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It is the responsibility of the guest to include all transfer fees and charges to ensure that the hotel receives the full booking amount. Please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to complete the transfer.
My bank details are:
CBA  Mrs Jenni Buckley
BSB 062826
ACN 1016 4377
Please put your surname as the reference and send an email confirming your payment.
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Property Information

Lawson Hill Estate offers modern, self contained guesthouses, perfect for a large family gatherings or an intimate weekends away. Both guesthouses come with plenty of outdoor space perfect to enjoy the spectacular views across the Mudgee vineyards to the Mudgee range. Firepits, manicured lawns and covered verandas provide the best seat in the house for our amazing sunsets. If the weather is bad, indoor wood fires and abundant airconditioning provide year round comfort. The guesthouses offer open, sun filled living spaces, full kitchens, comfortable, large bedrooms and clean modern bathrooms.
Located in the heart of the Eurunderee vineyards, yet only 5km from the Mudgee township, the Lawson Hill Estate guesthouses are perfect for a holiday of food and wine tasting while relaxing in the peace and quiet of nature. Close enough to pop into to town for coffee yet far enough away to  hear only the birds singing.

Property Name: Lawson Hill Estate Guesthouses

Address 1: 574 Henry Lawson Drive

City : Mudgee - New South Wales

Postal Code : 2850

Contact Name: Jenni Buckley

Phone: 0412091710


Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 2:00 PM

Check-Out: 10:00 AM

Property and Cancellation Policies :
Cancellation Policy 
(a) No cancellations are accepted on the day of arrival or after check-in. The Guest will be charged the total of the reserved stay under all circumstances.
(b) There will be no cancellation fee up until  7 days prior to the day of arrival. Eg. your stay begins on a Friday, your cancellation fee period begins the previous Friday.
(c) Within 7 days of arrival a cancellation fee of 1 night shall be charged. The Guest shall only receive a full refund where the dates are rebooked by Lawson Hill Estate to another Guest.
(d) A Booking may be cancelled by Lawson Hill Estate due to force majeure, terrorism, natural disasters, political instability or other external events making it unviable for us to uphold the Booking. Where your Booking has been varied or cancelled, we will use our best endeavours to provide an alternative that is substantially the same or as similar as practical to the original Booking, or voluntarily offer you a right to cancel or change a Booking via our booking system.
(e) You acknowledge that such a necessity may arise from time to time, and any offers of compensation, refunds or claims in respect of any such variations or cancellations will be limited to those outlined in the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Under these circumstances, we will not be responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your Booking.
Terms and Conditions

Lawson Hill Estate Terms and Conditions.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully. When you make a booking, you accept on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your confirmation documents are correct and to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies within 48 hours of yourbooking.

(a) Rates quoted are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST where applicable. Verbal quotes are estimations of price only and are subject to written advice on the booking confirmation.
(b) Deposited and Fully paid bookings are guaranteed to remain the quoted written rate.
(c) Bookings held without payment may be subject torate increases.

(a) The Guest will pay Lawson Hill Estate the Fees atthe rate and in the manner specified in the Booking.
(b) The Guest agrees to pay the full value of the booking 21 days prior to their stay.
(c) The Guest acknowledges that the check-in details will not be providedunless the full payment has been paid.
(d) Lawson Hill Estate only accepts payment by direct depositand Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard payments only). Direct depositdetails will be forwarded when final booking details have been confirmed by theGuest. A 1% credit card fee will be incurred forVISA and MasterCard.
(e) Valid credit card details will be held as Security Bondfor the Booking. 

Lawson Hill Estate reserves the right to refuse or grant refunds for theServices, pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). Any requestsby the Guest for refunds must be detailed in writing and will only beconsidered when options for remedies or replacements have been exhausted.
Guests must do all possible to communicate issues with Lawson Hill Estate as close as possible to the time of occurence.

Check-in is available from 1400 on the day of arrival.   The latest check-out time is 1000 on the day of departure. Details of entry and directions to Lawson Hill Estatewill be emailed 2-3 days prior to the stay. Early check in and late checkout requests will be considered based on adjoining bookings.

Length of Stay
There is a standard two night minimum stay. Minimum length of stay restrictions apply to certain rates. 

Number of Guests
At no time during the Guest’s Booking shall the number of Guests staying exceed the number booked, unless prior approval is provided by Lawson Hill Estate.

(a) Children are welcome at Lawson Hill Estate. The accommodation pricesfor children are included in the standard rate and refer to using existingbedding.
(b) A port-a-cot and hi chair is available upon request. The sofa bed is available only to bookings in Cellar Door 4. This willbe made up upon request.
(c) Children must be supervised at all times, especially around fencing, dams,stairs, verandas, balconies and cleaning chemicals. Lawson Hill Estate is not responsible for any children staying at or visiting the Property. 
(d)  Steps and verandas need to be taken into consideration before booking, please contact us if you need further information. No refund will be given if the accommodation is deemed unsuitable after check in.

(a) The Cellar Door Plus has no steps within or outside of the property.
(b) The Cottage has 3 small steps to both its external entrances and no steps internally.

There is ample parking at Lawson Hill Estate.Owners of vehicles park at their own risk. 

You acknowledge that parties and gatherings are strictly prohibited at Lawson Hill Estate without prior permission from management.  All noise shall be kept indoors after 10.30pm and prior to 8am. Excessive noise, music andany other form of disturbance to neighbours and other Lawson Hill Estate Guests is prohibited at all times, and may result in an eviction without refund. Additionally, where Lawson Hill Estate owners or th epolice attends the Property to deal with noise complaints or excess Guests, or where a complaint has been received from the neighbours during or after yourstay, you will be charged a fine in accordance with the Costs Schedule.Evidence of a party or function found after the Guests have checked out shall result in an additional charge. 

A ‘good neighbour’ policy shall be enforced at Lawson Hill Estate. Behaviour exhibited by you and/or other Guests that is disrespectful of and disruptive to Lawson Hill Estate owners or neighbours, or which prompts complaints to the Lawson Hill Estate owners from the police,local council or neighbours shall not be tolerated and may result in a fine or eviction. 

Pets are not permitted on the property at any time. This is for the safety of our wildlife and your pet.

Guest Obligations and Permitted Use
You acknowledge that Lawson Hill Estate will be treated with as much care as your own residence, and that it shall be left in the same condition as when you arrived.
The Guest agrees:
(a) to be an occupant of the Property for the entire duration of the stay;
(b) not to sublet or allow unregistered Guests to stay at the Property;
(c) to comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
(d) to co-operate with Lawson Hill Estate and abide by these terms andconditions during their stay at the Property;
(e) not to use the Property for any purpose other than the Approved Purpose asset out in this Agreement;
(f) .to close and lock doors and windows at check-out and when theGuest is not present at the Property to prevent theft of or damage tofurnishings or the Guest’s personal Property and to contact Lawson HillEstate immediately where they are not able to secure the Property;
(g) not to use the Property for any criminal activity, including online, andacknowledges Lawson Hill Estate will cooperate with any investigation ofalleged criminal activity at the Property during or after the stay;
(i) not to smoke on the Property, including all guest rooms and communalspaces, decks, and outdoor areas, except in the designated area on the frontcement veranda;
(j) not to use the Property for parties and gatherings without prior writtenpermission;
(l) to not have pets on the Property;
(m) to abide by the Noise and Good Neighbour Policy.
(n) to leave the Property in the same condition as found, returning allfurniture and styling pieces to their original location; and
(o) not to nail, screw, staple or fix anything to any wall, door or othersurface or part of the building.

Guest Facilities
(a) The Guest must contact management immediately with the 24 hour emergencycontact number, in the event of an emergency.
(c) Under no circumstances are motorbikes, dirt bikes, quad bikes, use offirearms or air rifles, fireworks allowed on the Property premises.
(d) All sporting and leisure equipment that is available to use or rent at theProperty must be securely stored and returned in the same condition. Lost,stolen or damaged goods will incur costs in accordance with the Costs Scheduleor those of the third-party supplier. The Guest agrees that it is responsiblefor the use of and return of any and all equipment from a third-party supplierand Lawson Hill Estate does not accept liability for these goods,including the cost of repair, replacement or return.
(e) It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that any third partiesengaged to provide services at the Property, including but not limited tocaterers, beauticians and massage therapists, are informed of these terms andconditions, and hold appropriate Public Liability insurances. SOG accepts noliability for any third-party services, including those which may have beenrecommended or referred by Lawson Hill Estate.
(f) All personal Property left behind is the sole responsibility of the Guestwho must either arrange payment for post or delivery or collect the item fromthe Property.
(g) The Guest acknowledges the Property may be visited by wildlife including,but not limited to rodents, insects, cockroaches, kangaroos, wombats, snakes,lizards and spiders, and agrees Lawson Hill Estate is not responsiblefor the natural and surrounding habitat.
(h) Lawson Hill Estate does not accept liability or loss caused by failureof equipment and/or services out of our control, including, but not limited to,water, electricity, gas and internet. In the event of a failure, the Guestshould notify our team in the first instance. Any problems that arise duringthe rental period that do not constitute an emergency as determined bymanagement, will be remedied at any time during or after the rental period, atthe sole discretion of the management.
(i) Lawson Hill Estate reserves the right to enter the Property at anytime, without notice, to protect and/or undertake maintenance of the Property.Lawson Hill Estate will give notice to the Guest wherever possible.

Reviews and Social Media
(a) We encourage our Guests to tag @lawsonhillestate when posting during theirstay at the property, and unless you expressly object, we may tag you in someof our posts on matters of interest or repost your images on our accounts.
(b) Where, upon request, you provide us with images of you or others, takenduring your stay at the Property, unless you expressly object, you agree torelease and hold us harmless for any liability in relation to the images whichwe may use for our marketing material or for promotional purposes.
(c) Guests agree testimonials we have received from other guests received by usare indicative of that guest’s experience at the Property and may notnecessarily be typical. You recognise and agree these are not a guarantee ofthe experience you will have at the Property, though we do our best to ensureevery Guest is satisfied.
(d) In the event you experience any issues orproblems during your stay, you agree to give SOG the opportunity to rectify thesituation prior to leaving negative reviews that may be published in the publicdomain, and which may be damaging to our reputation.
(e) Guests agree that upon leaving a review theyconsider the regulations regarding false statements under the Competition andConsumer Act 2010 (NSW), and pursuant to the Defamation Act 2005 (NSW), whichallows for anyone who has had damaging material published about them or whichmay cause injury to their business, to take legal action against authors.

Costs and damages
(a) The Guest acknowledges that breaching the obligations orany terms of this Agreement may result in fees as outlined in the CostsSchedule below and/or any other associated consequences of the breach.
(b) All damages, breakages or losses to the Property, furniture and furnishingare to be reported immediately to management. To avoid being charged for anydamage not caused by the Guest, such faults or breakages should be brought toLawson Hill Estate’s attention immediately following check-in.

Schedule of costs.
(a)Guests must not break into, or attempt to break into,premises when locked out. Keys should be returned as per instructions provided.Should the keys not be returned, the Guest will be liable for any chargeincurred in gaining entry and/or replacing keys and changing locks if necessary- $50/ cost to change lock
(b) Linen: Where linen has been soiled or damaged such that it may not berestored to its original condition with steam cleaning - Cost to replace
(c) Plumbing /electricity: Where it is determined that the Guest hascaused a plumbing or electricity issue that requires a tradesperson - InvoiceCost
(d) Call-out fee for Lawson Hill Estate - Where Lawson HillEstate or any member of the Lawson Hill estate team be called to theProperty and the issue is deemed to be caused by the Guest, equipment owned bythe Guest or because the Guest has not followed instructions - $110
(e) Call-out fee for tradesperson to fix an issue caused by the Guest .Where a tradesperson be called to the Property and the issue is deemed to becaused by a Guest, equipment owned by a Guest or because a Guest has notfollowed instructions - Invoice Cost
(f) Repair/ replacement if there is damage to the Property: Where any item(electronic or not) within the Property or part of the Property has beenmaliciously, deliberately or negligently damaged by the Guest - Cost to repair/replace
(g) Steam Cleaning of carpets, furnishings, linens etc if evidence of petsin Property (on furniture or in/ on beds): Where the carpets, furnishings orlinen within the Property has been soiled or damaged to the extent that mayrequire extensive cleaning or where there is evidence of pets having been inthe Property - Cost to steam clean/ cost of repair or replacement
(h)Evidence of Smoking: Where there is evidence of smoking within the Property,such as traces of residual smoke, anywhere other than outside - $250 + anyadditional cleaning costs
(i) Where any part of the Property has been left in extremely dirty conditions- Cost to clean
(j) Sports & Leisure Equipment : Any damage or loss to goods belongingto Lawson Hill Estate will equate to the cost of repair or replacement -Cost to repair/ replace

Assumption of risk 
You agree to be responsible for any damage to the Property orequipment which you may cause due to negligence.
You hereby waive and release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever dischargeLawson Hill Estate and its agents, employees, officers, directors,affiliates, successors and trustees of and from any and all claims, demands,debts, contracts, expenses, cause of action, lawsuits, damages, andliabilities, of every kind of nature, whether known or unknown, in law orequity, that you ever had or may have, arising from or in any way related toyour usage of and/or stay in the SOG properties, or any activities that you mayhave partaken in on the premises of Lawson Hill Estate, provided that thiswaive of liability does not apply to any acts of gross negligence, intentionalor wilful misconduct.
You assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive and of personalinjury; death, damage, or loss of personal Property, associated with LawsonHill Estate, including but not limited to using the property in any manner,form or fashion, and participating and/or engaging in any activities on and offthe premises. 

Dispute resolution 
If a dispute arises out of or relates to this Agreement, aparty must not commence any court or other proceedings relating to the disputeunless it has first issued a written notice to the other party specifying thenature of the dispute. Upon receipt of the notice by the other party, theparties must endeavour to resolve the dispute within twenty-one (21) days usinginformal dispute resolution techniques including settlement discussions andmediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved, then the parties shall be free topursue any right or remedy available to them under applicable law. Nothing inthis Agreement will prejudice the right of a party to institute proceedings toenforce payment due under this Agreement or to seek urgent injunctive ordeclaratory relief in respect of a dispute or any matter arising under thisAgreement.

Limitation of liability 
To the fullest extent permitted by law (and to the extentpermitted under Australian Consumer Law), the total liability of Lawson HillEstate under or in connection with this Agreement in respect of all Claims(if any) is limited to the Fees paid or payable for the Booking and in anyevent, will never exceed the available proceeds of the professional indemnityand/or public liability insurance coverage of Lawson Hill Estate (asvaried from time to time) or the fees paid to Lawson Hill estate by theGuest, whichever is the lesser amount.
Consequential Loss
In no case shall Lawson Hill Estate, its officers, employees, affiliates,agents, contractors, or licensors be liable for any Consequential Loss arisingfrom the Guest’s use of, or reliance on the Services, the Website and/orcontent or information provided in the Property or in information brochures inthe Property including, but not limited to any errors or omissions in anycontent, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use ofany content posted, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the Services,even if advised of their possibility. 
Australian Consumer Law
Further, nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit any Australian ConsumerLaw guarantees or warranties that may apply to the Services and that cannot beexcluded.

If any provision or part of this Agreement is voidor unenforceable for any reason, then that provision or part will be severedfrom this Agreement and the rest of this Agreement shall be read as far aspossible as if the severed provision or part had never existed. 
 The parties agree that:
(a) this Agreement is the entire agreement betweenLawson Hill Estate and the Guest in respect of this arrangement andsupersedes any other communication or understandings (whether written or oral)between Lawson Hill Estate and the Guest in that regard; and
(b) any changes to this Agreement must be agreedin writing between Lawson Hill Estate and the Guest prior to the changescoming into effect. 

Governing law and Jurisdiction
(a) This Agreement is governed by the lawsapplicable in the state of New South Wales and the parties agree to irrevocablysubmit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that Sate.
(b) Lawson Hill Estate operates in accordance with the guidelines set outfor Midwestern regional Council Short Term Rental Accommodation. Allguidelines must be adhered to or can result in eviction from the Property.

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