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It is the responsibility of the guest to include all transfer fees and charges to ensure that the property receives the full booking amount. Please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to complete the transfer.
Bank details Savanna Orinoquía Lodge BANCOLOMBIA S.A. - ALFEGO S.A.S. - NIT 901.273.102-2 - Savings account #05400016129- Or if you prefer to pay with credit and/or debit cards, do so at https://savannaorinoquialodge.co/reservas/, under the PAY menu. I always sent a copy of your payment to WhatsApp +573104107404 referring to the number of your quote, which is the name of the file you received. We only receive payments related to a quote.
Property Information

We are a luxury Lodge on the banks of the Cravo Sur river in the department of Casanare, in the Eastern Plains of Colombia surrounded by amazing wildlife and nature.

Property Name: Savanna Orinoquia Lodge

Street Address: Unnamed Road, Orocué

Apt, suite, floor etc. : Vereda la Venturosa, Municipio de Orocué, Finca Paraguay

City : Orocue - Casanare

Phone: 573104107404

Email: reservas@savannalodge.co

Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Property and Cancelation Policies :
The money paid for reservations is not refundable, given the complex operating conditions, any reservation made generates immediate expenses that we must cover in the same way. For this reason, any reservation made that you want to cancel will not have a refund of the payment, but it is possible to modify the date for days where the same rates apply at no cost and depending on availability.

Reservation modifications and/or cancellations must be received by email and will be effective from the date they are received at reservas@savannalodge.co. No refunds will be given for no-shows or for unused services or nights. All payments will be considered non-refundable, even in case of force majeure.
Terms and Conditions


HOTEL POLICIES RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE HOTEL. A) THE Hotel will provide the GUEST with the leasing service of a room and its accessories, by paying the fees and prices in force at the time the service is provided according to the different plans. The rate and plan are those that appear on the hotel registration card.The provision of these services will be subject to availability and schedules, shifts or physical stocks of inputs, goods, facilities or spaces necessary for it. THE HOTEL may, at any time, order the room change and the GUEST must accept it. B) THE HOTEL, has the right to withhold and pledge the luggage and property owned by the GUEST, rights that will become effective due to the breach of obligations by the GUEST. In this case, the HOTEL may retain the aforementioned luggage and goods as a pledge for a period of (30) days, counted from the date of non-compliance, after which, the HOTEL may freely dispose of the pledged objects and their proceeds. cover pending obligations including interest plus(20%) for costs and expenses. The surplus, if any, will be made available to the GUEST and in the event of a deficit, the creditor's actions are protected.C) If the HOTEL is unable to comply with a reservation accepted in writing, as long as there is prepayment or it is forced to terminate the lodging in advance for a specific period, it must obtain accommodation for the GUEST in an other similar establishment, If the rate of the substitute hotel is lower, the HOTEL will refund the difference to the GUEST and if it is higher, it will be assumed by the HOTEL. The decision will always be made by the HOTEL, but try to ensure that as far as possible there is no difference in rates. D) For security reasons, the balconies of the rooms and windows are closed to protect the integrity of the guests. If you require this service, request the consent and responsibility form at reception. E) The HOTEL DOES NOT allow the entry of pets for the same well-being of the same. We are located in an environment with wildlife that can threaten the safety of wildlife and guests. 

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE GUEST. A) THE GUEST declares to know the rate. Canons and prices of the HOTEL and admits that these are modified without prior notice. B)THE GUEST undertakes to pay its cash value in cash, at the time of rendering the respective service and in any case at the time of the cessation of theGUEST's stay at the HOTEL. The hotel day includes the period of 24 hours of permanence of the guest, from the initiation that the HOTEL sets. The partial use of the hotel day causes the payment of the full rate. C) THE GUEST will be responsible even for slight fault of his obligations and those of his companions. Any unregistered person who makes use of the accommodation exclusively reserved for the GUEST must register and pay a surcharge of 100% on the current fee. D) THE GUEST must observe a decent conduct and dress appropriately. THE HOTEL will refrain from providing its services, when the behavior or clothing of the GUEST is not appropriate. E) THE GUEST admits that the practice of sports, physical exercises, driving ships or vehicles, use of instruments or tools and, in general, any activity that implies a risk, implies that the GUEST has the skills and knowledge that allows him to assume said risks, as well as the responsibility in the event that he suffers any damage or injury from which he expressly exempts the HOTEL. F) The GUEST undertakes to use the furniture, and, in general, the HOTEL facilities in an appropriate manner, keeping them in the state in which they are found and, therefore, will respond for any damage or loss of the elements and goods of the HOTEL even for slight guilt. In the event of total or partial loss or damage to the HOTEL's assets due to causes attributable to the GUEST or his dependents, the latter will recognize the price set by the HOTEL, plus 50% as a penalty or fine. G) TheGUEST acknowledges the authority of the HOTEL Manager, in case of controversy or conflict, as well as the right of inspection and surveillance that HOTEL officials have to guarantee the proper use of the housing and common use units.This right will be exercised in a reasonable manner and includes the power to enter or search the room when, in the opinion of the HOTEL Manager, it is necessary. The GUEST in turn is obliged to observe the schedules and rules set by the HOTEL for the provision of its services and facilitate access to its employees for routine work in the room. 

TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT. The accommodation contract ends: A) Due to the expiration of the agreed fixed term; B) For breach of any of the obligations of the parties.Failure of the GUEST does not exonerate him from paying the full fee for the agreed period: C) When the contract is entered into on a day-to-day basis or when the term of the guest's stay at the HOTEL is not expressly stated on the hotel registration card, the The contract will be terminated at the expiration of the hotel day set according to the contract, which corresponds to check in at 3:00 p.m. and check out at 1:00 p.m., subject to availability; D) When the contract is for a fixed term, it will end when it expires, in which case theHOTEL may dispose of the room. In case of early termination, THE GUEST must pay the rate corresponding to the entire term, unless there is a reasonable cause that, in the HOTEL's opinion, warrants early termination of the contract, such as domestic calamity, illness of the GUEST or the group at his charge, air quota problems, etc. DISAGREEMENT OF TERMINATION. If there is a disagreement between the GUEST and the HOTEL regarding the termination of the contract, THE HOTEL, in addition to suspending the service, will take all the necessary measures so that the GUEST can dispose of their luggage and personal belongings or will transfer them to a safe and adequate deposit. without responsibility of the HOTEL. PROOF OF CONTRACT. The lodging contract is approved by means of the hotel card issued by THE HOTEL, accepted by the GUEST's signature, which certifies that he adheres to the stipulations contained herein. THE GUEST expressly accepts that the liquids um of money that appears on the invoice, will provide executive merit.INSURANCE. To respond to risks that affect both the person and the property of the GUEST, THE HOTEL includes an insurance policy at no additional cost. In any case, when an accident occurs, the responsibility of the HOTEL is limited to the insurance coverage. If the GUEST refrains from taking this insurance, he assumes all the risks covered by the policy and in the event of an accident, he waives any claim regarding the HOTEL. RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS.- If the HOTEL does not deliver the objects that the GUEST wishes to be kept in custody, theHOTEL is exonerated from all responsibility in case of loss, therefore, valuables such as jewelry, cameras, money, equipment or utensils that remain in the room or service areas other than those that the HOTEL has for deposit, will be under the sole risk of the GUEST, since in this case the HOTEL does not assume any responsibility in case of loss or deterioration. THE GUEST authorizes the HOTEL to fill in the blank spaces on the hotel registration card. 

REGULATIONS AND APPLICABLE POLICIES OF THE HOTEL: a. Biosecurity: As a requirement to enter theHotel facilities, the following preventive biosecurity measures must be complied with and that we are implementing to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 The hotel has a biosecurity protocol that guarantees compliance with the regulations applicable to the health emergency against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid19).Wearing a face mask permanently and it is mandatory in all facilities except when eating food, that is, outside of it you must always have a face mask on.Apply hand washing in the different points located in the Hotel facilitiesPerform hand disinfection at sanitization pointsMaintain social distancing of at least 1.5 meters between people in the different areas of the hotel. Present the vaccination card against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid19) withb. Data ProtectionIn Colombia, according to Law 1581 of 2012, by which general provisions are issued for the protection of personal data, we invite you to visit our website www.savannaorinoquialodge.cowhere you will find a detailed privacy policy. treatment of our clients' information, likewise we inform you that by sending the data you have provided us, you authorize Hotel to store, process and monitor the contracted services and that Hotel guarantees the rights of privacy, privacy and good name in the processing of personal data, and consequently all its actions will be governed by the principles of legality, purpose, freedom, veracity or quality, transparency, access and restricted circulation, security and confidentiality.c. Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents– ESCNNA The hotel will charge as adults all people whose age is equal to or greater than 12 years.For reservations, he hotel considers infants to be minors whose age is from 0 to 11 years old, at the time of registration (check-in), children in the range of these ages will be free. The Company agrees to stay on the reserved day. Please, verify the details of your reservation before making use of it. Your reservation starts at 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 1:00 p.m. on the day of departure. If you are traveling with your child(ren) under 18 years of age, you must present the identification document of the minor(s) of age (civil registry), which proves the existence of the relationship. If the minor(s) does not travel in the company of their parents, you must deliver at the reception, in addition to the minor's identification document (civil registry), the permission of the parents, which must be be authenticated by a Notary and accompanied by a copy of the identification document of those who gave the authorization. Without this documentation, minors are not allowed to enter the hotel. The foregoing in development of the provisions of Law 679 of 2001 Statute to Prevent the SexualExploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents and its concordant regulations."WARNING: In development with the provisions of article 17 of law 679 of2001, THE HOTEL warns the GUEST that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminally and civilly punished in accordance with the legal provisions". d. Anti-Tobacco Law In Colombia, in accordance with the provisions established in Law 1335 of 2009, Hotel has spaces and environments free of tobacco smoke. Consequently, the guest accepts as an obligation to refrain from smoking in the spaces, areas and environments that are demarcated as smoke-free spaces, as well as in closed spaces, such as rooms, corridors, restaurants, lounges and others. In the event that the guest fails to comply with this obligation, he agrees to pay a penalty equivalent to200,000 COP, for breach of his obligations. and. Prevention of Asset Laundering and Terrorist Financing The Company undertakes to implement measures aimed at preventing its operations from being used without your knowledge and consent as instruments for the concealment, management, investment or use in any form of money or other goods from of criminal activities or to give the appearance of legality to these activities. In this sense, it accepts that Hotel can unilaterally and immediately terminate the relationship that arises from theProgram in the event that the Company is: (i) condemned by the competent authorities to any type of investigation for crimes of drug trafficking, terrorism, kidnapping , money laundering, financing of terrorism and administration of resources related to said activities (ii) included in lists for the control of money laundering and financing of terrorism administered by any national or foreign authority, such as the list of the Control Office ofAssets Abroad – OFAC issued by the Treasury Office of the United States ofAmerica, the list of the United Nations Organization and other public lists related to the issue of asset laundering and terrorist financing, or (iii )convicted by the competent authorities in any type of judicial process related to the commission of the above crimes. F. Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud TheCompany declares that it will not allow dishonest conduct or practices that would violate business integrity; such as, for example, offering or accepting gifts, entertainment, or other types of incentives that may reward or influence you to take or refrain from taking any commercial or legal action, or when you intentionally hide, alter, falsify, or omit information for your own benefit orfor the benefit of others, or the incursion into possible conflicts of interestthat could put personal priorities before collective ones; promoting a cultureof ethics, transparency and rectitude in the development of activities. g.Hotel Quality Policy, committed to satisfying the legitimate needs of ourguests and external and internal clients, building their loyalty through theprovision of timely and warm service, compliance with high quality standards,through the integral development of human resources and improvement continuousof our processes. h. Sustainability Policy The Hotel is committed to thesustainable development of our environment, assuming the legal commitment inenvironmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects, through the continuousimprovement of our processes. Protecting the physical and moral integrity ofchildren, adolescents and vulnerable populations, applying security and controlmeasures aimed at preserving their rights. Implements prevention, control andimprovement measures to minimize the environmental, sociocultural and economicimpact of the operation; raising awareness among our guests, clients, suppliersand collaborators regarding their sustainable rights and duties. Yo.Declaration of Origin and Destination of Funds The Company, voluntarily andgiving certainty that everything stated here is true, made the followingdeclaration in compliance with the provisions of Law 190 of 1995Anti-Corruption Statute and other concordant legal regulations: i) . I will notallow third parties to make deposits in my name, with funds from illegalactivities contemplated in the Colombian Penal Code or in any regulation thatmodifies or adds it, nor will I carry out transactions for such activities orin favor of people related to them. ii). I authorize to settle the obligationsor deposits with this institution, in the case of infraction of any of thenumerals contained in this document, exempting ALFEGO S.A.S. from allresponsibility that derives from erroneous, false or inaccurate information thatI have provided in this document or from the violation of it. iii). I declarethat the economic and/or physical resources do not come from nor will they beused for illegal activities of those contemplated in the Colombian Penal Codeor in any norm that modifies or adds it. j. Confidentiality Statement TheCompany undertakes to maintain, and to have its collaborators and/orcounterparts maintain, in strict confidentiality, any and all ConfidentialInformation that comes to its knowledge as a result of the relationship thatarises from the relationship with Hotel, without prior authorization.Confidential Information is understood as all processes, methods of operation,data, resources, graphics, visual, verbal or written information, procedures,ideas, plans, designs, formulas, calculations, market strategies, prices,contracts, names and data that you provide. the hotel. k. AuthorizationTreatment of Personal Data The Company authorizes Hotel so that in accordancewith Law 1581 of 2012, it gives the management, treatment and storage of thepersonal data information that I have provided through the various marketingchannels such as websites, call centers, among others. In the same way, Iassume the commitment to timely update the information and documentationannually (calendar year) or when any change is generated to it.

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