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Shila is an ethereal late 1920s residence in the heart of Athens, which brings new meaning and inspiration to the concept of the boutique hotel. A place to feel indulged and at home, and yet at the same time, to experience an otherworldly realm of elegance and sensuality.

Combining elements of the bygone and the contemporary– and reminiscent of a hotel particulier – this neoclassical house comprises of six distinctively designed suites, each unique in character, with a unifying element of simplicity and sexy charm.

Shila features a lush courtyard, a tranquil rooftop, lounging areas and reading nooks, ideally suited for social gatherings, art happenings and private events.  We offer the ultimate curated experience in culinary, art, design, and indulgent self-care. An invitation to experience our intuitive hospitality, where Shila stands as a magnetic universe of its own.

Property Name: Shila Athens

Street Address: Mantzarou 10 Kolonaki

City : Athens - Athens

Postal Code : 106 72

Phone: +302103637800

Email: hello@shila-athens.com

Check-in/Check-out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Property and Cancelation Policies :
Cancellation & No-Show Policy: All cancellations are made in accordance with the cancellation terms of the rate booked. We know that plans change, and cancellations of bookings may occur. Guests have the right to cancel their reservations in Shila.
Basic Rate: The full payment amount will be charged upon booking. For cancellation 14 days prior to arrival, no fees apply. For cancellations within 14 days prior to the arrival date, 100% of the deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee. In case of a cancellation on the same day of arrival, or a no-show of the guests, 100% of the total reservation amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. The add-ons or services follow a 24-hour cancellation policy; otherwise, charges will be incurred. For massage treatments and fitness packages, the cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance; otherwise, charges will be incurred.
Non-refundable rate: When you complete your booking, the total amount of the reservation will be charged. This amount is non-refundable.
Terms and Conditions

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION &PRIVACY POLICYThe private company under thecorporate name “AUM SHILA Greece P.C.”, owner of the website www.shila-athens.com, informs you that the processing of your personal data, which arecollected via the communication form, is performed pursuant to the dataprotection law in force (Regulation(EU) 2016/679 – hereinafter “GDPR”) and thepresent Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy of the Website, anddeclares that it is ourcompany’s aim to comply with the principles that governthe data protection regarding their processing, given that it is committed torespect your civil rights and your privacy.1. Data Processing Controller“AUM SHILA Greece P.C.'' is the Data Processing Controller (hereinafter the“Controller”). You may communicate with the Controller at the following emailaddress hello@shila-athens.com.2. Definitions:Data Subject: any naturalperson whose personal data is processed by us or on our behalf.Personal Data: any informationrelating to an identified or identifiable natural person, which pertains to thephysical, physiological,psychological, emotional or financial status, thecultural or social identity of said natural person.Processing: processing ofpersonal data (“processing”), is any operation or set of operations which isperformed on personal data such as, indicatively, the collection,record-keeping, storage, alteration, analysis, use, association, restriction,erasure or destruction.Transmission: the access topersonal data, for example by allowing access, transmission or publication.Controller: the legal personwhich determines the purpose, the content and the procedure of the processingof personal data.Processor: the natural orlegal person, which processes personal data according to the controller’sinstructions.3. The Data that we processwith your consent, we process the following personal data that you provide whenyou interact with the Website and use the services and functions it offers.Said data, which you provide when you submit the communication form, specificallyinclude the name and surname that you indicate,your communication details, aswell as the wording that you fill out in the communication form and constitutesa request for information, an opinion, a rating or anything else you wish tocommunicate. In order to satisfy the requests that you submit via thecommunication form and/or offer you updates, in general or regardingundesirable actions, it is necessary to consent to the processing of thedata,which is indicated with an asterisk (*). Without said mandatory data oryour consent we are unable to proceed further. On the contrary, the informationrequired in fields without an asterisk indication () as well as your consent toreceive updates, are optional and therefore, if you don’t provide them,there isno consequence. In any event, even without your prior consent, the Controllermay process your data, in order to comply with its legal obligations, underlaw, regulations and the EU legislation, to exercise its own lawful interestsand, in any occasion, pursuant to articles 6 and 9 of the GDPR, as the case maybe. The processing is performed by means of computers as well as hard copiesand always entails the implementation of security measures pursuant to thelegislation in force.4. Why and how we process yourdata: The data is processed for the following purposes: (i) to handle therequests that you submit via the “Communication Form” and the ‘’Booking Form’’.The legal basis for the data processing for this purpose is your consent andthe performance of the contract or obligation respectively (article 6 par. 1(a) and article 9 par. 2(a) of the GDPR and article 9 par. 2(b) of theGDPR);(ii) to handle the reports for undesirable actions that are submitted viathe Website or the Forms. The legal basis for the data processing for thesepurposes is your consent (article 6 par. 1 (a) and article 9 par. 2 (a)of the GDPR) as well as anypublic interest (article 9 par. 2 (i) of the GDPR) and legal obligation.Moreover, but only upon your optional consent, which is the legal basis for thedata processing pursuant to article 6 par. 1 (a) of the GDPR;(iii) in order toreceive advertising material (direct marketing) from us – newsletters. Withregard to the email updates, you may remove yourself from the relevant list ofrecipients at any time, by following the instructions contained in everycommunication. Should you opt to be deleted from a service or communication, wewill try to erase your data as soon as possible; nevertheless, certain timeand/or information may be required, prior to processing your request. Youprovide your consent to the processing of your data for these purposes bychoosing the appropriate fields in the communication form. In any event, yourdata may be subject to process, even without your consent, in order to complywith laws, regulations and the EU legislation (article 6 par. 1 (c) of the GDPR)and in order to receive statistical data pertaining to the Website’s use andits proper operation (article 6 par. 1 (f) of the GDPR). The personal data isentered in our information system in full compliance with the data protectionlegislation, and their processing is based on the principles of properpractice, legitimacy and transparency. Data are stored for as long as it isabsolutely necessary, in order to attain the purposes, for which the personaldata are processed. In any event, the criteria to determine said period isbased on complying with the time limits provided by law and the principles ofdata minimization, storage limitation and rational processing of the records.All data shall be subject to processing in hard copies or via automated means;in any case the appropriate level of security and confidentiality will beensured.5. Principles applied duringprocessingWe may process your personal data, in order to provide personalizedservices, pursuant to article 6 par. 1 (b) of GDPR and the national legislationthat implements it. Your personal data are not used for other purposes apartfrom those described herein, unless we receive your prior consent or ifrequired or allowed by law. Personal data should be processed in a mannercompatible to the purpose for which they are collected. The principle ofproportionality is applied during the processing of personal data; amongstothers, said principle creates the obligation to not purposelessly collectpersonal data. Personal data,which are used, should be precise and updated.Personal data, which are used and are no longer precise and comprehensive,should be revised or deleted. With the exception of cases where there is alegal obligation to retain them for a longer period of time, personal datashould not be stored longer than required for the purposes for which they werecollected or processed. The processing of personal data should be performed ingood faith, i.e. the data subjects should be confident that the controllerswill demonstrate the proper attention in all data processing cases. The datasubjects shall be informed accordingly, if they request it. More specifically,they have the right to be informed on the purposes, for which their data isprocessed, the nature of the data concerned, as well as the identity of thedata recipients. When deemed necessary, the data subjects also have the rightto request the correction, non-transmission or erasure of their data. Theaforementioned rights may be limited only if said limitation is provided bylaw. This applies, specifically, in the event of a scientific research. Morespecifically, personal data is protected against an unauthorized disclosure andany illegal processing. The measures, which are implemented, safeguard asecurity level equivalent to the nature of the data that need to be protectedand the dangers that may arise during their processing. Our employees andassociates, who are engaged in the personal data processing, are informed andtrained accordingly. The procedure for the personal data processing by thirdparties following an agreement, shall be defined in writing, having ensuredthat said third parties shall process the personal data in a secure manner andshall comply with the principles of this Policy and the GDPR. If we concludethat the third parties are unable to secure a satisfactory level of protectionof the personal data, we shall terminate our cooperation with them.6. Persons with access todata: The data are processed via electronic means or manually, according to theprocedures and practices related to the above mentioned purposes, and areaccessible by the Controller’s personnel, which is authorized to process thePersonal Data, and their supervisors and, more specifically, employees of thefollowing categories: technical personnel, Information and Networks Securitypersonnel and administrative personnel, as well as other members of thepersonnel that are required to process data while performing their duties. Anypersonal data that you submit to the website www.shila-athens.com, are kept exclusively for purposes pertaining to your transactions withus, the improvement of our services and the safe keeping of the operation ofthe relevantservice and may not be used byany third party (with the exception of any competent authorities, if providedby law). The Data may also be communicated to non – EU countries (“ThirdCountries''): (i) to institutional bodies, authorities, public agencies,forinstitutional purposes; (ii) to professionals, independent advisors – whetheracting individually or collectively – and other third parties and providersthat offer to the Controller commercial, professional or technical servicesrequired for the Website’s operation (e.g. IT and Cloud Computing Services),for the purposes mentioned herein above and the support of the Company inproviding its services. The aforesaid recipients receive only the necessarydata for their relevant operations and duly perform their processingexclusively for the purposes mentioned above and according to the dataprotection legislation. The Data may also be communicated to other lawfulrecipients, determined from time to time by the legislation in force. With theexception of the foregoing, the Data shall not be communicated to thirdparties, natural persons or legal entities that perform duties of commercial,professional or technical nature for the Controller and shall not bedisseminated. The persons that receive the data shall process them, dependingon the occasion, as Controllers, Processors or persons authorized to processthe data for the aforementioned purposes and pursuant to the legislation on thedata protection in force. With regard to the transfer of data outside the EU,even to countries whose legislation does not guarantee the same level ofprotection of the personal data privacy as the one offered under the EU laws,the Controller informs that the transfer shall be performed in all instancesaccording to the methods allowed under the GDPR, for example based on theuser’s consent, the standardized contractual clauses, which have been approvedby the European Commission, by selecting counter parties that participate ininternational programs for the free movement of data (e.g. EU – USA PrivacyShield) or which are implemented in countries that are considered safe by theEuropean Commission.7. Your rights: If you wish,you may at any time request to exercise your rights as provided by articles15-22 of the GDPR, to be informed regarding your personal data that we retain,their recipients, the purpose of their retention and processing, as well astheir amendment, rectification or erasure, by sending a relevant email to theemail addresses mentioned above, from the email address that you haveindicated, and filling out the application, which the beneficiary may provideto you, with an attached copy of your ID. Moreover, you have the right toreview your personal data that we retain and, in general, to exercise any rightunder the legislation for the protection of personal data. The personal datathat you communicate to the owner of the website via "www.shila-athens.com", by submitting the communication form, are collected and are usedand processed, pursuant to the provisions of the new General Data ProtectionRegulation in force, on the protection of personal data (GDPR (EU) 2016/679).More specifically, you have the following rights: The right to be informedregarding your personal data: Following a relevant request, we will provide youwith information relating to your personal data, which were retained. The rightto have your personal data rectified and completed: If you notify usaccordingly, we shall rectify any inaccurate personal data concerning you.Weshall complete any incomplete personal data, if you notify usaccordingly,provided that said data are necessary for the processing purposes.The right to have your personal data erased: Following a relevant request, weshall erase your personal data, which we retain. Nevertheless, certain datashall be erased only after a defined retention period, for example because incertain occasions we have a legal obligation to retain the data or because thedata are necessary in order to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you.The right to restrict the processing of your personal data: In certainoccasions provided by law, we shall restrict the processing of your data, ifyou request it. Additional processing of restricted data is only performed to avery limited extent. The right to withdraw your consent: You may at any timewithdraw your consent for thefuture processing of yourpersonal data. The lawfulness of processing of your data remains unaffected,until you withdraw your consent. The right to object to the processing of yourdata: You may at any time object to the future processing of your personaldata, if we process your data on the basis of any of the legalreasons of article 6(1) point(e) or (f) of the GDPR. If you object, we shall cease to process your data,provided that there are no legitimate grounds to further process them.8. Security of Personal Data“AUM SHILA Greece P.C.” implements specific procedures of technical andorganizational security, in order to protect personal data and informationagainst loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Our associates that offer us supportpertaining to the operation of this website also comply with these provisions.“AUM SHILA Greece P.C.” shall make any reasonable effort to retain thecollected personal data only for as long as it is required for the purposes forwhich they were collected or until it is requested to erase them (if thatoccurs first), unless they are retained as provided by law.9. Hyperlinks to otherwebsites: The website www.shila-athens.com may contain hyperlinksto other websites, which are governed by other statements and policies for theprotection and privacy of personal data, the content of which may differ fromthe present Policy. Please study the privacy policy of any website that youvisit prior to submitting any personal data. Although we try to offerhyperlinks only to websites that share our high standards and respect to yourprivacy, we are not responsible for the content, the security or the privacypractices applied by other websites.10. Third party services. Inorder to provide, improve, promote and protect our services, we may need to usethird party services. These third parties may access, process or storeinformation to perform tasks solely for the purpose we have authorized them. Werequire them to provide at least the same level of security for your data as wedo, as described in our Privacy Policy. Personal data may be disclosed to thirdparty service providers who assist in our business operations, always underconditions that fully ensure that your personal information is not beingunlawfully used.11. Policy Reviews: We reservethe right to amend or review this Policy, in our absolute discretion. In theevent of any changes, the date of the amendment or review shall be recorded inthe Policy and its updated version shall be effective vis-à-vis you henceforth.We encourage you to periodically read this Statement, in order to examinewhether there are any changes regarding the way we process your personal data.The present Policy constitutes a Statement of Compliance with the provisions ofRegulation (EU) 2016/679 and the national law that implements it. - March 2022

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have established the following Hotel Policy. As a guest of Shila and by reading and signing your hotel registration you are agreeing to abide by all our Hotel Policy, terms, conditions, and procedures.
Rates Policy: The room rate includes accommodation & VAT. Additionally; breakfast is included in the room rate. However, please note that the residential/accommodation tax which is also known as the Climate Resilience Fee is not included in the room rate:If you’re staying before 29 February or from 1 November to 31 December, you’ll be charged an extra €0.5 a room, each day; for stays on all other dates throughout the year, the charge is €1.5 a room, each day.
Additional Charges: Any additional meals, amenities, and services beyond what is specified in the room rate will be available at an extra cost. Guests will be informed of the charges before availing these additional offerings.
Rate Adjustments: Please be aware that rates are subjected to change at any time and may increase or decrease at the hotel’s discretion. However, any changes in rates will not affect the already confirmed reservations.
Settlement of Bills: In case your reservation is not fully prepaid, bills must be settled on presentation, via credit/debit card or cash in Euro. Personal cheques are not accepted. In order to accommodate guests who prefer not to provide credit card details or do not possess a valid or active credit card, we offer the option of making a cash deposit upon arrival.  
The Deposit Amount:
• For stays of 1-2 days: €200.00 cash deposit.
• For stays of 3-5 days: €300.00 cash deposit.
• For stays of 6 days and above: €400.00-€500.00 cash deposit, depending on the length of the stay.
The cash deposit serves as security against any incidental charges, damages, or additional expenses incurred during the guest's stay. Upon check-out, the room will be inspected for any damages or additional charges. If no such charges are incurred, the cash deposit will be refunded to the guest in full at the departure.
Cancellation & No-Show Policy: All cancellations are made in accordance with the cancellation terms of the rate booked. We know that the plans may change, and cancellations of bookings may occur. Guests have the right to cancel their reservations in Shila.
Non-refundable rate: When you complete your booking, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.This amount is non-refundable.
Flexible rate: The full payment amount will be charged upon booking. For cancellation 14 days prior to arrival, no fees apply. For cancellations within 14 days prior to the arrival date, the full amount of the deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee. In the event of a cancellation on the same day of arrival, or a no-show of the guests, the total amount of the reservation will be kept as a cancellation fee. Add-ons or services can be cancelled 48 hours ahead otherwise charges will incur.
Arrival: Check-in is at 15.00 on the arrival day. Please inform the reception desk if you wish your room before this time and an early check-in will be possible depending on the availability. If the room is available, an extra charge for this service will be charged. There must be at least one guest over 18 years old in every reservation made. All the guests’ names along with the main guest’s name on the reservation must be identified and recorded by the reception. All guests must present their ID card, Passport or Temporary Residence Card upon check-in. By law, visitors must present required personal documents for hotel records and agree that their personal details will be kept on the record of the hotel.
Departure: Check-out time is at 11.00 on the departure day. Please inform the reception desk if you wish to retain your room beyond this time and a late check-out will be possible depending on the availability. If the room is available, an extra charge for this service will be charged. On failure of the guest to vacate the room on expiry of the period of stay, the management will have the right to remove the guest and her/his belongings from the room occupied by the guest.
Luggage Storage: Subject to availability of the storage space, guests can store luggage in the luggage room, at guests’ risk if any loss or damage from any cause. Luggage may not be stored for a period longer than  guests’  stay, except for agreement with the management.Guest’s Belongings: We strive to provide a secure and comfortable stay for all our guests. Each room is equipped with a locker to ensure the safety of your personal belongings. We kindly request all guests to adhere to the following guidelines regarding their belongings.
Use of Lockers: Guests are encouraged to utilise the provided locker in their room to store valuable items such as passports, electronic devices, jewellery, and other personal belongings.
Personal Responsibility: While we take every precaution to maintain a safe and secure environment, guests are responsible for their belongings. Please ensure all valuable items are stored in the locker when not in use.
Safe Usage of Lockers: Guests should ensure that the locker is properly locked when leaving the room or when not using the locker. We will not be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to guests’ belongings that are not securely stored in the provided lockers. Upon check-out, guests are responsible for ensuring that the locker is empty.
Children Policy: At Shila, we warmly welcome children of all ages to stay in our rooms alongside adults. To ensure a comfortable stay, please inform us of the presence of children during the reservation process. For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, we kindly request that children be always supervised by an adult, both in rooms and common areas. Please do not leave children unattended. **
Extra Person Fee Policy: Our room rates are based on standard double occupancy. An additional charge of 35 euros per night applies to each guest aged 3 and older exceeding the standard limit. Children under 2 sharing a room with adults stay free. Please notify us during booking if additional guests will join your reservation to ensure your comfort.
Pets: Pets are most welcomed with an extra charge of 15 euros/per day. Kindly see below our Pet Policy:
– Maximum 1 dog per room.
– Pets must be fully trained and appropriately restrained by the guest.
– Pets must comply with local legislation requirements.
– Pets must be kept on a leash when in the hotel or on hotel property unless it is in the guest’s room.
– Pets should not be left unattended.
– Pets are not allowed in any food and beverage outlets of the hotel. This exclusion does not apply to guided dogs.
– Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet’s defecation in the neighbourhood.
– Any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
– For the safety and comfort of your pet, Housekeeping will enter your room only if : (a) your pet is not present, or (b) you are present and can monitor your pet (dogs must be on a leash), or (c) your pet is caged. Please contact the front office department to arrange for a convenient time for servicing their room.
– Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the hotel, its owners and its operators from each liability and damage caused by the guest’s pet.
– The hotel reserves the right to charge guest’s account commensurate with the cost of such damages.
– The hotel reserves the right to require immediate removal of any pet that displays dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, including, but not limited to, biting, excessive noise (such as barking), evidence of disease, or urination / defecation in public areas. Each guest is responsible for all charges related to the removal of her/his pet, including but not limited to transportation and kennel charges.
Smoking and Fire Safety: Smoking is prohibited in indoor areas. Designated smoking areas will be clearly indicated.
Visitors & Invitees: Visitors to guests of Shila must notify the reception upon their arrival, must be always accompanied by the guest and cannot remain in the rooms after 23.00.
Hazardous/Flammable Goods: Bringing goods and/or storing of items of a combustible or hazardous nature and/or prohibited goods and/or goods of objectionable nature is not allowed. Guests shall be solely liable and responsible to the management, the other guests, invitees, visitors, for all loss, financial or otherwise and damage that may be caused by such articles or because of the guests’ own negligence and non-observance of any instructions. Gambling, contraband, prostitution, weapons, explosives, flammable objects, poisons, drugs, animals (domesticated or not) and all items prohibited by law are not welcome on hotel premises.Property Damage Policy: We kindly request our guests’ cooperation in observing our property damage policy. Please be aware that you hold responsibility for any loss, damage, or theft pertaining to Shila’s property, whether caused by guests, by guests’ visitors or individuals under your care. This policy is in effect across our premises, encompassing accommodations, shared spaces, and amenities. We understand that unforeseen accidents can occur, and we appreciate your mindful and respectful use of our facilities. In cases of damage or theft, we follow a set procedure. The costs incurred for repairs, replacements, or recoveries will be applied to your credit card. Your understanding is valued as we strive to uphold our property’s quality and ensure a positive experience for all guests.
Missing Items / Remaining balance: Please note, we securely keep your credit card details on file which will be used only in the instance of any damage, missing items or remaining balance.
Guest conduct: It is agreed that the guests will conduct themselves in a respectable manner towards other guests and hotel staff and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the hotel premise. The Management has the right to request any guest to vacate her/him room or other areas of the hotel, without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, the guests will be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In case of the above, the management has the right to remove the guest luggage and belongings from the room occupied by her/ him.
Smoking: For the comfort and well-being of all our guests, Shila strictly prohibits smoking or vaping in both the rooms and common spaces. However, guests who wish to smoke may do so in designated smoking areas, which include: Balconies of rooms with such facilities, the rooftop and outside the hotel premise. We kindly ask all guests to refrain from smoking indoors and respect the no-smoking policy. If you choose to smoke in the designated areas, we request that you responsibly dispose of cigarette butts by collecting and discarding them properly. 
Appliances: Guests are encouraged not to connect and use any other electrical appliances, except those provided in the rooms and belong to Shila’s property. Guests can charge their mobile devices (phones, tablets, PC/Macs, music reproduction devices) using their own chargers. Chargers for widely used devices, compliant with European power networks, can be provided by the reception, remain property of the hotel, can not leave the premise and must be returned upon check out.
Government rules, regulations & application of laws: Guests are kindly requested to observe, abide by, and be bound by all applicable acts, laws and Government rules & regulations of the Hellenic Republic and the European Union.
Photographs and Videos: Shila is where your best memories will be made, and we encourage you to take as many photographs as you want and share them with your friends on social media. However, using photographs and videos taken in the hotel for commercial or public purposes is not permitted without authorization from the management. Should you wish to use your room and our spaces for a commercial photo / video production, please inform us in advance, as separate rates are applied.
Terms & Conditions: Shila makes its best efforts to ensure that all the information that appears on its website, social media and marketing campaigns is accurate. However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that the information provided on this website is error free. Shila does not accept liability for any errors and/or omissions and reserves the right to change the information published at any time and without notice. 

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