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It is the responsibility of the guest to include all transfer fees and charges to ensure that the hotel receives the full booking amount. Please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to complete the transfer.
Please complete payment total amount (grand total incl city tax) to the following bank account. Your reservation is final when we have received the payment.

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Hotel City Lab BV
IBAN NL47INGB0009095155
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When staying at our hotel, you will experience something like never before. Our hotel rooms are built by using a unique concept of shipping containers which will offer you a unique and exciting experience. Containers? Yes! You heard it! How futuristic is that?! The rooms are designed to comfort and astonish you in every possible way. Great energy, beautiful design, and maximum comfort. That’s what City Lab Hotel stands for.


Suitable for international employees, expats but also students who can’t find a room in or around the city. Are you looking for a temporary comfortable home? City Lab Hotel also offers the possibility to rent a room for a longer period. These rooms are fully equipped. And of course, also for anyone who wants to stay overnight in a unique location in Groningen.

Property Name: City Lab Hotel

Address 1: Suikerlaan 25

City : Groningen - Groningen

Postal Code : 9743DA

Contact Name: City Lab Hotel Team

Phone : +31502115206

Email :

  • Laundry service
  • Meeting rooms

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 15:00

Check-Out: 10:30

Late Check-Out Hour: 14:00

Late Check-out Fees: 50%

Late check out (after 10:30 and before 14:00) may result in a fee.

Terms and Conditions


Article1.      Definitions

The followingdefinitions apply in these general terms and conditions:
City Lab Hotel: The trade name ofthe company Hotel City Lab B.V., having its registered office in Groningen, asuser of these general terms and conditions;
Customeror Guest: The natural or legal person(s) to whom City Lab Hotelhas made an offer or with whom City Lab Hotel has concluded an Agreement,and/or a natural person who uses the (hospitality) services of City Lab Hotel;
Agreement: The Agreement concluded between City Lab Hotel and the Customer/Guest;
Cancellation: The written notification by the Customer to City Lab Hotel that statesthat one or more agreed upon hospitality services will not be used entirely orpartially, or the written notification by City Lab Hotel to the Customer thatone or more agreed upon hospitality services will not be provided entirely orpartially;
Conditions: thesegeneral terms and conditions. 

Article2.      Scope

2.1. These general termsand conditions apply to all legal actions of City Lab Hotel, including tendersthat are made and sent out by City Lab Hotel, as well as the contract(s)between City Lab Hotel and the customer and the preceding legal relationships.
2.2. If any provision inthese Conditions are nullified, found to be void, or otherwise unenforceable,the legally valid part of that provision will remain intact. The nullified,void, or unenforceable part will be replaced by a provision that reflects the intendedmeaning and purpose of the original provision to the maximum extent permitted.
2.3. General terms andconditions of the Customer are not applicable and are expressly rejected.

Article3.      Offer and entering into theAgreement.
3.1. Every offer isnon-binding and valid for a period of 30 days after the date of the offer,unless is it expressly stated otherwise within the offer. City Lab Hotel isonly bound by the Agreement after it is accepted in writing within the 30 daysperiod.
3.2. The agreed uponprice for the delivery of services includes – unless expressly stated otherwise– sales tax, duties, import duties, and other taxes and/or duties.
3.3. The prices asstated by City Lab Hotel are based on the prices known at the time of the offeror tender for, amongst other things, material and resource prizes, ingredients,labour cost and social security charges, as well as excise duties, levies, andtaxes that are directly or indirectly charged by City Lab Hotel.
If these prices change after the conclusion of the Agreement, City Lab Hotelhas the right to pass on these changes to the Customer. The Customer isentitled to terminate the agreement without being obliged to pay anycompensation if the passing on of the changed prices leads to a price increaseof more than 15% of the originally offered price.
3.4. If the Customerwishes to change the Agreement for any reason, after receiving the orderconfirmation or after execution of the work has commenced, City Lab Hotel isonly bound to the change after written approval. In that case, City Lab Hotelis always entitled to charge the Customer for all damage resulting from thechange, including costs and loss of profit, everything in the broadest senseand calculated according to the prices and rates that apply to City Lab Hotelat that time.
3.5 The minimum age formaking a reservation at City Lab Hotel is 16 years.  

Article4.         Obligations City Lab Hotel& Guest

4.1. Subject to thearticles below, City Lab Hotel is obliged to provide the agreed upon hospitalityservices on the agreed upon times according to the agreement, and in a mannerthat is usual for the hospitality company of City Lab Hotel.    
4.2. The obligation as stated in article 4.1 does not apply:

a. in the event of forcemajeure on the part of City Lab Hotel as defined in these Conditions;
b. in the event that theGuest does not arrive or comes more than half an hour too late;
c. in the event that theGuest does not pay the agreed upon deposit / interim payment on time;
d. in the event that theGuest does not fully comply in any way with the obligations that he has towardsCity Lab Hotel.
4.3. Guests for thehotel can check in from 15:00. Check-out must take place no later than 10:30 onthe day of departure.
4.4. In case of an"overbooking" of the hotel and/or force majeure, City Lab Hotel isentitled to offer the Guest another hotel accommodation that is equal to thequality that City Lab Hotel offers. If a Guest does not accept this offer, theAgreement between the Guest and City Lab Hotel will immediately expire. CityLab Hotel is never liable for any damage in the case of an ‘overbooking’. Themeaning of ‘overbooking’ in terms of this article is the situation in whichmore rooms are reserved than available.
4.5. If the Guest doesnot arrive within one hour after the reserved time, City Lab Hotel may considerthe reservation as cancelled, without prejudice to the provisions ofCancellations within these Conditions.
4.6. City Lab Hotel isnot obliged to receive and/or store any good(s) from the Guest.
4.7. City Lab Hotel isnever obliged to admit any pet of the Guest and may attach conditions toadmission.
4.8. After consultationwith the competent authorities that are present, City Lab Hotel is entitled todissolve the Agreement due to a well-founded fear of disturbance of publicorder. If City Lab Hotel makes use of this authority, City Lab Hotel will notbe liable for any compensation.
4.9. House rules applywithin City Lab Hotel. These house rules can be found at www.citylabhotel.comand these will be provided together with the order confirmation. The houserules are also made available at a clearly observable place within the hotel.The Guest must comply with the house rules. 
4.10. The maximumduration for staying at the City Lab Hotel is 6 months. City Lab Hotel does notoffer permanent living accommodation.
4.11. Reservations formore than 6 months are not allowed. If a Guest stays in the City Lab Hotel forlonger than 6 months, the Guest is liable to City Lab Hotel for all damage thatit suffers and will suffer as a result.  

Article 5.         Cancellations

5.1.The Customer is not authorized to cancel the Agreement within the periods to bespecified below, unless he, at the same time, irrevocably offers to pay theamounts specified below. Every cancellation is supposed to include such anoffer. Such an offer is deemed to have been accepted if City Lab Hotel does notimmediately reject the offer.
5.2.The following cancellation policy applies to the Agreement between City LabHotel and the Guest:
-      The customer can cancel the Agreement free of charge up to 6days before the execution of the Agreement, unless it concerns a non-refundablebooking, in which case the Customer is obliged to pay 100% of the agreed uponprice to City Lab Hotel.
-      In the event of cancellation within 2 to 5 days before theexecution of the Agreement, the Customer is obliged to pay 50% of the agreedupon price to City Lab Hotel, unless it concerns a non-refundable booking, inwhich case the Customer is obliged to pay 100% of the agreed upon price to CityLab Hotel.
-      In the event of cancellation within 2 days before the executionof the Agreement, the Customer is obliged to pay 100% of the agreed upon priceto City Lab Hotel.
5.3.Cancellation by the Customer can only be done in writing. The calculation ofthe period in which the cancellation takes place is based on the moment thatthe written cancellation has reached City Lab Hotel and the earliest moment atwhich the Guest can be checked in.
5.4.Unless agreed upon otherwise, City Lab Hotel is entitled to cancel the hotelreservation if the Guest has not reported himself to Hotel City Lab at 18:00 onthe first reserved day.
5.5.In the event of a no-show, the Customer will be obliged to pay the reservationvalue in all cases. A no-show is defined as follows: a guest not making use ofthe service as defined in the Agreement, without cancellation. Reservationvalue is defined as follows: the total expected turn-over for City Lab Hotel,tourist tax, and turn-over tax based on the Agreement concluded with aCustomer.
5.6.City Lab Hotel reserves the right to cancel Agreements that later prove to becontrary to government regulations, or generally accepted norms, values, andgood taste, even if the Agreement has already been confirmed and/or executionof the Agreement has started. In these cases, the cancellation policy ofarticle 5.1. also applies.   

Article 6.         Payments
6.1.Unless expressly agreed upon otherwise in writing, payment of the amountscharged by City Lab Hotel must be made in Euros, in cash or by bank, in one goand without settlement. In the event that City Lab Hotel has agreed with theClient on a payment in instalments, the agreed upon price must be paid asfollows: 10% upon order confirmation, 40% at the latest 14 days before thecontract is executed, and 50% at the latest 14 days after the Agreement hasbeen executed by or on behalf of City Lab Hotel, without prejudice to City LabHotel’s right to demand payment in advance of the entire price and/or torequire security for payment thereof.
6.2.If the payment is not made within 14 days after the agreed upon period, theCustomer is in default without notice. From that moment on, the Customer has topay the statutory (commercial) interest in accordance to article 6:119 andarticle 6:119a of the Dutch Civil Code on the amount owed to City Lab Hoteluntil the full amount has been paid.    
6.3.If City Lab Hotel has handed over its claim for collection, the Customer willowe the amount for extrajudicial collection costs, with a minimum of 15% of thenet invoice amount, with a minimum of € 250,--, while if, subsequently, a legalprocedure is necessary, the Customer is obliged to reimburse the legal costs,which expressly include: costs above the liquidation rate customarily used bythe Dutch court, costs for applying for bankruptcy, and administration costssuch as municipal fees, Chamber of Commerce costs, etc. City Lab Hotel isalways entitled to charge the actual extrajudicial costs to the Customer ifthese costs are higher than the fixed percentage. 
6.4. If the Customer is a natural person, the extrajudicial costs are equal tothe legally permitted maximum allowance for extrajudicial costs as defined andcalculated in accordance with the Dutch Extrajudicial Collection CostsReimbursement Decree (in Dutch: Besluitvergoeding voor buitengerechtelijke incassokosten). De extrajudicial costsare due if the Customer, natural person after the occurrence of the default,has not paid the amount owed within 14 days after a reminder in which he hasbeen notified about the extrajudicial costs.  

6.5.The Customer is not entitled to suspend the payment of the amount owed by himon the grounds that City Lab Hotel has not fulfilled any obligation towards himunder any Agreement. An appeal by the Customer for a settlement is alsoexcluded.
6.6.As long as the Guest and/or Customer has not fully complied with all of hisobligations towards City Lab Hotel, City Lab Hotel is entitled to takepossession of all goods brought by the Guest and/or Customer into the hospitalityestablishment, until the Guest and/or Customer has fulfilled all obligations toCity Lab Hotel to City Lab Hotel’s satisfaction (right of retention).

Article 7.         Limitation and exclusion of liability
7.1.If City Lab Hotel is liable for any culpable shortcomings in the execution ofthe Agreement, the liability that has resulted from these shortcomings willonly include direct damage. Furthermore, theliability is limited to a maximum of the invoice amount of the Agreement, atleast that part of the Agreement to which the liability relates, and only to amaximum of € 5000,-- (that is to say: five thousand euros). In the case of aninsured interest, the liability in that case is, at all times, limited to a maximumof the amount paid out by the insurer of City Lab Hotel in that specific case.
7.2.Direct damage is exclusively defined as follows:-      the reasonable costs fordetermining the cause and extent of the damage, insofar as thedetermination  relates to damage inaccordance to the meaning as specified in these general terms and conditions.  -      any reasonable costs incurred for aninsufficient performance by City Lab Hotel in the execution of the  Agreement, unless this insufficiency cannot beattributed to City Lab Hotel.  -      reasonable costs incurred top recent orlimit damage, insofar as the Customer proves that these costs have led to thelimitation of direct damage as defined within these general terms andconditions.
7.3. CityLab Hotel is never liable for indirect damage, including – but not limited to –consequential damage, loss of profit, lost savings, and damage due to businessinterruption.
7.4. CityLab Hotel is also never liable for damage of any kind, if this is based onincorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the Customer.
7.5. Any goods of third parties that are present in the company of City LabHotel (both those of the Customer and any other persons) are not insuredagainst any risk. City Lab Hotel is not liable in any case, not even in theevent of theft, misappropriation, destruction, or otherwise.
7.6. The Guest isfully responsible for the behaviour of third parties that the Guest takes toCity Lab Hotel. City Lab Hotel is never liable for damage of said thirdparties.
7.7. City LabHotel is never liable for damage resulting from injury or death of the Guestand/or the third party that he brought with him.
7.8. Thelimitations of liability included in these Conditions do not apply if thedamage is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of City Lab Hotel orits senior employees.  
Article 8.         Lost-and-found
8.1. Lost objects or objects that are left behind inthe building of City Lab Hotel and its attachments, which are found by theCustomer, must be returned to City Lab Hotel with due speed.
8.2. City Lab Hotel acquires ownership of objects iftheir rightful owner has not reported to City Lab Hotel within one year after handingin the object.   
8.3. If City Lab Hotel sends the objects left by theGuest back to him, this is entirely at the expense and risk of the Guest. CityLab Hotel is never obliged to send these objects.  

Article 9.         Limitation, expiration, and objection

9.1. The legal claims against City Lab Hotel thatmight arise from an Agreement that is subjected to these Conditions have alimitation period of one year. They expire after 2 years.
9.2. The limitation period and expiry period commenceson the first day after the end of a period of one calendar month after theconclusion of the concerning agreement.
9.3. Any complaints must be reported to City Lab Hotelwithin 14 days after the execution of the Agreement.
9.4. If the Customer objects in time, the paymentobligation will not be suspended. In that case, the Customer also remainsobliged to pay for what he has ordered City Lab Hotel to do.   

Article 10.       Dissolution
10.1.Without prejudice to any further rights vested in City Lab Hotel, it has theright to suspend performance of the Agreement without judicial intervention ifit is hindered by force majeure with regards to the execution of the Agreement,or it may choose to dissolve the Agreement in whole or in part by a writtenstatement, without being obliged to pay any compensation or to give anyguarantee.      
10.2. The Customer expressly waives all rights to dissolve the agreement inaccordance to articles 6:265 et seq. of the Dutch Civil Code, unless this isstated otherwise within these Conditions or within the Agreement.
10.3.If the Customer does not, not properly, or not timely fulfil any obligationthat may arise for him from this or any other Agreement as concluded with CityLab Hotel, as well as in the event of bankruptcy, suspension of payment,receivership, application of the Act on Debt Consolidation for NaturalPersons  (WSNP), shutdown, or liquidationof the company of the Customer, he is deemed to be in default by operation oflaw, and City Lab Hotel has the right to suspend the execution of the Agreementwithout notice of default and without judicial intervention, or may choose todissolve the agreement in whole or in part by means of a written statement,without being obliged to pay any compensation or give any guarantee, butwithout prejudice to further rights that City Lab Hotel has. In these cases,any claim that City Lab Hotel has or may have against the Customer isimmediately due and claimable.    
10.4.The cooling-off period of the Dutch Distance Selling Act does not apply to the hospitalityservices of City Lab Hotel. 
Article 11.       Force majeure
11.1. City LabHotel is not liable in the event that a shortcoming can be attributed to astate of force majeure. 11.2. Forcemajeure is defined as: a shortcoming of City Lab Hotel for which it is notliable, since the shortcoming cannot be considered City Lab Hotel’s fault accordingto the law, a legal act, or socially accepted notions, including the situationin which City Lab Hotel is unable to perform its services due to a(attributable) shortcoming or negligence of third parties. Force majeureincludes:
(a)                    business disruptionor business interruption of any kind and regardless of how it arises;
(b)                    delayed or a latedelivery by one or more suppliers of City Lab Hotel;
(c)                    transportdifficulties or obstacles of any nature, as a result of which the transport toCity Lab Hotel or from City Lab Hotel to the Customer is hindered or impeded;
(d)                    war (danger),riot, sabotage, flood, fire, lockouts, company occupation, strikes, changed governmentalregulations, and/or weather conditions that are categorized by the KNMI as codeRed;
11.3. In the eventof force majeure, City Lab Hotel has the right, within 3 weeks of theoccurrence of a circumstance that gives rise that force majeure, to eitherchange the term for fulfilling the Agreement, or to dissolve the Agreementextrajudicially, without being obliged to pay compensation.
11.4. After cancellationof the Agreement, City Lab Hotel is entitled to reimbursement for the costs ithas already incurred and/or the work that is performed.
11.5. City LabHotel has the right to invoke force majeure if the circumstance that prevents(further) fulfilment of the agreement occurs after City Lab Hotel should havefulfilled its obligation.  

Article 12.       Confidentiality

12.1. Both parties are obligedto confidentiality for all the confidential information they received withregards to the Agreement from each other or from another source. Information isdefined as confidential if this is stated by one of the parties or if thisresults from the nature of the information. An "open" calculationthat has been included in the offer by City Lab Hotel must always be perceivedas confidential information.    
12.2. If a legal provision or a judicial decisionobliges City Lab Hotel to convey confidential information to third partiesdesignated by law or by the court, and City Lab Hotel cannot invoke a legalright to refuse this, then City Lab Hotel is not obliged to pay compensationand the customer is not entitled to dissolve the agreement on the grounds ofany damage that is caused because of this. 

Article 13.       Digital data and privacy
13.1.During the realization of the agreement, City Lab Hotel will record data of theGuest in a file. This file will be used for the following purposes:
-for the execution of services
-for the marketing and sales activities
- for market research
-for statistical analysis
13.2.City Lab Hotel does not provide this data to third parties, except for cases inwhich this is necessary for the execution of the service. In such cases,permission to use that data is limited to theaforementioned purposes.
13.3. The person responsible for data processing is Hotel City Lab B.V.,Suikerlaan 25 (9743 DA) in Groningen. The customer can always and without anycosts gain access to his data and change this data if he wishes. Also, the customercan always object to receiving information of City Lab Hotel by e-mail,telephone, and/or mail.

Article 14.       Competent court and applicable law
14.1.All disputes that may arise between the parties, including those that are onlyconsidered as such by one of the parties, will be submitted to the competentDutch court of the business location of City Lab Hotel, excluding any otherinstitution, unless the Dutch law expressly states otherwise.
14.2.Dutch law applies to this Agreement and all future Agreements that arise fromthis Agreement. The Convention on the International Sales of Goods (ViennaSales Convention) is excluded insofar as this is applicable.
14.3. These conditions have been translated into English and might betranslated into other languages in the future. In case of a discrepancy betweenthe Dutch version and the English version (or any other version), the Dutchversion will always be decisive.

I           Additional conditions regarding City Lab Work

CityLab Hotel offers the possibility to use temporary workspaces in City Lab Hotel,for a number of days a month as determined in advance, and during the officehours of City Lab Hotel. All of this depends onavailability. The general terms and conditions as stated above fully applyto the use of the temporary workspaces, unless expresslyagreed upon otherwise.
1. Anagreement for renting a temporary workspace (City Lab Work) within City LabHotel gives the customer the right to use the reserved workspace or consultingroom and/or meeting room, depending on the availability.  
2.Workspace reservations are measured in days.
3. Accessto the spaces of City Lab Work is based on a made reservation during the officehours of City Lab Work.
4. Theagreement with regards to a City Lab Works pace is personal and cannot be usedby others. The agreement is not transferable.
5. Thirdparties must be reported to the reception and the customer must be presentduring the presence of the third parties. In the case of improper use, City LabHotel has the right to refuse the third party or third parties’ access.
6. Useof (wireless) internet is included.
7. Useof coffee and thee is included.
8. Forthe use of the workspaces, the house rules apply as part of the agreement.
9. Thecancellation policy of article 5 of these general terms and conditions appliesto the rental agreement of the City Lab Work space, provided that, as opposedto the provision of article 5.4, City Lab Hotel is entitled to regard thereservation as cancelled if the Customer does not report himself at 10:00 onthe first day of the reserved period. 
10.The workspace and/or meeting room must be left clean after use. Any additionalcleaning and repair costs will be charged to the Customer.
11.The temporary workspace should only be used for the purpose as stated withinthe agreement with City Lab Hotel. City Lab Hotel has the right to refuseand/or remove any goods and services that were not reported at the conclusionof the agreement and/or are contrary to public order and common decency,without being obliged to pay compensation. 
12.Agreements between City Lab Hotel and the Customer with regard to City Lab Workspace will in principle end on the day that the parties agreed upon in advance.If and insofar as that City Lab Hotel and the Customer enter into a continuingagreement over time, the term for cancelling this agreement will be 1 month forboth parties, unless expressly agreed upon otherwise.