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Green Marmot Capsule Hotel - the smart city sleep over

Property Name: Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Zürich

Address 1: Schifflände 26

Address 2 : Entrance via Rössligasse

City : Zürich

Postal Code : 8001

Phone: +41 44 500 76 80

Email: zurich@greenmarmot.com

  • Baggage storage
  • Elevator
  • Lounge

Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 14:00

Check-Out: 10:00

Property and Cancellation Policies :

Partial Charge - First Night Stay - If canceled within 1 days of arrival

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and ConditionsCapsule Hotels Green Marmot GmbH 1.   ScopeThe presented general terms and conditions (referred to as termsand conditions) apply to the provision of beds, also known as capsules, as wellas to all related services and supplies provided by Green Marmot GmbH (referredto as the hotel) to customers. All offers of the hotel are based on the followingterms and conditions. They form an integral part of every contract. Should thepresent general terms and conditions contradict any contractual conditions of acustomer, the present general terms and conditions take precedence.2.   Conclusion ofContractFollowing the reservation by the customer, the customer receives awritten reservation confirmation from the hotel. The contract between theparties is only concluded with this written reservation confirmation from thehotel to the customer.3.   Subject matterof the contract / scopeThe contract for the rental of capsules and their lockers as wellas the purchase of other services and supplies apply with the writtenconfirmation of the guest or implicitly. A reservation made on the day ofarrival is binding upon acceptance by the hotel.Contractual changes are only binding for the hotel with a (written)reconfirmation. One-sided changes or additions to the contract by the guest areinvalid. The subletting of the capsules provided and their use for purposesother than accommodation require the prior written consent of the hotel.4.   Scope ofServices The scope ofthe contract is determined according to the individual reservation made andconfirmed by the guest. The guest - subject to other contractual agreements -is not entitled to a specific capsule,  If, despite a confirmed reservation, no capsules are available inthe hotel, the hotel must inform the guest in good time and offer equivalentreplacement in a nearby hotel of a comparable or higher category. Anyadditional expenses for the replacement accommodation will be borne by thehotel. If the guest refuses the replacement, the hotel must immediatelyreimburse the guest for any down payments already provided by the guest. Theguest has no further claims.

5.   Service Period Subject to other agreements, theguest has the right to use the rented rooms from 2:00 p.m. on the agreed day ofarrival until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. If the guest arrives after 6p.m., the hotel must be informed by telephone on the day of arrival by 2 p.m. atthe latest.In the event of a late release ofthe capsules by the guest of 4 hours and more, the hotel can charge 100% of thefull accommodation price (list price) for use beyond the contract. The right toclaim damages remains reserved. If the capsule is left late, the hotel reservesthe right to remove the guest's items from the capsule and the appropriatelocker and to store them in a suitable place in the hotel.6.   Services, payments and pricesThe hotel undertakes to provide theservices ordered by the customer and agreed in writing by the hotel.All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF)and include value added tax (VAT).The hotel is entitled to request anappropriate down payment at any time. The amount of the down payment and thepayment dates are agreed in writing in the contract. If the customer does notmeet his payment obligation on time, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from thecontract after setting a reasonable grace period. The customer is liable to thehotel for any resulting damage.If no deposit is requested from thehotel, the entire invoice amount must be paid by the customer by credit card(Mastercard, VISA, etc.), debit card (EC / Maestro, Postcard) or in cash at thelatest at the time of departure. If payment by invoice is agreed, the entireinvoice amount is due 10 days after the invoice date. In the event of latepayment, the hotel is entitled to charge default interest of 5%.Price changes by the hotel areexpressly reserved.An increase in statutory taxes afterthe contract is concluded, is at the expense of the guest, prices in foreigncurrencies are measured according to value references and are charged at therespective daily exchange rate. 7.   Withdrawal by the hotel Up to and with 1 day before theagreed arrival date of the guest, the hotel can withdraw from the contractwithout incurring any costs. Furthermore, the hotel is entitled to withdrawfrom the contract at any time for an objectively justified reason by prompt, one-sidedin a written declaration with immediate effect: For example, the following areconsidered objectively justified reasons: - Failureto comply with the (house rules) by the guest;- Theguest influences the well-being of other guests or endangers their safety;- Theguest commits a criminal act;- Anagreed advance payment or security deposit is not made during the period set bythe hotel;- Forcemajeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible, whichmake the fulfillment of the contract objectively impossible-Capsules that are misleading or incorrect, e.g. are booked or in the person ofthe guest or the use or purpose of stay;- Thehotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the agreed services mayimpair the smooth running of the business, the security of other hotel guestsor the reputation of the hotel;- Theguest has become insolvent (bankruptcy or fruitless seizure) or has stoppedmaking payments;- Thepurpose or the reason for the stay is illegal.- If thehotel withdraws for the before mentioned reasons, the guest is not entitled to anydamages and the compensation for the services booked remains due.- If thehotel withdraws before the guest's arrival, the guest will be fully reimbursedfor all the services that he has already provided. 8.   Cancellation of the reservation / cancellation fees a)   Cancellation Cancellation of the reservationrequires the written consent of the hotel. If this does not take place, theagreed price must also be paid if the guest does not use contractual services. Ifthe guest does not show up, at least 100% of the booked services will becharged. The decisive factor for thecalculation of the cancellation fee is the arrival of the guest's writtencancellation at the hotel. This applies to both letters and e-mail messages. If the guest withdraws from thecontract without an approved cancellation, or if certain reserved services arechanged or canceled, the hotel can charge the following cancellation fees.   b)  Cancellation fees Individual reservations for capsulesIf the guest withdraws from thecontract before arrival, this will be done free of charge if the hotel can rentthe room for the same period. Otherwise, the guest will be charged 60% of the bookedservice. Group reservationsIf groups reserve for the hotel, theguest / group will be charged for the ordered services as follows: Cancellation less than 7 days beforethe event: 50% of the reserved serviceCancellation less than 4 days beforethe event: 75% of the reserved service 9.   Impossible arrival If theguest cannot arrive in time (or at all) due to force majeure (flood, avalanche,earthquake, etc.), the guest is not obliged to pay the agreed fee for themissed days. The guest must prove the impossibility of arrival. However, theobligation to pay for the booked stay is reinstated again from the moment ofarrival. 10. Early departure If theguest leaves prematurely, the hotel is entitled to invoice 100% of the totalbooked services. In the event of early departure, the hotel can endeavor tooutsource the services not used. If the hotel can otherwise provide theservices not used to third parties within the agreed period, the guest'sinvoice amount is reduced by the amount that these third parties pay for thecanceled service. 11. Stay / Keys / Security / Internet The hotelroom is reserved exclusively for the registered guest. The transfer of thecapsule to a third party or its use by an additional person requires the(written) approval of the hotel. Byconcluding a contract, the guest acquires the right to the usual use of therented rooms and the facilities of the hotel by everyone booked, which areusually and without special conditions available to the guests for use and onthe usual service. The guest must exercise his rights in accordance with anyhotel and / or guest guidelines (house rules). The accesscard provided by the hotel remains the property of the hotel and enables24-hour access to the hotel. The loss of the access card must be reportedimmediately to the reception. A damaged or lost access card will be charged tothe guest with CHF 50.00. To access the Internet, the guest must obtainthe password at the reception. Thisservice is free of charge for all guests. The guest is responsible for the useof his login data. He is liable for abuse and illegal conduct when using theInternet. 12. Extension of stay Unlessotherwise agreed, the guest is not entitled to extend their stay. If the guestcannot leave the hotel on the day of departure because all unforeseencircumstances / force majeure (e.g. snowfall, flooding, etc.) block alldeparture options or cannot be used, the contract will automatically beextended for the duration of the impossibility of departure previous conditionsextended. 13. Actions, use and liability a)    HotelThe hoteldoes not claim liability towards the guest within the legal possibilities forslight and medium negligence and is only liable for damage caused intentionallyor through gross negligence. Should faults or defects occur in the hotel'sservices, the hotel will endeavor to remedy the situation upon immediatenotification by the guest. If the guest fails to notify the hotel of a defectin good time, there is no entitlement to a reduction in the contractuallyagreed fee. The hotel is liable for the guests' belongings in accordance withthe statutory provisions, i.e. up to the amount of CHF 1,000. Items that theguest keeps in his locker or in the hotel safe are considered brought in. Thehotel is not liable for slight and medium negligence. If valuables (jewelryetc.) cash or securities are not handed over to the hotel for safekeeping, theliability of the hotel is excluded within the scope of the legal possibilities.The hotel recommends that money and valuables be kept in the reception safe. Ifthe hotel is not notified of any damage immediately after its discovery, theguest's claims will be lost.The hotel is not liable under anylegal title for services that have been merely conveyed to the guest. The hoteldoes not accept any liability for theft and damage to material brought in bythird parties.  b)    GuestThe guest is liable to the hotel forall damages and losses caused by him, companion or his assistants / companions,without the hotel having to prove the guest to be at fault. The guest is responsible for thecorrect use and proper return of all technical aids / facilities provided bythe hotel or procured through third parties on his behalf and is liable fordamage and losses. The guest is liable for the services and expenses incurredby the hotel towards third parties. c)    Third PartyIf a third party makes the bookingfor the guest, the former is liable to the hotel as the customer together withthe guest as a joint and several debtors for all obligations arising from thecontract. Regardless of this, each subscriber is obliged to forward allbooking-relevant information, these general terms and conditions, to the guest.14. Pet PolicyAnimals are not allowed to bebrought along. If a guest arrives at the hotel with a pet, the guest isentitled to withdraw from the contract. 15. Lost propertyLost property will be forwarded ifthere is clear ownership and knowledge of the residential / business address.The guest bears the costs and the risk for subsequent delivery.The lost property is max. Stored for6 months.16. security- The guest is noted that the entirehotel, excluding restrooms and capsules, are under video surveillance for theirown safety;- The guest only enters the hotel atnight using a keycard. If this is missing, the guest's authorization to stay ischecked;- According to the law, a dailyguest list is given to the commercial police. 17. House rules- Smoking is prohibited in theentire hotel;- The use of drugs, alcohol andother narcotics is not permitted in the hotel;- It is forbidden to cover thecapsules with more than the intended number of people. Max 1 person in singlebed capsules, Max 2 people in double bed capsules;- The guest must respect otherguests; the guest must not affect their well-being or cause general securitythreats;- Dormitories are separated intofemale, male and gender-neutral for couples (double bed capsules) and groups.Restrooms are separated by gender. Guests may only use the rooms in accordancewith the rented capsule No. Or use gender (in terms of Restrooms);- By booking according to the room(male, female, neutral), the guest agrees to the room assignment 18. JurisdictionThe jurisdiction for the hotel isZurich, Switzerland.


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