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Property Information

The Hotel
Come and experience Hakuba the way it used to be.  Hana Emi Kan offers a unique, traditional Japanese hotel experience in Hakuba's outdoor playground.  With rustic charm and relaxing atmosphere you will immediately feel at home staying with us.  
Located in the Hakuba's traditional Shinden area, Hana Emi Kan is a quiet retreat that is sure to please.

The Area
Shinden is a 5 minute drive from world class skiing and mountian biking  at Iwatake resort.  There are several restaurants and a convenience store within walking distance of the hotel.

Property Name: 花笑館 - Hana・Emi・Kan

Address 1: 10941 Hokujo, Hakuba

City : Kita-Azumi - Nagano

Postal Code : 399-9301

Contact Name: Mike Humphrey

Phone: 0261-72-2176 / +81 80 1667 6996(English)

Email: hanaemikan.hakuba@gmail.com

  • Baggage storage
  • Lounge
  • Welcome Drink
  • Japanese Style Bath
  • Tatami and Western Rooms
  • Washer Dryer
  • Free Wifi
  • Breakfast Included
  • Bike Storage
  • Ski Storage Room
  • Ski Tuning Bench
  • Boot Drying Room
  • Restaurant

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 16:00

Check-Out: 11:00

Property and Cancellation Policies :

Partial Charge - 100% of Full Stay - If cancelled within 14 days of arrival

Terms and Conditions


Article 1-1Contracts for accommodation and related agreements to be enteredinto between this hotel and the guest to be accommodated shall besubject to these terms and conditions.Any particulars not provided for herein shall be governed by lawsand regulations and/ or generally accepted practices.Article 1-2Should the hotel enter into a special contract with the guests,insofar as such special contract does not violate laws andregulations and generally accepted practices, the special contractshall take precedence over the provisions of these terms andconditions.

(Application for accommodation contracts)

Article 2-1A guest who intends to make an application for an accommodationcontract with the hotel shall notify the hotel of the followingparticulars:(1)  Name of guest(s);(2)  Dates of accommodation and estimated time of arrival;(3)  Accommodation charges (based, in principle, on the basicaccommodation charges listed in the attached table no.1); and(4)  Other particulars deemed necessary by the hotel.Article 2-2Should a guest request, during his or her stay, extension of theaccommodation beyond the date in subparagraph (2) of precedingparagraph, it shall be regarded as an application for a newaccommodation contract at the time such request is made.

(Conclusion of accommodation contracts etc.)

Article 3-1A contract for an accommodation shall be deemed to have beenconcluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the application asstipulated in the preceding article. However the same shall not applywhere it has been proved that the hotel has not accepted theapplication.Article 3-2When a contract for accommodation has been concluded in accordancewith the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the guest isrequested to pay an accommodation deposit, fixed by the hotel, withinthe limits of basic accommodation charges covering the guest’sentire period of stay(30%of the total cost of the stay) by the datespecified by the hotel.Article 3-3The deposit shall be first used for the total accommodationcharges to be paid by the guest, then secondly for the cancellationcharges under article 6 and thirdly for the reparations under article18 as applicable, and the remainder, if any, shall be refunded at thetime of the payment of the accommodation charges as stated in article12.Article 3-4When the guest has failed to pay the deposit by the date asstipulated in paragraph 2, the hotel shall treat the accommodationcontract as invalid. However, the same shall apply only in the casewhere the guest is thus informed by the hotel when the period ofpayment of the deposit is specified.

(Special contracts requiring no accommodationdeposit)

Article 4-1Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2 of the precedingarticle, the hotel may enter into a special contract requiring noaccommodation deposit after the contract has been concluded asstipulated in the same paragraph.Article 4-2Should the hotel not have requested the payment of a deposit asstipulated in paragraph 2 of the preceding article and / or has notspecified the date of the payment of deposit at the time theapplication for an accommodation contract has been accepted, it shallbe treated as if the hotel has accepted a special contract asprescribed in the preceding paragraph.

(Refusal to conclude an accommodation agreement)

Article 5-1The hotel may refuse to conclude an accommodation agreement if anyof the following cases:(1)   The request for accommodation is not based on theterms of agreement.(2)   The hotel is fully occupied and so cannot complywith the request for accommodation.(3)   The person requiring accommodation is clearlyrecognized to be infected with an infectious disease.(4)   The hotel has sufficient reason to suspect thatthe person requesting accommodation may use accommodation forgambling or other illegal purpose, or otherwise to violate publicmorals.(5)   The person requesting accommodation is extremelyintoxicated or is otherwise to likely to disturb other guests.(6)   The person requesting accommodation is clearlyrecognized to be unable to pay for the accommodation.(7)   The person requesting accommodation is behavingsuspiciously.(8)   The person requesting accommodation belongs to anantisocial force, such as an organized crime group or an organizationaffiliated with an organized crime group.(9)   The person requesting accommodation belongs to acorporation managed or supported by an organized crime group or itsmember(s).(10) The person requesting accommodation belongs to a corporationof which directors is a member of an organized crime group.(11) The person requesting accommodation has caused significantdisturbance, in speech or conduct, to other guests.(12) The person requesting accommodation has used violence to makea demand on the hotel or its employee(s), or has otherwise made ademand beyond the scope of reasonably acceptable burden on the hotelor its employee(s).(13) The hotel is unable to accommodate the person requestingaccommodation due to disaster, failure of facilities or otherunavoidable reason.

(Right to cancel accommodation contracts by theguest)

Article 6-1The guest is entitled to cancel the accommodation contract by sonotifying the hotel.Article 6-2Should the guest cancel the accommodation contract in whole or inpart due to causes for which the guest is liable (except in the casewhen the hotel has requested the payment of the deposit during thespecified period as prescribed in paragraph 2 of article 3 and theguest has cancelled before payment), the guest shall pay cancellationcharges as listed in the table no.2. However, should a specialcontract, as prescribed in paragraph 1 of article 4 be in effect, thesame shall apply only when the guest is informed of the obligationfor payment of the cancellation charges in case of cancellation bythe guest.Article 6-3In the case when the guest does not appear by 12 p.m. of theaccommodation date (or 2 hour after the expected time of arrival ifthe hotel has been notified) without an advance notice, the hotel mayregard the accommodation contract as being cancelled by the guest.

(The hotel’s right of cancellation ofagreement)

Article 7-1The hotel may cancel an accommodation contract if any of thefollowing cases:(1)  The guest in question is found to be infected with aninfectious disease.(2)  The guest in question has used the accommodation forgambling or other illegal purpose, or otherwise to violate publicmorals.(3)  The guest in question is extremely intoxicated, dancingor singing loudly, playing loud music or otherwise disturbing otherguests.(4)  The guest in question is recognized to be unable to pay.(5)  The guest in question is behaving suspiciously.(6)  The guest in question is found to be or belong to anantisocial force, such as organized crime group or an organizationaffiliated with an organized crime group.(7)  The guest in question is found to belong to acorporation managed or supported by an organized crime group or itsmember(s).(8)  The guest in question is found to belong to acorporation of which director is member of an organized crime group.(9)  The guest in question has caused significant disturbanceto other guests, as described in Item (2) or (3) above, or otherwise.(10)    The guest in question has used violence tomake a demand on the hotel or its employee(s), or has otherwise madea demand beyond the scope of reasonably acceptable burden on thehotel or its employee(s).(11)    The guest in question has smoked in thebuilding, tampered with the fire prevention facilities, or otherwiseviolated the regulations of use stipulated by the hotel (limited tothose required for fire prevention).(12)    The hotel is unable to continue toaccommodate the guest in question due to disaster, failure offacilities or other unavoidable reason.Article 7-2In the event that the hotel cancels the accommodation agreementbased on any of the above items, the guest in question shall not beliable for payment for any accommodation services not yet delivered.


Article 8-1The guest shall register the following particulars at the frontdesk of the hotel on the day of accommodation:(1)  Name, age, sex, address and occupation.(2)  Except Japanese, nationality, passport number.(3)  Date and estimated time of departure.(4)  Other particulars deemed necessary by the hotel.Article 8-2Should the guest intend to pay his / or her accommodation chargesprescribed in article 12 by any means other than Japanese currency,such as coupons or credit card, these methods of payment shall beshown in advance at the time of the registration prescribed in thepreceding paragraph.

(Occupancy hours of guestrooms)

Article 9-1The guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guestroom of thehotel from 4p.m. to 11a.m of the next day. However, in the case whenthe guest is accommodated continuously, the guest may occupy it allday long, except for the days of arrival and departure.Article 9-2The hotel may, notwithstanding the provisions prescribed in thepreceding paragraph, permit the guest to occupy the room beyond thetime prescribed in the same paragraph.In this case, extra charges shall be paid as follows:(1)  Up to 3p.m.   30% of the room charge(2)  Up to 5p.m.   50% of the room charge(3)  After 5p.m.  100% of the room charge

(Observance of the regulations)

Article 10-1The guest shall observe the rules and regulations established bythe hotel, which are posted within the premises of the hotel.

(Business hours)

Article 11-1The business hour of the main facilities, etc. of the hotel are asfollows.Front desk and cashier service hours(a) Door closing time( 1F front entrance ) 11:00PM – 6:00AMArticle 11-2The business hours specified in the preceding paragraph aresubject to temporary changes due to unavoidable causes. In such acase, the guest shall be informed by appropriate means.

(Payment of accommodation charges)

Article 12-1The breakdown and method of calculation of the accommodationcharges, etc. that the guest shall pay is as listed in the attachedtable no.1.Article 12-2Accommodation charges, etc. as stated in the preceding paragraphshall be paid in Japanese currency or by other means such as couponsor credit card recognized by the hotel at front desk at the time ofdeparture of the guest or upon request by the hotel.Article 12-3Accommodation charges shall be paid even if the guest chooses notto utilize the accommodation facilities provided for him/ or her bythe hotel and at his/ or her disposal.

(Liabilities of the hotel)

Article 13-1The hotel shall compensate the guest for damages if the hotel hascaused the guest to incur such damages through the fulfillment ofaccommodation contract and / or related agreements. However, the sameshall not apply in cases when such damages have been caused as theresult of reasons for which the hotel is not liable.(Handling when unable to provide contracted rooms)Article 14-1The hotel shall, when unable to provide contracted rooms, arrangeaccommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the guest insofar aspracticable with the consent of the guest.Article 14-2When arrangement for other accommodation cannot be made,notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotelshall pay the guest a compensation fee equivalent to the cancellationcharges and the compensation fee shall be applied to the reparations.However, when the hotel cannot provide accommodation due to causesfor which the hotel is not liable, the hotel shall not be liable tocompensate the guest.

(Handing of deposited articles)

Article 15-1The hotel shall compensate the guest for the damage when loss,breakage or other damage is caused to the goods, cash or valuablesdeposited at the front desk by the guest, except in the case whenthis has occurred due to causes of force majeure. However, for cashand valuables, when the guest has failed to report its kind and valueto the hotel, the hotel shall not compensate the guest.Article 15-2The hotel shall not compensate the guest for the damage when loss,breakage or other damage is caused through intention or negligence onthe part of the hotel, to the goods, cash or valuables which arebrought into the premises of the hotel by the guest but are notdeposited at the front desk.

(Governing stored articles)

Article16-1A contract shall come into effect from the date on which the hotelaccepts the article to be stored to the date at which the hoteldetermines it has been reclaimed. The date which the hotel determinesthe article has been reclaimed shall be one month from the date atwhich the hotel receives the article to be stored.Article16-2The stored articles may only be reclaimed by the depositor ofarticle or an authorized third party.Article16-3When the person reclaiming or the authorized third party reclaimsthe stored article, the hotel staff shall take considerable care withresponsibility to confirm the identity of the receiver and return thestored articles. In this case, the hotel shall not be liable for thestored articles.Article16-4The hotel shall not be liable for loss, damage, deformation, orany other causes which are force majeure.Article16-5When the hotel or the third party incur damages due to breakage,deformation, or any other causes which is the responsibility of theperson requesting the storage of the article, the person storing thearticle shall compensate for damages incurred.Article16-6If the person storing the article does not reclaim it within oneweek after the term of the contract ends, the hotel may deal with thearticle in any way which the hotel deems appropriate, may take thearticle and keep it separately, may sell it by a method, at a timeand at a price it deems proper, or may discard it if consideredunsalable.

(Custody of baggage and/or belongings of theguest)

Article 17-1When the baggage of a guest is brought into the hotel beforehis/or her arrival, the hotel shall be liable for it only in theevent such a request has been accepted by the hotel. The baggageshall be handed over to the guest at the time of his/or her check-in.Article 17-2When the baggage or belongings of the guest are found left afterhis/or her check-out, and the ownership of the article is confirmed ,the hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask forfurther instructions. When no instruction is given to the hotel bythe owner or when the ownership is not confirmed, the hotel shallkeep the article the 7 days, including the day it is found, andafter this period the hotel shall turn it over the nearest policestation.(When the foods, beverages and magazines of the guest are foundleft after his/ or her check-out, they shall be disposed on the dayit is found.)Article 17-3The hotel’s liability in regard to custody of a guest’sbaggage and belongings in the case of preceding two paragraphs shallbe assumed in accordance with the provision of paragraph 1 of article15 in case of paragraph 1, and with the provisions of paragraph 2 ofthe same article in the case of paragraph 2.

(Liability in regard to parking)

Article 18The hotel shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle ofthe guest when the guest utilizes the parking lot within the premisesof the hotel, as it shall be regarded that the hotel simply offersthe space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has beendeposited to the hotel or not. However, the hotel shall compensatethe guest for the damage caused through intention or negligence onthe part of hotel in regard to management of the parking lot.

(Liability of the guest)

Article 19The guest shall compensate the hotel for the damage caused throughintention or negligence on the part of the guest.

(Jurisdiction and proper law)

Article 20All problems arising from this contract shall be resolved inaccordance with Japanese law at court with jurisdiction in the areain which the hotel located.

Attached table No.1Table of charges for accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.

Regarding item 1 ofarticle 2 and item 1 of article 12】

Total amount to be paid by the guest【 (1) + (2) + (3) 】
Accommodation charges(1)

①Basic accommodation charges (room charge or room charge + ②Service charge[①×10%] Additional charges(2) ③Food and beverage ④Service charge[③×10%] Taxes(3) ⑤Consumption tax


In the event the relevant tax laws are modified. The latestmodified version shall be applicable to all charges listed above.

Attached table No.2Cancellation charges
【Regarding item 2 ofarticle 6】

Date of notification of contract cancellation
100% of stay
Less than 6 days prior to accommodation day:
Equivalent to One Nights Stay
Greater than 7 days prior to accommodation day: Full refund

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