sent to you by email using the email addressthat you have supplied. You should retain a copy of this confirmation for yourreference. Booking confirmations are subject to the availability ofaccommodation at Elmley. You should carefullycheck the details of your confirmation as soon as you receive it. You mustcontact Elmley immediately if any of the details are incorrect orincomplete.  We will alwaysendeavour to rectify any inaccuracies or accommodate any alterations you wishto make to your booking. We cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies thatare not brought to our attention within seven days of issuing yourconfirmation, nor can we accept responsibility for inaccurate information thatyou have supplied. 

2.Paying for your booking
All bookings (whethermade via the Elmley website or by telephone or email) must be guaranteed with abooking deposit (30% of the room rate for the total stay).  The total booking deposit will automaticallybe deducted from your credit/debit card at the time of booking.   At this point your credit or debit card detailswill be securely stored.   All payment transactionsare handled by a third party payment gateway Stripe, a secure transactionprocessing environment.  We do notprocess any credit card details on our own website.  Balance payments are payable(along with any extras incurred during your stay) at the time and date ofcheckout.     

3.Cancellations or Amendments
You must contactElmley on the details provided in your booking confirmation to cancel or amendyour booking.
 -Cancellations  Our cancellationpolicy for any booking is 42 days (six weeks) prior to your scheduled day ofarrival.  Please note that any deposit payments taken are non-refundable.Cancellations within 42 days of your first day of booking will incur acancellation charge up to the value of your stay. Please refer to your travelinsurance in the case of any cancellations 
-Amendments Should you wish toamend the date of your booking we require at least 42 days notice prior to yourarrival date. We will try to accommodate your first date change free of charge,but we may have to charge a £25 admin fee in some circumstances. 
-Cancellations andchanges made by Elmley   In the unlikely eventthat we are unable to accommodate a confirmed reservation it may be necessaryto offer an alternative of an equal or a superior standard. If at any time weneed to make changes that will significantly affect your stay or we need tocancel your stay, we will tell you as soon as possible, offering a suitablealternative or a refund. This does not apply to minor changes or events duringyour stay, resulting from unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond ourcontrol. We cannot be heldresponsible for cancelling your booking as a result of your failure to complywith any requirement of our Booking Terms & Conditions, and we cannot beheld liable for any expenses, costs or losses incurred by you as a result ofany change or cancellation. If a guest or a memberof your party behaves in a way that causes or is likely to cause danger, upsetor distress to a third party or to Elmley, the wildlife or guest property, weare entitled, without prior notice, to curtail the stay and request that theperson(s) concerned leave Elmley. No refunds or return travel arrangements willbe made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of sucha curtailment. 

4.Circumstances beyond our control
We cannot acceptresponsibility for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. These include(but are not limited to) adverse weather conditions, fire, riot, war, terroristactivity (or threat of such activity), industrial dispute, natural disaster, orinjuries and death of an individual(s) through accidental circumstancesunconnected with Elmley. By making a bookingyou are accepting responsibility for any damage or loss caused by yourself or amember of your party. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid toElmley. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claimssubsequently made (together with our own and the other party's full legalcosts) as a result of your actions. 

5.Additional requests
All additional orspecial requests are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee theprovision for special requests. Any additional requests made should be prior toyour arrival, giving reasonable advance notice. Additional guestsThe property booked isonly permitted to be used by the number of guests agreed on booking.  If additional guests use the property Elmleyreserves the right to make a charge.  No additionalpeople should visit the property even for the day time without the explicitwritten agreement of Elmley.  If agreed thehirer should be aware that in some situations charges may apply 

6.Commercial Bookings
Only bookings forpersonal purposes i.e. private travel leisure and tourism, are permitted to bemade under these terms and conditions.  Ifthe booking is for commercial or profit making reasons, the booking will be subjectto separate fees and terms and conditions. You are required to inform Emley and receive commercial hire terms .  Commerical hire may include but is notlimited to: filming or photography for commercial purposes, hire of the spacefor a commercial event such as a yoga retreat, hire of the space by a companyor organisation for work related purposes, including corporate entertaining, incentivetrips.  By making a booking through ourbooking system, CloudBeds, you are agreeing that the booking is not for commercialpurposes.  If the use is later determinedto be for commercial purposes Elmley will either amend the booking agreement andcosts or cancel the booking.   

7.Third party suppliers
Elements of your breakmay include services supplied by third parties (for example massage). Suchthird party suppliers will usually have their own set of Terms and Conditionsrelating to the services they provide. You should consult the Terms andConditions of any third party either before or soon after making a booking ifyour break includes such items. In reference to massage treatments, there is a50% charge for any cancellations within 48 hours of booked treatments. 

8.General information

Prices & Availability:For real-time prices and availability please visit our booking website: .All prices are quoted in #GBP. The price quoted isper hut or house and includes bed linen, pillows and towels for the includednumber of guests.  We have the right toalter prices at any time. However, prices stated on booking confirmation willbe honoured. The price includes shared use of communal facilities. Arrival: Youraccommodation will normally be available from 3pm. Please advise Elmley of yourestimated arrival time using the contact details supplied on your bookingconfirmation and you will be met on arrival.  Please note that if youarrive later than 5pm the main entrance gates may be locked so please contactElmley to request the entrance code.  Departure: Check-out is by 11am. Unarranged late check-outs will be subject to acharge.  Please contact Elmley to advise of your departure and to returnkey and settle-up for any spends during your stay.   Parking: There isample hard standing space available in the farm yard. Accuracy ofinformation on this website: Whilst we endeavour to ensure the informationcontained within this website is as accurate as possible, there will inevitablybe instances where information may be incorrect or out of date. It is alwaysadvisable to check specific details that may be relevant to your booking priorto making that booking. For example, information relating to wildlife presenton site is intended for your general information and any changes are beyond ourcontrol. We reserve the right to amend or remove information at any time and donot accept responsibility for keeping copies of any amended or deletedinformation. 

It is yourresponsibility to ensure that any insurance cover you have provides adequatecover for your needs and for the duration of your stay. We recommend taking outtravel insurance to cover your stay. 

10.Our liability to you
We accept liabilityfor, and totally restricted to, services booked via the Elmley website, orthrough our booking agents, in accordance with the Booking Terms &Conditions current at the time of booking. We cannot accept any other form ofliability.  

Electronic mailinglist: Elmley operates an opt-in email policy. By contacting Elmley or making abooking your email address will be you will receive communications from Elmleyrelating to your booking.  At the time ofbooking you will have the option to opt into our marketing mailing list.   If youwish to opt out of our mailing list you can use the link or email addressprovided at the bottom of any of our emails to do so. Alternatively, you canunsubscribe by sending an email to: We do not sell,exchange or trade email addresses to or with third parties. Our full Privacy informationis available on request. Reservations: In orderto guarantee your reservation you will need to provide us with specificpersonal details relating to that reservation. Your details will be used onlyfor the purpose of handling that reservation. When making a reservationyou will be transferred to a secure (SSL) server in order to provide credit ordebit card information provided by Stripe. When you are transferred to thissecure server.  Any information youprovide while you are within this secure environment is encrypted and cannot beread by a third party. 

12.Third party websites and viruses
Elmley cannot be heldresponsible for the accuracy, content, or availability of information about ouraccommodation that may be found on third party websites. Neither are weresponsible for the content or privacy policies of any third party websitesthat have links to or from the Elmley website. Attempts to interferewith the operation of our website, by whatever means, or any attempt to placean unreasonable or disproportionate load on our website or serverinfrastructure is prohibited. In the event of ourwebsite failing to operate, either in whole or in part, due to infections bycomputer viruses, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technicalfailures or any other causes beyond reasonable control, we reserve the right inour sole and absolute discretion to prohibit usage of our site and to cancel,terminate, modify or suspend the site. 

13.Copyright (c) Elmley Enterprises Ltd. All rights reserved
All copyright andother intellectual property rights in all text, images, sounds and othermaterials on this site is the property of Elmley Enterprises Ltd and itsaffiliated companies. No reproduction of any part of this site may be sold ordistributed for commercial gain or modified or incorporated into any otherwork, publication or site. All names, logos,trademarks, service marks, trade dress and trade names are proprietary toElmley and may not be used by anyone for any purpose without our prior expresswritten consent.  It is illegal to useany spy wares, robot, spider or other automatic device, or manual process totrack or copy the site or the contents or information without our prior expresswritten consent, apart from the recognised major search engines such as Google& Yahoo MSN. The use of any such material from the Elmley website on anyother Web, Internet, intranet, extranet or other site or computer environmentis strictly prohibited. Information on oursite is intended for your reference only. If you have any specific queries youshould contact Georgina at Elmley directly, Elmley nor any partyinvolved in creating, producing or delivering this site shall be liable for anydamages arising out of any access to, use of, or inability to use this site. Copyright (c) 2019Elmley Enterprises Ltd. All rights reserved