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Property and Cancellation Policy :

  • Reservations that are cancelled 8 days or more from the date of arrival will received a full refund.
  • Reservations cancelled 7 days or less prior to the date of arrival will receive a 50% refund.
  • Reservations cancelled 1day or less prior to the date of arrival will receive no refund.
  • How to count days: The day before the arrival date is counted as one day before. It is in Japan time zone.
Regular Rate Price (This does not include special price such as price for golden week)
For 2 nights and more stay, it is 100,000 yen (tax included) per night for max 3 guest/s, and it is 125,000yen (tax included) for 4 guests. 
For 1 night only stay, it is 120,000yen (tax included) for max 3 guest/s, and 150,000 yen (tax included) for 4 guests.

Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort is located in the forest in Nago, in the north of the Okinawa main island, Japan.
Our service is NOT perfect yet, so we are giving you 33% OFF of the regular price. The 33% off is already applied.
Please tell us how we can improve our resort to our email: . 
The 33% off price is already put into the system.

Property Name: Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort

Address 1: 2578 Genka

City : Nago-shi - Okinawa

Postal Code : 905-1141

Phone: N/A 無し


  • Baggage storage
  • Gift shop
  • Welcome drink
  • 1 regular toilet
  • 1 compost toilet
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Soap
  • Hair dryer
  • Body towels
  • Face towels
  • Bug repellent spray
  • Flashlight
  • 1 Shower room
  • 1 Bathtub
  • Body washing cloth
  • Coffee maker
  • Espresso machine
  • Cutleries
  • Kitchen knife
  • Plates and bowls
  • Wine celler
  • Wifi (weak at times)
  • Signal (AU only)
  • 水洗トイレ1つ
  • コンポストトイレ1つ
  • シャンプー
  • コンディショナー
  • ボディソープ
  • ヘアドライヤー
  • フェイスタオル
  • 虫除けスプレー
  • 懐中電灯
  • シャワールーム1部屋
  • 風呂桶1つ
  • コーヒーメーカー
  • エスプレッソマシーン
  • ナイフフォークスプーン
  • 包丁
  • 皿類
  • ワインセラー1つ
  • Wi-Fi(弱い時もあります)
  • 電波(AUのみ)
  • ギフトショップ
  • ウェルカムドリンク
  • 洗濯機
  • 冷蔵庫
  • 冷凍庫
  • 冷房
  • 暖房
  • washing machine
  • fridge and freezer
  • プライベート川
  • private river
  • ベッドシーツ
  • bed sheets
  • pillows
  • バスタオル

Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 15:00

Check-Out: 11:00

Late Check-out Hour: 12:00

Late Check-out Fees: ¥3,300.00

Late check-out (after 11:00 and before 12:00) may result in a fee.

Property and Cancellation Policies :
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Reservations that are cancelled 8 days or more from the date of arrival will received a full refund.
    • Reservations cancelled 7 days to 2 days prior to the date of arrival will receive a 50% refund. 
    • Reservations cancelled 1 day or less prior to the date of arrival will receive no refund. 
    • How to count days: The day before the arrival date is counted as one day before. It is in Japan time zone.
Terms and Conditions


  • A person with age 9 and below cannot come or stay at the resort. A person with age 10 and above has to stay with her or his guardian at all times to avoid any risks.
  • A valid photo ID must be presented at the time of check in for age verification. 
  • The maximum capacity is 4 people per group, including children. If you come with more people, you will be charged a penalty of 50,000 yen (+tax) per person.
  • If you do not need a pick-up service by taxi, we will meet at the Makiya Family Mart parking lot at 14:30 on the check-in date (free of charge) or you can drive directly to Treeful. Location of Treeful > 

Check-In / Check-Out Policies
Check-in anytime after 3PM, but please let us know if you will be coming later than 6PM and if you will need a dinner. 
Check-out is at 11AM. You do not need to lock any doors when leaving. Late check-out is at 12:00PM and it is extra 3,300Yen (tax included).

We are a sustainable resort so the basic rule is we do not change the linen or towels during your stay. But if you wish to have new linens or towels, please let our staff know. 
Hot waterAbout hot water Since our resort is a sustainable resort, we use a water heater called EcoCute to make hot water. We prepare 450 liters of hot water in 24 hours, about 4 showers and 1 bathtub. EcoCute is a water heater that uses the surplus electricity at midnight to boil water.The temperature of the water rises due to the heat of the air taken in by the heat pump unit, and the hot water is kept warm in the hot water storage tank. EcoCute is said to specialize in energy saving among water heaters, and its major feature is that it uses renewable energy, the air.

Payment Systems
Pre-payment of your accommodation will be required to stay at the resort with your credit card online.If you wish to purchase any souvenirs or any other add-ons, credit card payment will be accepted on site. 

Smoking , Incense , Candles, Bug repellent incense coil
Smoking , Incense , Candles, Bug repellent incense coil are NOT allowed, including both traditional smoking methods and all electronic delivery systems, including vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs), e-pipes, and any variations of the foregoing regardless of the product’s name. You will be asked to pay 50,000Yen(+tax) fine if ANY evidence of smoking is found in the resort or in any of the treehouses, buildings, areas such as window ledges, the lift, stairs or the entrance area near to the reception, or outside of the houses. 

Please Note: Immediate termination of the rental agreement is possible if: 
  • More guests stay in the property than agreed
  • Excessive noise is made in the evening hours or at night
  • Sub-letting the property you have reserved (or giving it to other people). The number of people residing in the resort should be the same as confirmed in the booking. Accommodation for additional guests may be requested a 50,000 Yen(+tax) charge for each additional guest per night will be charged if you bring more than 4 people which is the allowed maximum number of people. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation, without refund, if an unconfirmed number of people stay overnight in the resort
  • Treeful Treehouse does not allow any pets in the resort. A 20,000Yen(+tax) fine will be claimed if pets will be accommodated in the resort
  • All our guests are asked to respect the property and privacy of the neighbors and to not make any excessive noise between the hours of 22:00 and 08:00. Any late and loud partying is not, unfortunately, permitted
  • Treeful Treehouse is not responsible for lost or forgotten personal things at the apart-hotels premises.
Damages & Packages
During your stay, the resort and all equipment and furniture should be treated with care and kept in order. Immediate notification to Treeful Treehouse staff will be expected of any damages or breakages in the resort. You (The guest) is financially responsible for any damage to the resort. This includes losses caused by you (The guest) or a third party negligent actions and behavior. A summary check will be made of the resort check-out time. However, a more detailed review of the condition of the rooms and all equipment and facilities will be made soon after check-out and before another guest occupies the resort. The guest is responsible for any damages or breakages found that are over and above normal wear and tear and usage. In this case, the guest will be responsible to pay the cost by Stripe or Square or other means of payment system, at checkout time or later if that is not possible. Please note, immediate notification after check-out of any damages to, breakages in or issues with the resort is expected. 
Treeful Treehouse can then take any necessary action to resolve any issues and make sure all the equipment and facilities are working and provided as expected.  Damage deposit is fully refundable upon check-out and subject to damage inspection of the accommodation. The deposit must be paid upon check-in, in cash or by credit card, along with a balance and is fully refunded at the check-out if the resort in good order and the company does not have any claims. The costs of damages or cleaning beyond what would be expected after responsible usage of the resort will be deducted from the deposit, and the refunded amount will be the remainder of the damage deposit. Pre-existing damages or room issues must be reported to the front desk immediately after registration to avoid responsibility and potential charges. 
The hotel does not allow guests to receive packages and special deliveries at the property. We are not responsible for the packages or their contents or the storage of them if something is delivered.

Kitchen Room Policy
Please practice safe cooking habits do not leave burners on unattended. Please do not cook with strong smelling ingredients. Lingering smells that require room closure and deep cleans will be charged a cleaning fee of up to 50,000 Yen(+tax).
Parking PolicyYou can park in the front part of the resort. By parking a vehicle at our facility, you (and your guests) are doing so on your own accord. The hotel does not take responsibility or accept liability for damage, accident or loss to your vehicle or personal property.   

Disability Guests
One of our treehouses is a barrier-free treehouse where a wheelchair guest can enjoy the deck, but it is not a treehouse for accommodation. Therefore guests with disability can only visit the resort when we open the resort for visitors for special occasions. We notify about those dates on the website and our social media.
Guest Safety PolicyAs part of our commitment to guest safety, employees will not disclose the identity, room number or presence of a guest to anyone other than appropriate law enforcement. This includes the taking of or delivery of messages or indirect forwarding of phone calls. It is the responsibility of guests to communicate their presence and room number to any person they wish to receive calls or visits from. Safety cameras are used throughout the premises, and anyone on our property may be recorded. Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort does not take any responsibility for accidents, injuries, or sickness. 

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