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We operate from the Lake Casitas Recreation Area in Ventura, CA. Centrally located to beaches and the Ojai Valley, this area features breathtaking natural beauty and endless outdoor activities including camping, hiking, sightseeing, and more. Get away for the weekend or for an extended stay and allow our superior service and California’s ideal surroundings set the tone for a fun and relaxing time. Make a reservation online or call us today at 805-649-9170 with any questions or if you wish to book over the phone.

Please note that prior to booking a trailer for delivery to your campsite, you must have a reservation with the park.  You can make a reservation with the park by visiting their online reservation site:

When booking with us, you will be asked to enter the name of your campsite where you would like the trailer delivered.
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CAMPSITES J & H: We cannot deliver trailers to campsites "J" or "H."  They are meant for tent camping only, and do not accommodate our trailers.  Reservations indicating these sites will be cancelled, and you will have to re-book.

We look forward to welcoming you to rent our trailers at beautiful Lake Casitas.  We are committed to providing you with a clean trailer that aligns with protocols for sterilizing against COVID-19.  We use a professional cleaning service to sanitize every trailer after use with virus killing cleaning products on all touch surfaces, as well as scrubbing all floor surfaces.  Couches are vacuumed cleaned and sprayed with a name brand cleaning product.  Your trailer will be expertly cleaned and closed at least 24 hours in advance of your arrival.

After the trailer has been expertly parked and setup, removing the connections to the utilities is prohibited.  There is no "dry camping," "boon docking," "independent parking" or "wild camping" permitted with our trailers.

Property Name: Casitas Trailer Rentals

Address 1: Lake Casitas

City : Ojai - California

Postal Code : 92103

Contact Name: Steve Blaty

Phone: (805) 390-8411


Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 2:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Terms and Conditions

1.Definitions. “Agreement” means all terms and conditions found on this form page and any other documents you sign or that we give you at the time of rental. “You” or “your” means the person identified as the renter or additional renter on this form, and any person or organization to whom charges are billed by us at its or the renter’s direction. All persons referred to as “you” or “your” are jointly and severally bound by this Agreement. “We”, “our”, or “us” means the business renting the Trailer to you.  “Trailer” means the non-motorized trailer identified in this Agreement and any trailer we substitute for it. “Loss of Use” means the loss of our right to use the Trailer for any reason because of damage to it or loss of it during this rental. Loss of Use is calculated by multiplying the number of dates from the date of loss or damage to the Trailer until it is replaced or repaired times the daily rental rate. “Diminished Value” means the difference between the actual cash value of the Trailer just prior to damage or loss less the value of the Trailer after its repair. If we elect not to repair the Trailer “Diminished Value” means the difference between the actual cash value of the Trailer just prior to damage or loss less the salvage or sale value of the Trailer.
2.Rental, Indemnity and Warranties. This is a contract for rental of the Trailer. We may repossess the Trailer at your expense without notice to you, if the Trailer is used in violation of law or this Agreement. You agree to indemnify us, defend us and hold us harmless from all claims, liability, costs and attorney fees we incur resulting from, or arising out of, this rental and your use of the Trailer. We make no warranties, express, implied or apparent, regarding the Trailer, no warranty of merchantability and no warranty that the Trailer is fit for a particular purpose.
3.Condition and Return of Trailer.  You acknowledge that you will have inspected the Trailer within one-hour of occupancy, except as expressly noted on any other supplemental Casitas Trailer Rentals, LLC (which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement), you acknowledge and agree that the Trailer is in good and usable condition with no apparent defects and fit for your rental purpose. You must return the Trailer on the date and time specified in this Agreement, and in the same condition that you received it, except for ordinary wear.  If the Trailer is returned after check-out time, you remain responsible for the safety of, and any damage to,the Trailer until we inspect it. The trailer must be returned clean free of debris or trash. Service to the Trailer or replacement of parts or accessories during the rental must have our prior approval.
4.Responsibility of Damage or Loss; Reporting to Police. You are responsible for all damage to, or loss or theft of, the Trailer, whether or not you are at fault. You are responsible for the cost of repair or the actual retail cash value of the Trailer if it is not repairable or if we elect not to repair it. You are also responsible for Loss of Use, Diminished Value, missing equipment, and a reasonable charge to cover our administrative expenses connected with any damage claim. You must report all accidents involving the Trailer to us and the police with 24 hours of occurrence. 
5.Prohibited Uses. The following uses of Trailer are prohibited: (a) storing dangerous or hazardous items or illegal material; (b) transporting living persons; (c) towing the Trailer; (d) allowing the Trailer to be towed by anyone; (e) any use of the Trailer by anyone who obtained the Trailer or extended the rental period by giving us false, fraudulent or misleading information; (f) use of the Trailer in furtherance of any illegal purpose or under any circumstance that would constitute a violation of law; (g) use of the Trailer outside the designated campsite you indicated on the reservation; (h) use of the Trailer when loaded beyond its capacity, as determined by the manufacturer of the Trailer; (i) use of the Trailer when it is reasonable to expect you to know that further operation would damage the Trailer; (j) using the Trailer in a manner that causes damage to it; (k) damaging the Trailer by your intentional, wanton, willful or reckless conduct; (l) willfully or recklessly causing to overflow any water tank; and (m) damaging the Trailer by placing signs, lettering or painting in the Trailer and, (m) in violation of any Federal, state or local law, ordinance, or regulation.
6.Insurance. You agree that you are responsible for any and all bodily injury or property damage that may occur while the trailer is in your possession. You agree to hold the owner absolutely harmless from any responsibility for any claim whatsoever during the time between check-in and check-out of the trailer. We are not responsible for any damages or loss whatsoever to the contents of this trailer. We are not liable in any case or theft or injury. You assume all liability. You hereby agree to indemnify us for any claims of damage, injury, etc.
7.Charges. You agree to pay us on demand for all charges due us under this Agreement, including, but not limited to: (a) time for the period you use the Trailer; (b) applicable taxes; (c) all fines, penalties, citations, forfeitures, court costs, towing and storage charges and other expenses involving the Trailer assessed against us, or the Trailer; (d) all costs we incur recovering the Trailer if you fail to return it as agreed above; (e) all costs, including pre-and post-judgment attorney fees, we incur collecting payment from you or otherwise enforcing our rights under this Agreement; (f) a 5% late payment fee on all amounts paid past the due date; (g) $100.00 or the maximum amount permitted by law, whichever is greater, if you pay us with a check returned unpaid for any reason; and (h) a reasonable fee not to exceed $500.00 to clean the Trailer, if returned substantially less clean than when rented. We will not refund any of the time or mileage charges if you return the Trailer earlier than the date or time due in. 
8.Deposit.  We may use your deposit to pay any monies owed to us under this Agreement, including our estimate of damages to the Trailer. 
9.Modifications. No term of this Agreement can be waived or modified except by a writing that we have signed. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us. All prior representations and agreements between you and us regarding this rental are merged into this Agreement. 
10.Waiver.  A waiver by us of any breach of this Agreement is not a waiver of any additional breach or waiver of the performance of your obligations under this Agreement. Our acceptance of payment from you or our failure, refusal or neglect to exercise any of our rights under this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of any other provisions of this Agreement. You release us from any liability for consequential, special or punitive damages in connection with this rental or the reservation of a trailer. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions are valid and enforceable.

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